69 Lime Puns That Are Hilariously Funny

Limes are packed with a rich source of vitamin C, which supports our immune health. But when we talk about Lime puns, they add a refreshing touch to our conversations in a fun way. Therefore to add an extra dose of love and laughter, we’ve compiled a list of Lime puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Lime Puns

1. I know some good pickup limes.

2. Juice be happy.

3. Mary had a little lime.

4. Sub-lime effort from that man.

5. Time to bask in the lime-light.

6. Lime here to show you a good time.

7. You’ve reached the lime-it.

8. Juice be yourself.

9. Our mindsets a-lime with each other.

10. A-lime (align) those fruits with those veggies.

11. Slugs are s-lime-y.

12. You’ll acc-lime-ate to the weather.

13. I couldn’t believe it either- it’s un-peel-ievable.

14. This is where I draw the lime.

15. This is our top-of-the-lime model.

16. Lime so done with this.

17. Lime stories begin with “once upon a lime.”

18. C-lime-b to the top.

19. You look g-lime-orous.

20. You made it just in lime.

21. Lime so in love with you.

22. You’re my partner in lime.

23. I love s-lime.

24. That rapper is dropping some sick limes.

25. Young limes go to e-lime-ntary school.

26. It was a s-lime dunk.

27. Cor B-limey.

28. Lime here for you.

29. I was sent to lime-out for a bad tackle.

30. Be careful, you don’t want to get Lime Disease.

31. E-lime-inate distractions.

32. Lime is what you make of it.

33. Get juiced to it.

34. Lime ready to go.

35. When limes exercise, they peel the burn.

36. Be my Valen-lime.

37. We have a di-lime-a.

38. I’m working over-lime.

39. I’m flying on Alaska Air-limes.

40. Get in lime.

41. B-lime-ded by the light.

42. Thank you for the comp-lime-nt.

43. Can you peel the love in the air?

44. Lime lime-ricks are the best songs.

45. The peels on the bus go round and round.

46. Pick-up limes are cheesy.

47. Lime all yours.

48. We’re imp-lime-nting a new strategy.

49. Lime glad to be friends.

50. A lime’s favorite mantra is, “Squeeze the day.”

51. In my e-lime-nt.

52. Lime sorry to hear that.

53. What a time to be a-lime.

54. Lime yours.

55. There’s a long lime. We’ll be waiting for hours.

56. My partner and I met on-lime.

57. A lime’s favorite sport is in-lime skating.

58. It’s lime to party.

59. Just some fruit for thought.

60. Don’t worry about us, peel be fine.

61. Lime so proud of you.

62. Be careful because there’s inc-lime-nt weather.

63. Dad jokes are sooo lime.

64. We have to draw the lime right here.

65. It’s the c-lime-ax of the story.

66. Don’t do the lime if you can’t do the crime.

67. Sale on these lime puns, lime-ited time only.

68. Peel-lieve in yourself.

69. Once upon a lime, there was a huge castle.

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