77 Holiday Pick Up Lines

If you want to spark laughter with wit, humour, and clever wordplay, then below, we’ve compiled the best holiday pick up lines that will make the person laugh, blush, and maybe even fall head over heels. So dont wait and scroll down to take your pick up game to a whole new level.

Holiday Pick Up Lines

1. I’ll have yule know it’s time to go out for the holidays.

2. Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?

3. That Christmas tree isn’t the only thing that will have an angel on top of it.

4. I must be a snowflake because I’m falling for you.

5. Are you a lawyer? Because I think you might be looking for a Mrs. Clause.

6. Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.

7. I’ll be home for Christmas—and I want you to come with me.

8. I take romance to a new level — I don’t cuddle; I hibernate.

9. All I want for Christmas is you.

10. If I were a tree, I’d be an evergreen — I look this good and feel this good all year-round.

11. There’s a snowy place like your arms this Christmas.

12. When we met, it was love at frost sight.

13. You’re a matzo baller.

14. I’m like a Christmas present – you’ll love waking up to me in the morning.

15. Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Because I’m looking at mine right now.

16. Girl, you are blowing me away. Are you a blizzard?

17. Shouldn’t you be on top of the tree, Angel?

18. Are you a gingerbread house? Because you’re as sweet as can be.

19. Do you live in an igloo? Because you seem like a pretty cool person.

20. Are you a Christmas ornament? Because you add sparkle to my life.

21. I don’t have a Christmas list ’cause you’re already the best gift.

22. I guess I’m a snowman because you just made my heart melt.

23. Let’s get drinks ’cause I wanna get into the holiday ~spirit~ with you.

24. You must be the North Star because you light up my world.

25. If you were a tree, you’d be an evergreen. I guess you look this good year-round.

26. There’s snow one like you.

27. Can I take a picture of you? I want to show Santa exactly what I want for Christmas.

28. You can totally join in my reindeer games.

29. Hi, Santa said that you wished for me.

30. If you were a tree, you’d be an evergreen because I bet you look this good year-round.

31. I don’t cuddle. I take romance to a new level.

32. Is your name Mistletoe? Because I’m just waiting for an excuse to kiss you.

33. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but it’s about to be 2018 right?

34. If I were the Grinch, I wouldn’t steal Christmas. I’d steal you.

35. What’s the difference between you and the Grinch? The Grinch stole Christmas, but you’ve stolen my heart.

36. Do you see what I see? You’re the perfect holiday date.

37. Are you a snow globe? Because you make my world magical.

38. I thought your name is “Kwanzaa”, because I’d love to do you for a whole week.

39. I was going to warm my hands by the fireplace but you’re much hotter.

40. You’re not just a gift, you’re the whole package.

41. You’re my eggnog: sweet, chill, and delish.

42. Gosh, it’s cold outside! Good thing you’re extremely hot.

43. Forget 12 days of Christmas, I want 12 days with you.

44. If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.

45. I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you.

46. I can tell you’re quite the elf-a male.

47. I feel like a Christmas tree when you talk to me because I light up.

48. Can you hold my gloves for a second? I usually warm them by the fireplace, but you are way hotter.

49. Keep an eye out for elves with ropes and a blindfold! Why? Cause I asked Santa for you this Christmas.

50. I must be on Santa’s nice list because you’re the best gift I could ask for.

51. It’s the season of giving, so why not give me your number?

52. Thanks to you, I never have a blue Christmas.

53. Do you celebrate Boxing Day? Because you’re the whole package.

54. Even Santa can’t make candy as sweet as you.

55. You’re at the top of my wishlist.

56. Are you Christmas? Because I want to Merry you.

57. Do you like the song “Jingle Bells”? Because I’d love to go all the way.

58. Other than me, what do you want for Christmas?

59. I didn’t think I was a snowman, but you just made my heart melt.

60. Call me Snowflake, ’cause I’ve fallen for you.

61. Did it just start snowing in here? You took my breath away.

62. You’re the only thing I want under the tree this year.

63. Hi, Santa said you wished for me. Good choice.

64. The milk and cookies at my place are good for breakfast too.

65. I feel like we’re developing some good chemis-tree.

66. I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you.

67. I feel we should get together before Christmas, because it will be impossible spelling love with No-el.

68. Let’s make this holiday season unforgettable, starting with us.

69. You’re my New Year’s resolution.

70. Icy the one for me.

71. Can I be the milk to your cookies?

72. If a big man puts you in a bag tonight, don’t worry. I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.

73. Do you believe in love at frost sight, or should I walk by again?

74. You must be a Christmas present, because I would love to wake up to you.

75. I don’t need Christmas lights; you’re already shining so bright.

76. Like candy canes and Christmas, me and you were mint for each other.

77. Can I take a picture of you to show Santa exactly what I want for Christmas?

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