Top 59 Thanksgiving Pick Up Lines

Have you ever wanted to show your romantic side to the person you have feelings for? But you are waiting for the right moment. Then we will tell you that Thanksgiving is a perfect time to make your crush smile and add extra spice to your conversation. Therefore, we’ve created these pick up lines on Thanksgiving taht will give you the boost you need for a romantic spark. Now, don’t be shy cause it’s a good time to flirt with that special one and make her feel appreciated with these lines. Enjoy.

Thanksgiving Pick Up Lines

1. “I wish I could stuff my heart with all the reasons I’m thankful for you this Thanksgiving.”

2. “Just like Thanksgiving, you bring family, love, and warmth into my life.”

3. “You must be the reason for the season, making everything more festive.”

4. “While enjoying the meal, let’s savor each bite and the moments we share.”

5. “My heart skips a beat just thinking about spending Thanksgiving with you.”

6. “Just like Thanksgiving, you make every moment worth savoring and cherishing.”

7. “Enjoying the festivities of Thanksgiving is wonderful, but enjoying them with you is magical.”

8. “If I were to choose a dance partner for Thanksgiving, it would undoubtedly be you.”

9. “Excuse me, are you Thanksgiving? Because being with you makes my heart thankful.”

10. “Are you a Thanksgiving feast? Because you’ve filled my heart with gratitude.”

11. “Are you a turkey wishbone? Because I’m wishing for more moments with you.”

12. “Is your name Thanksgiving Memories? Because you’re worth cherishing.”

13. “Are you a cornucopia? Because being with you feels like an abundance of blessings.”

14. “May be this year, we can create some Thanksgiving memories together.”

15. “Is your name Thanksgiving Pie Buffet? Because you’re a delicious spread.”

16. “Is your name Thanksgiving? Because you’re stuffing my heart with joy.”

17. “You know what I’m thankful for? Look at the first word.”

18. “Thanksgiving, let’s have a feast of laughter, joy, and shared moments.”

19. “Is your name Thanksgiving Blessing? Because you’re a gift in my life.”

20. “Is your name Gravy? Because you make everything smoother and more flavorful.”

21. “If life were a Thanksgiving feast, you’d be the main course—irresistible and delightful.”

22. “Is your name Thanksgiving Spirit? Because you fill me with gratitude.”

23. “Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for you, especially because you’re so cute.”

24. “Is your name Thanksgiving Dinner Roll? Because you’re soft, warm, and comforting.”

25. “Having a dance while enjoying the meal—sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving celebration.”

26. “You’re the only (cutie) pie I need.”

27. “Are you a Thanksgiving table? Because you set the scene for my happiness.”

28. “People say Thanksgiving is about sharing, and I’d love to share it with you.”

29. “A good meal on Thanksgiving is nice, but sharing it with you is the true feast.”

30. “I may be thankful for the food, but I’m even more grateful for the moments we share.”

31. “This day, just like Thanksgiving, is brighter and more joyful when you’re around.”

32. “Is your name Thanksgiving Leftovers? Because you’re even better the next day.”

33. “Is your name Thanksgiving Family Gathering? Because you’re the best part of the day.”

34. “I’ll be your pumpkin pie if you promise to be the sweet whipped cream on top.”

35. “I wish I could carve out some time just for you this Thanksgiving.”

36. “Can I be the stuffing to your turkey? Because together, we make a perfect combination.”

37. “People say Thanksgiving is about gratitude, and I’m grateful to have you in my life.”

38. “With you, celebrating Thanksgiving feels like a grand banquet of love and joy.”

39. “You must be the star on the holiday calendar, shining bright with joy.”

40. “Are you the Thanksgiving parade? Because you’ve inflated my happiness.”

41. “Is your name Thanksgiving Day Parade? Because you’re a grand spectacle.”

42. “Are you Thanksgiving Day or am I just really excited for you to be here?”

43. “Is your name Thanksgiving Dessert Table? Because you’re a sweet delight.”

44. “I may be thankful for the turkey, but I’m even more grateful for the time spent with you.”

45. “Excuse me, are you Thanksgiving? Because spending it with you would be the best holiday.”

46. “Are you a Thanksgiving feast? Because you’re making my heart gravy.”

47. “You’re like the warmth of Thanksgiving dinner, making everything cozier and brighter.”

48. “You are the cranberry sauce to my turkey, bringing a burst of sweetness into my life.”

49. “With you, celebrating Thanksgiving is not just a holiday; it’s a joyous adventure.”

50. “Enjoying the feast of Thanksgiving is delightful, but enjoying it with you is even better.”

51. “I know this Thanksgiving will be extra special with you by my side.”

52. “Dancing on Thanksgiving is fun, but dancing with you is the highlight of the celebration.”

53. “This day is special, but it would be even more memorable if you were a part of it.”

54. “I’ll be your sous-chef if it means spending Thanksgiving in the kitchen with you.”

55. “Just like I want to celebrate, spending Thanksgiving with you is a must.”

56. “Dancing on Thanksgiving is fun, but dancing with you is the real celebration.”

57. “Can I be the gravy boat to your mashed potatoes? Because we’re better together.”

58. “Is your name Thanksgiving Wishbone? Because I’m wishing for your love.”

59. “Do you know what’s on my Thanksgiving menu? You and me, creating a feast of memories.”

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