65+ Black Friday Pick Up Lines

When you are lining up on Black Friday’s biggest shopping day of the year and want to make someone feel special, cause it’s a great opportunity to express your feelings in a fun and lighthearted way. So using black Friday pick up lines will make that cute girl or guy feel impressed by you.

We’ve made these lines in a cheesy and heartfelt way that is enough to make anyone feel extra special this holiday season. So go ahead with your smooth moves that they won’t forget. Enjoy.

Black Friday Pick Up Lines

1. Hey baby, Do you like Black Friday? Because it’s always black in my man cave.

2. Let’s go shopping. Clothes are 100% off at my house.

3. If you think about it, every single day is “Black Friday” if you’re a Kardashian.

4. Are those pants on sale? Because they’re 100% off at my place.

5. Meeting you is like getting the best deal without waiting in the Black Friday lines.

6. If you go to my bedroom at 12am, my clothes will be half off.

7. The only thing I want to see 100% off tonight are your clothes.

8. Black Friday night landed me with medical bills that cost me more than what I saved.

9. Baby, wanna come over and get your clothes 50-75% off.

10. That’s a great outfit. How can I get it 90% off?

11. Hey, I’ve got a great deal. My pants are half-off.

12. You are the best Black Friday of my life.

13. I’d give up my discounted LED TV for a kiss from you.

14. Come over on Black Friday. We can have sex and left-over from Thanksgiving dinner.

15. Are you a store Black Friday flyer? Because you turn me on.

16. I give ‘door-busters’ a whole new meaning.

17. Black Friday is when I drive to the local KFC for a gang bang.

18. You’re the only deal I need.

19. Boy, have you heard of all the great sales today? Yea clothes are 100% off at my place tonight.

20. Baby, you are like a Black Friday deal… worth the wait.

21. Skip the Black Friday line. You can have me for free.

22. I’d give up my HD TV for a smooch from you.

23. You might not have got the deal you wanted, but you can have my number for free.

24. You took those yoga pants for sale? Because in my house there are 100% discount.

25. EVERY day is “Black Friday” if you’re a Kardashian.

26. I would line up outside Walmart for you on Black Friday.

27. I’d like to get caught in a revolving door with you.

28. I’m having a sale in my bedroom. My clothes are 100% off.

29. You can’t put a price on love like ours.

30. Baby, don’t you know it’s Black Friday? Those pants should be 100% off.

31. I want Black Friday prices and short lines everyday.

32. Would you mind holding my place in line I want to.

33. I’d wait for days, in the freezing cold, just for you… and a new TV.

34. I’d love to see your clothes 100% off.

35. Baby, mind if I stick my card into your chip reader?

36. If you check me out, I’ll check you out.

37. Why the hell don’t liquor stores have Black Friday sales?

38. If you’re scared of catching a cold you can always come sleep in my tent.

39. Here’s hoping Black Friday won’t turn into Black and Blue Saturday.

40. Girl, you are like a Black Friday deal, Your worth the wait.

41. Dang girl don’t you know it’s Black Friday? Those pants should be 100% off.

42. I’ll be celebrating Black Friday in my traditional way…. by completely ignoring it.

43. If you were a Black Friday sale, you’d be a door buster.

44. Your clearance rack looks amazing, if you know what I mean.

45. Damn girl are you Black Friday? Because I’m trying to figure out what your deal is

46. You know what else is on sale today? My affection.

47. I’d give up my discounted LED TV for a kiss from you.

48. Is your outfit on sale? Because they’re 100% off at my place.

49. I hope your clothes is participating in Black Friday because I want to see them 50-75% off.

50. I’ve been waiting behind you in line for five hours… Nice ass.

51. I’ve saved an absolute fortune this Black Friday. I stayed in.

52. Push, shove, grab, tackle, and yell.

53. Meeting you is better than any of the deals I’ve seen on Black Friday.

54. No baby, this ain’t my flashlight…

55. There are lots of things on sale but the only thing for free is my number.

56. For a lot of thick white girls, every Friday is Black Friday.

57. You’re the only deal I need.

58. Why go looking for sales when you can have me for free?

59. No, I’m serious. I mean, talk about ‘hot deals’…

60. I see you waiting in line too. I can help you kill some time.

61. Don’t run too fast, or you might just trample my heart, oh you just did.

62. If someone advertises a Black Friday beer sale I will camp out until I freeze

63. I am crazy about you like how amma sucker for Black Friday shopping.

64. You must be on sale because I sure am checking you out.

65. Every Friday was Black Friday to me.

66. I am staying home on Black Friday. How about you?

67. My feelings for you are greater than the Black Friday line.

68. Hey baby, wanna come watch this 39″ tv and these 5 dollar movies tonight?

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