70+ Funny Worm Puns That’ll Make You Laugh

If you want to lighten the mood of a serious conversation or add some humour to make someone smile than puns are always a creative way to make any conversation more interesting. Therefore to add an extra dose of love and laughter, we’ve compiled a list of Worm puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Worm Puns

1. Worming into your heart.

2. It’s wonderfully fantastic.

3. Worm back for more gummy goodness.

4. Worms that become robots are Transf-worm-ers.

5. You’re the gummy worm of my eye.

6. I’m learning how to play the worm-onica.

7. I worm to know the truth.

8. It’s an int-worm-ediate level class.

9. I worm-der which one is correct.

10. One of the greatest investors is Worm Buffett.

11. The worm wore worm-or for protection.

12. Escape from the worm-dangle zone.

13. That was worm-onious.

14. Embracing worms brings me joy.

15. You make me feel worm and fuzzy inside.

16. The child started to sq-worm.

17. I can neither conf-worm or deny it.

18. Take a worm on the wild gummy ride.

19. Make sure you worm-up before exercising.

20. There was a s-worm of bees.

21. I have a soft spot for gummy worms.

22. A group of worm soldiers is a worm-y.

23. Worm Your Way to Deliciousness.

24. Thanks for the inf-worm-ation.

25. Hang in there – don’t be an eelworm.

26. I don’t need a coat because it’s worm outside.

27. I like worm hugs.

28. I beharvest your wriggling skills.

29. We’re joining a protest for worm-en’s rights.

30. That was epigeic.

31. That was a heart-worm-ing gesture.

32. Share words of empo-worm-ent.

33. You can be more positive by saying aff-worm-ations.

34. A worm’s favorite fruit is leech-ee.

35. This is your final worm-ing.

36. They were in great t-worm-oil.

37. Wally the Worm just wants to wriggle and jiggle all day long.

38. He soiled his pants.

39. There’s a new social media platf-worm.

40. Worming for compliments.

41. They are behaving really gummily lately.

42. The new president was s-worm into office.

43. He was really grounded.

44. Worms get medication from the ph-worm-acy.

45. Don’t sweat the small worms.

46. As wiggle as it gets.

47. You’re my soil-mate.

48. Get Wiggling with Gummy Worms.

49. You need det-worm-ination to succeed.

50. The issues were s-worm-ounted.

51. That person has been caught in a gummy sting.

52. Worming my way into your heart.

53. Chew on this idea: I like gummy worms.

54. Gummy worms try – A delicious art form.

55. Worm your way into someone’s heart.

56. Sha-worm-a is a popular Middle Eastern dish.

57. You must be feeling’ wormaline’ for me.

58. I’m traveling to Worm-enia.

59. The team has a new unif-worm.7. Our company is re-brandling.

60. You worm your way into anyone’s heart.

61. Wiggle into something sweet with gummy worms.

62. Don’t be a sour worm, always stay sweet.

63. It’s been in a d-worm-ant state.

64. The worm that never gets to play sports is a bench-worm-er.

65. A suit is f-worm-al attire.

66. Make peace, not worm.

67. Soil, you think you got what it takes.

68. Gummy a worm and have it your way.

69. This friendship is full of gummity goodness.

70. You mean the worm to me.

71. You’re worrisome.

72. It’s been a long day. I’m worm out.

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