63 Best Turtle Puns That Will Make You Laugh

Turtles are one of the most endangered animals in the world. They help maintain our biodiversity by eating different types of insects. Also, they are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and meat. They eat snails, worms, small fish and other insects. This helps to keep populations of these species under control and maintain our ecosystem.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Turtle puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Turtle Puns

1. When it’s raining, a turtle goes to a shell-ter.

2. Are there sub-turtles for the video?

3. I’m taking a shell-fie.

4. You’re en-turtle-d.

5. You’re the turtle package.

6. What do you call a turtle with diarrhea? A turdle.

7. I don’t know the name. It was un-turtle-d.

8. There is a ninja turtle who is fond of pastries. His name is Donutello.

9. What do you call a famous turtle? A shellebrity.

10. The truck load of tortoise that crushed caused a turtle disaster.

11. Let’s shell-ebrate.

12. Let’s ride a shell-icopter.

13. It’s from Aris-turtle.

14. Where do you send turtles who commit crimes? To the shell block.

15. Jellyfish and peanut butterare sea turtles favorite sandwich.

16. It was a turtle blast.

17. What’s the sub-turtle?

18. The pun class we attended totally tortoise nothing.

19. I’m shell-shocked.

20. I am an introvert, but you know how to bring me out of my shell.

21. When one of them have a birthday, turtles call for a shell-ebration.

22. What do you get if you cross a turtle with a giraffe and a kangaroo? A turtle neck jumper.

23. Where does a turtle go when it’s raining? A shell-ter.

24. What do you call a turtle who is only awake at night? A noc-turtle.

25. A famous turtle is a shell-ebrity.

26. I shell always love you.

27. I’m in turtle awe.

28. What did the turtle say to the taco?My shell or yours?

29. What is a turtle’s favorite kind of sweater? A turtle neck.

30. Where do you find a leg-less turtle? Wherever you left it.

31. A famous turtle is called a shell-ebrity.

32. If a turtle loses its shell, Is it naked or homeless?

33. It’s turtle-y adorable.

34. What kind of photos do turtles take? Shell-fies.

35. Shell-o, it’s me.

36. It was a turtle disaster.

37. She’s a turtle-r.

38. Turtles love taking shell-fies.

39. What did the cow say to the turtle? Get a mooove on.

40. What’s a turtle’s go-to romantic move? Slow dances.

41. What does a turtle dictator run? A cruel turtle-itarian regime.

42. What do you call a famous turtle? A shell-ebrity.

43. What do you call a turtle chef? A slow cooker.

44. What’s a turtle’s favorite sandwich? Seanut butter and jellyfish.

45. What kind of jokes do turtles tell? Shell-larious ones.

46. What the shell.

47. What’s a turtle’s favorite game? Beakaboo.

48. I didn’t mean to s-turtle you.

49. Cooking with my turtle grandma is never easy. She runs the kitchen like a turtle-tarian.

50. Find shell-ter.

51. What does a turtle do on its birthday? It shellebrates.

52. What does a turtle need to ride a bike? A shell-met.

53. My friend and I went to a turtle pun class yesterday. It tortoise nothing.

54. Make sure you wear a shell-met.

55. It’s offi-shell.

56. What do you call a turtle who takes up photography? A snapping turtle.

57. I got invited to a costume party, so I went as a turtle. I had a shell of a time.

58. What do turtles do when one of them has a birthday? They have a shell-ebration.

59. Our parent’s tortoise to be kind.

60. I have turtle recall.

61. How do turtles communicate with each other? With shell phones.

62. What do you get when you cross a pig and a tortoise? A slow-pork.

63. Turtles are great comedians. They tell the most shell-larious jokes.

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