39 Bone Puns That Are Humerus to Read

The human skeleton is a complex structure that provides the framework for the body. It protects organs and tissues and provides attachment points for muscles. The bones also form joints that allow movement and protect the spinal cord.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Bone puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Bone Puns

1. What’s the coolest part of a skeleton? The hip.

2. A dog’s favourite book is Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Bone.

3. Bones are always so calm. Nothing ever gets under their skin.

4. Let’s get the OG of bone puns out of the way right now.

5. My bones don’t follow normal rules. They’re bone tibia wild.

6. Where do you learn about bones? Osteoclasst.

7. I guess I could learn a femur skeleton puns if you don’t like these ones.

8. This is my cont-RIB-ution to Halloween.

9. Why do skeletons get sick on windy days? It goes right through them.

10. Why can’t a legless skeleton win an argument? They don’t have a leg to stand on.

11. Why did the skeleton start a fight? He had a bone to pick.

12. I left a skull out in the sun. It became bone dry.

13. How do skeleton’s get their mail delivered? By the bony express.

14. How do you know if a spine finds you funny? It starts cracking up.

15. Why can’t a group of skeletons ever get anything done? It’s a skeleton crew.

16. Where do you imprison a naughty skeleton? A rib cage.

17. Why does a skeleton always tell the truth? He wants tibia honest.

18. How do two skeletons have sex? They bone each other.

19. What do you call a funny bone? A humerus.

20. I ulna want to be with you.

21. Dressing up as a skeleton was definitely a phlang-enius idea.

22. Why are bones so calm? Nothing gets under their skin.

23. What do you call it when a skeleton is having a great time? An osteoblast.

24. No one knees to know this, but I really kneed you.

25. What do you call a skeleton who lies? A phoney-ba-boney.

26. Why was the skeleton so lonely? He had no body.

27. It’s going tibia okay!

28. I had to send my spine to prison. It was bad to the bone.

29. Why didn’t one skeleton want to look at the other skeleton? He didn’t have the stomach for it.

30. I love my funny bone. There is no denying that I find it very humerus.

31. The skeleton was so stupid, he was a total numskull.

32. What is a skeleton’s favorite plant? A bone-zai tree.

33. I want to tell some more funny bone jokes, but I just don’t have the guts to.

34. Why are skeletons such bad liars? Everyone can see right through them.

35. My skull doesn’t mind when I call it a bonehead.

36. I’m finding these skeleton jokes and anatomy puns very humerus.

37. Just hold tight, this is all going tibia okay.

38. Why was the skeleton stupid? He was a numskull.

39. This one’s only for the thigh-ly skilled punsters.

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