67 Dog Pick Up Lines

If you want to spark laughter with wit, humor, and clever wordplay, then below, we’ve compiled the best dog pick up lines that will make the person laugh, blush, and maybe even fall head over heels. So dont wait and scroll down to take your pick up game to a whole new level.

Dog Pick Up Lines

1. Do you believe in love at first sniff?

2. Since chocolate is toxic to me, how about a little sugar?

3. You smell so familiar.

4. Just saying, our dogs would definitely get along really well.

5. When I say ‘beautiful’, I mean it as a compliment.

6. Your charm has both me and my dog on a leash.

7. That’s a lovely dog. Does it have a phone number?

8. Are you made of tennis balls? Because my dog and I can’t resist you.

9. Hey gurlll want to help me bury my bone?

10. Your doghouse or mine?

11. I may be more of a cat person, but for you, I’d be willing to go to the bark side.

12. I don’t normally make the first move, but there was just something dif-fur-ent about your photos.

13. Did you win “best in the show”? Because you sure are a winner to me.

14. I may not be Red Rover, but can I come over?

15. Did it hurt when you fell from the dog park in heaven?

16. You’re the kind of person I’d share my dog’s biscuits with.

17. Come on, don’t make me beg.

18. Swiped for the dog, stayed for the human.

19. Cute dog in your pics! Can I have his number?

20. You make me want to be a more obedient dog.

21. If you were a breed, you’d be a Catch-adorable.

22. Sorry, baby. I thought it was hump day.

23. There’s not a crate strong enough to keep me from you.

24. I love dogs, you love dogs, it’s just me or is there some real pet-tential here?

25. Baby, you are what I call a hot dog!

26. Whoa! Look at THOSE puppies.

27. I’ve crossed all the dog parks in the world to find you.

28. You and your dog make the cutest duo.

29. I came here looking for a little tail.

30. My dog might play fetch, but I won’t play games with your heart.

31. Have your people call my people.

32. Roses are red, violets are blue, my dog thinks you’re paw-some, and so do I.

33. I must be a fire hydrant, because you’re marking me in your territory.

34. I want to have your puppies.

35. Can you help me find someplace to pee?

36. It was love at first sniff.

37. I’d never keep you on a short leash.

38. Want to come over and meet my other best friend?

39. Girl, you are SO FETCH.

40. Is your tail always wagging, or are you just happy to see me?

41. Hey Gorgeous, can I buy you a liver treat?

42. Hey there, beautiful. Looking for an Alpha dog?

43. Dog heaven must be missing an angel.

44. Your bark is contagious.

45. My heart beats faster than a dog’s tail wag when I see you.

46. Are you a vet? Because my heart needs reviving every time I see you.

47. Want to play tug-of-war sometime?

48. You’re the best catch in New Yorkie.

49. Hey baby, meeting you has given me a new lease on life.

50. You came back to this dog bar to see me, didn’t you?

51. You had me at ruff.

52. I’m looking for a no-strings-attached cuddle buddy.

53. Iams so in love with you.

54. Cute dog! I just wanted to take this op-paw-tunity to say hi.

55. Haven’t I sniffed you someplace before?

56. Is it warm in here, or are you in heat?

57. I am looking for a leash-free relationship.

58. A day with you is like an eternity of behind-the-ear scratches.

59. What a cute puppy. One day you’re going to be as beautiful as your Mommy.

60. Hi! Tell me a funny story about your dog. I know you’ve got one.

61. I hope I’m barking up the right tree.

62. My love for you is like a dog’s love: unconditional.

63. Heya, howl you doin’? Yikes, sorry, that was a ruff start.

64. You’re one fine-looking mother-pupper.

65. Aww, what’s your pup’s name? He has such a sweet face.

66. I need to know more about that dog. (And also about you.)

67. I´ll be your Tramp if you´ll be my Lady.

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