73 Black Friday Pick Up Lines

When you are lining up on Black Friday’s biggest shopping day of the year and want to make someone feel special, cause it’s a great opportunity to express your feelings in a fun and lighthearted way. So using black Friday pick up lines will make that cute girl or guy feel impressed by you.

We’ve made these lines in a cheesy and heartfelt way that is enough to make anyone feel extra special this holiday season. So go ahead with your smooth moves that they won’t forget. Enjoy.

Black Friday Pick Up Lines

1. “Is your cart full of dreams, or are you looking for something more?”

2. “Just like Black Friday Sale, being with you is an event I look forward to.”

3. “Is this the express lane to your heart, or should we take our time?”

4. “People say the best things in life are free, but with you, it feels like a Black Friday sale.”

5. “Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes.”

6. “You know what? This Black Friday, I think you’re the limited edition item I’ve been searching for.”

7. “You are the doorbuster in my heart this Black Friday, worth the rush.”

8. “Do you have a membership card? Because I’d love to be part of your world.”

9. “Could you be the missing piece to complete my Black Friday shopping list?”

10. “I wish I could be on sale like the items in this Black Friday extravaganza, just to be closer to you.”

11. “Excuse me, on this Black Friday, shopping with you feels like finding the best deal in the store.”

12. “Is this the express checkout lane to your heart?”

13. “Excuse me, on this Black Friday, shopping with you is the only sale I’m interested in.”

14. “Do you believe in love at first checkout?”

15. “Sale on Black Friday is great, but being with you is the real bargain of the day.”

16. “Are you a limited-time offer? Because I’d hate to miss out on you.”

17. “My heart is racing faster than the checkout lines on this Black Friday sale, all because of you.”

18. “Is your shopping cart as full as your heart?”

19. “If life were a shopping cart, you’d be the most precious item in it this Black Friday.”

20. “Today, going through these aisles feels like a delightful journey with you.”

21. “With you, this Black Friday feels like a VIP shopping experience.”

22. “Is your shopping list as long as mine, or are you just excited to meet me?”

23. “Is this the express checkout to your heart, or do I need to take my time?”

24. “Can I be the reason you smile on this hectic Black Friday?”

25. “Is your shopping list as extensive as your kindness?”

26. “I’ll be your shopping buddy this Black Friday and every day after.”

27. “Do you believe in love at first markdown?”

28. “Are you a rewards card? Because you’re earning all my points.”

29. “Is your heart on clearance? Because I’d love to take it home.”

30. “Just like these items, my attention is drawn to you on this Black Friday.”

31. “Today, going through this sale feels more special with you by my side.”

32. “Are you a doorbuster deal? Because you’ve caught my attention.”

33. “Is your shopping list as long as mine, or are you just excited to see me?”

34. “Are you a Black Friday deal? Because with you, I feel like I hit the jackpot.”

35. “My heart skips a beat, just like the anticipation of these Black Friday deals.”

36. “I may be lost in the crowd, but with you, I’ve found the best deal of this Black Friday.”

37. “Do you believe in love at first shopping cart collision?”

38. “Is your cart full, or are you just happy to see me?”

39. “Are you a clearance item? Because you’re one of a kind.”

40. “Are you a Black Friday sale? Because you’ve got me hooked.”

41. “Are you a doorbuster deal? Because you’ve just busted into my thoughts.”

42. “Are you a limited-time offer? Because you’ve got my full attention.”

43. “Are you a Black Friday sale? Because you’re too good to resist.”

44. “Are you a limited-time offer? Because I want to seize the moment with you.”

45. “Just like these items on sale, my feelings for you are discounted but genuine.”

46. “Are you a limited-time offer? Because I want to make the most of our time.”

47. “Do you have a shopping buddy, or are you looking for one?”

48. “Do you have a rewards program? Because I’m ready to earn your love.”

49. “These deals can’t compare to the value of spending time with you on Black Friday.”

50. “Is your heart on sale too? Because I’d like to make a purchase this Black Friday.”

51. “You must be the doorbuster deal because everyone is rushing to get close to you.”

52. “I may be browsing the deals, but you are the ultimate steal on this Black Friday.”

53. “Do you know what’s on my shopping list this Black Friday? Just you.”

54. “Is your name Discount? Because you’re my favorite bargain.”

55. “If life were a shopping spree, being with you on this Black Friday is the ultimate reward.”

56. “I may be browsing through these items, but my focus is on you, the real treasure of this Black Friday.”

57. “Do you believe in love at first price drop?”

58. “With you, my heart is on sale, and you’ve got the exclusive discount this Black Friday.”

59. “Is your name Black Friday? Because I’ve been waiting all year for a chance like this.”

60. “Are you a discount bin? Because you’re a hidden treasure.”

61. “You must be the discount code because being with you on Black Friday is a special treat.”

62. “This Black Friday is not just about the discounts but the moments we share.”

63. “You’re like a Black Friday discount – too good to resist.”

64. “You are the doorbuster deal in my heart, just like these items enticing everyone.”

65. “Are you a gift card? Because you’re the perfect present.”

66. “Is your shopping strategy as strategic as your style?”

67. “Is your heart open for a ‘Buy One, Get One’ deal on love?”

68. “Are you a discount code? Because you’ve just brightened my day.”

69. “Is your heart also on a shopping spree this Black Friday? Because mine is eager to purchase.”

70. “Would you consider yourself a limited-time offer, just like a Black Friday sale?”

71. “Are you a doorbuster deal? Because I can’t resist opening up to you.”

72. “I know you are a special edition, not just another item in the Black Friday sale.”

73. “Could you be the discount code to unlock the joy in my heart on this Black Friday?”

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