87 Funny Rice Puns to Make You Laugh

Rice is one of the most widely consumed staples in the world. And its popularity continues to grow as more people discover its versatility and nutritional benefits. But when we talk about Rice puns, it can add a grain of humour and playfulness to your conversations with whom you are talking.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Rice puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Rice Puns

1. Lets watch the sun-rice tomorrow.

2. Rice to the occasion.

3. Can’t take my rice off of you.

4. I love watching the sun-rice.

5. All rice for the judge.

6. She’s an a-rice-tocrat.

7. There was relief during the c-rice-s.

8. For goodness’ saké.

9. So beautiful, I can’t believe my rice.

10. I’m a part of the rice-cue team.

11. My favorite rapper is Rice Cube.

12. I wish you have a rice day.

13. Can’t wait to eat this meal agrain.

14. Rice is the grain course.

15. A rice-ted development.

16. It is so rice to meet you today.

17. See you a-grain some time soon.

18. As cold as rice.

19. Rice see you.

20. That really rice of you.

21. Welcome to the rice age.

22. I saw rice-bergs on a cruise to Alaska.

23. Watching sun-rice is such a soothing feeling.

24. Havin’ a bowl, as usual.

25. This meal was mesme-ricing.

26. Rice fell on the picture and made it grainy.

27. I’m writing a rice-arch report.

28. For Ch-rice sake.

29. Rice guys definitely don’t finish last.

30. It was a magnif-rice-nt view.

31. Mid life crice-is.

32. You’re so mesme-rice-ing.

33. She got engaged in Pa-rice, France.

34. I rice-pect you.

35. Let’s play f-rice-bee.

36. I need to renew my driver’s rice-nse.

37. It’s rice to meet you.

38. Rice, rice baby.

39. Sugar, spice & everything rice.

40. Good things are on the horice-on.

41. My favourite time of day? Sun-rice.

42. Rice-s on infinite earths.

43. It’s a small rice to pay.

44. That’s so inte-rice-ting.

45. I swear to begin exer-rice from today.

46. My audio sounds so grainy.

47. The phone company released a new dev-rice.

48. No pain, no grain.

49. We’ve come to a rice-olution.

50. Rice to meet you.

51. I’m going to rice-ign from my job.

52. Don’t stop the paddy m’dude.

53. Of rice and men.

54. Feelin’ cold as rice these days.

55. We all have out rices.

56. You have a lot of rice-bonsibilities.

57. Roll the rice.

58. You’re such a rice-ilient person.

59. I have dig-rice-d from my original plan.

60. I like to rice to the occasion.

61. Everything is going to be al-rice.

62. Be rice-ourceful.

63. Sometimes, you need to make sacrif-rices.

64. It’s okay to exp-rice your emotions.

65. Be a solution-seeker when problems a-rice.

66. This is so futu-rice-tic.

67. My favorite form of exercise is a b-rice-k walk.

68. She wants to broaden her ho-rice-ns.

69. I love trying new rice-taurants.

70. There are no rice-trictions.

71. I’m traveling to Rice-land this year.

72. We’re starting a new enterp-rice.

73. Have a rice day.

74. He’s an excellent cor-rice-pondent.

75. You’re a cha-rice-matic person.

76. The team p-rice-d her for a job well done.

77. Rice and shine, baby.

78. No more Mr. Rice guy.

79. You’re becoming old and rice.

80. You may rice-ume.

81. The judge said, “All rice.

82. The chips were c-rice-py.

83. I’m here to give you adv-rice.

84. A song of rice and fire.

85. I will seed you later.

86. No pain no grain.

87. Thanks for all the p-rice-nts.

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