75+ Vampire Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

The popularity of vampires has been around for centuries. They have been depicted in many different ways, but they all share one thing in common – they are blood-sucking creatures of the night. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Vampire puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Vampire Puns

1. I bite you to it.

2. Why does everyone hate vampires?

3. It sucks.

4. Vampires are too easy to play jokes on. Suckers.

5. How do ghosts say goodbye to vampires? So long, suckers.

6. Vamp-nilla is a Vampires favorite ice cream.

7. I hope you have a bloody good Halloween.

8. On mirror, vampires are not that frightening.

9. I hope you have a fang-tastic Halloween.

10. What is eaten by vampires for breakfast?

11. Because vampires constantly prefer to draw blood.

12. What do you get when you cross a vampire and a laptop? Love at first byte.

13. You make me batty.

14. Fang you very much.

15. I’m a pain in the neck.

16. Fangs for the memories.

17. On reflection, vampires aren’t actually that scary.

18. You’re up necks.

19. On blood vessels.

20. Where is all the money of vampires kept by them?

21. When you cross a snowman and a vampire, you get frostbite.

22. Vampires aren’t great artists because they can only draw blood.

23. I’m getting food from the casket-eria.

24. I’ve always been a little bit batty.

25. Scream of tomato.

26. Ready Neck.

27. I have an account at the blood bank.

28. The Vampire State Building.

29. Mints are for bat breath.

30. I’ve always been a little bit batty.

31. What cocktail a vampire likes the most?

32. His team was terrible than his bite.

33. What did the garlic say to the vampire? Want a pizza of me? You coward.

34. What song vampires like the least?

35. What do you call a short vampire? A pain in the knee.

36. How do vampires cross the sea?

37. It’s in my blood.

38. I’m taking a coffin break.

39. Dracula is vegan, he can’t take any risks. One stake could kill him.

40. You are just my blood type.

41. Why can’t you trust a vampire? They always have arterial motives.

42. You’re not my blood type.

43. You can Count on me.

44. You’re just my (blood) type.

45. A Bloody Mary.

46. They’re looking for new blood.

47. Have a fang-tastic Halloween.

48. Because vampires are actual pains in the neck.

49. You’re fang-tastic.

50. Which sport do vampires like the most? Bat-minton.

51. Vampires hate peaches, but they love neck-tarines.

52. How can you tell that a vampire likes baseball? Every night he turns into a bat.

53. Why is Dracula not invited to parties? He sucks the life out of them.

54. I can hear a vampire coffin.

55. The stakes are high.

56. Vampires were an actual pain in the neck.

57. The vampire just had to smile and bare it.

58. Why do you look sad today? Because I suck.

59. Vampires are often searching for their necks target.

60. On reflection, vampires aren’t actually that scary.

61. Where do vampires have their meal?

62. I had a partnership with a vampire.

63. Love at first bite.

64. Dracula is vegan, he can’t take any risks. One stake could kill him.

65. Vampires are not even real. Unless you Count Dracula.

66. Vampires can always Count on me.

67. I wish you a fang-tastic day.

68. So long, sucker.

69. To travel across water, vampires ride blood vessels.

70. If two vampires race, will it be neck and neck?

71. I was familiar with a vampire entertainer.

72. Living a life of a vampire truly sucks.

73. What a pain in the neck.

74. What holiday vampires like the most?

75. Why do vampires make bad creators?

76. Vampires keep their money at the blood bank.

77. In the blood bank.

78. What kind of soup vampires like the most?

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