100+ ELF Puns That Are Tree-mendously Funny

Elves have a long-standing history in myths as they are known to be mythological creatures. Below, we’ve compiled a list of ELF puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

ELF Puns

1. Let’s take an elf-ie.

2. You’ve got to pull your-elf together.

3. I wanna be welfy someday.

4. I could really go for some fettuccini elfredo right now.

5. Where do elves go when they feel ill? The elf-centre.

6. She did it elf-fortlessly.

7. Hey, ain’t elf bad.

8. I’m simply ear-resistible.

9. What is Santa Claus’ tax status? Elf employed.

10. Did it m-elf-unction?

11. Do you know your elf-abet?

12. I’ve got high elf-esteem.

13. I’m elf-taught.

14. How did Santa get to be so famous? He’s an elf-made man.

15. Elf-ementary my deer Watson.

16. What is Santa’s helpers’ favorite convenience store? 7-Elelfen.

17. I’m just a workshop in progress.

18. That’s an elf-fective method.

19. Just be your-elf.

20. You’ve got to believe in your elf.

21. If the pointy shoe fits, wear it.

22. The G-elf of Mexico.

23. I’ve got some house-elf rules.

24. Memories follow me elf’t and right.

25. As elf!”.

26. What is elves’ favorite sport? Miniature golf.

27. Now you’re just some Dobby that I used to know.

28. I’ve got good elf-control.

29. I’m very elf-sufficient during the holidays.

30. What goes inside elves’ pointy shoes? Their mistletoes.

31. Caught elvesdropping.

32. What type of music do elves like best? Wrap.

33. You’ve got to apply your-elf.

34. Come ear often?

35. What make of cars do elves drive? Toy-otas.

36. It was elf-sabotage.

37. Let’s play it by ear.

38. Love your-elf.

39. More elf puns Claus I said so.

40. What would you call an elf with lots of money? W-elfy.

41. What kind of money do elves always use? Jingle bills.

42. Place it on the sh-elf.

43. Best elf the bunch.

44. Elves are the cutest. Don’t you a-green?

45. They were in st-elf mode.

46. You’ve got to treat yo’elf during the holidays.

47. Have your elf a merry little Christmas.

48. All in a day’s workshop.

49. My kid is learning the elf-abet.

50. I can’t wait for the new ear.

51. A rich elf is w-elf-y.

52. Elves only use jingle bills.

53. Call me on my elf-phone.

54. You’re so elf-ficient,.

55. Elf and safety.

56. I took a elf-portrait.

57. It diss-elves in water.

58. Treat yo’elf.

59. I’m an elf and safety inspector.

60. Don’t be elf-ish.

61. Ready for my 15 minutes elf fame.

62. I’m a workshop in progress.

63. Have an elf-ing good day.

64. We’re traveling to Elf-rica.

65. Take an elfie. It’ll last longer.

66. Oops, I elfed up.

67. Have an elf-ing good Christmas.

68. Something elf-ful has happened.

69. Let’s eat elf-resco.

70. Me, my elf, and I.

71. Don’t be so elfish.

72. What do elves say when meeting mutual friends? Small world!”.

73. I’m reading a elf-help book.

74. I made these cookies all my-elf.

75. I’m eating elf-abet soup.

76. What do you call an elf entrepreneur? A small business owner.

77. The couch had v-elf-et.

78. Whose music do elves like the most? Elf-is Presley.

79. Bring the house-elf down.

80. My favorite musician is Elf-is Presley.

81. I’ve got a lot of elf-determination.

82. Why do Santa’s helpers go to therapy? To help their elf esteem.

83. It’s on the tw-elf.

84. You used to call me on my elf phone.

85. Cinder-elf-a.

86. I’m an elf-taught Christmas decorator.

87. There were d-elf-ins in the ocean.

88. I prefer taking the elf-avator.

89. I’m just a Kreacher of habit.

90. I’m elf-employed.

91. She has high elf-esteem.

92. Let me take an elfie.

93. My elf puns really sleigh.

94. You like my elf-portrait?

95. Who’s an elf’s favorite singer? Elfa Fitzgerald.

96. Don’t do things h-elf-heartedly.

97. Gaining some elf-confidence.

98. This is my better elf.

99. Get the elf out of here.

100. The leather is made from c-elf-skin.

101. Elves love wrap music.

102. Elves love listening to Elf-is Presley.

103. That’s going to cost you an arm and a Legolas.

104. I did it all by my elf.

105. I’ll just make my elf at home.

106. He’s elf-made.

107. Just being my-elf.

108. That’s elf-ed up.

109. What do vegetarian elves eat? Elfalfa.

110. It’s elf-ul.

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