25+ Cherry Pick Up Lines

Finding the right words to express your feelings to someone can be tricky. But with perfect cherry-related pick up lines, you can break the ice by making any conversation memorable.

Whether it’s about cherry pie, cherry candy or any other type of cherry, these pick up lines will help you connect with that special person you like. Not only it will make your crush smile, but also your creativity and charm without having to worry about saying the wrong thing.

Cherry Pick Up Lines

1. Hey baby you want to share a banana split? Split your legs and let me pop your cherry.

2. What do you call a virgin on a water bed? A cherry float

3. I can chop a cherry tree down. With my tongue.

4. Do you like cherry on top? If not can I have yours?

5. You won’t be the first cherry tree I’ve chopped.

6. Do you like cherries? If not can I have yours?

7. Girl I got sweet cake, and I want you to be on top as my cherry.

8. Do you like cherry on top? Because girl people call me Cherry.

9. I got the cream and I want you to be my cherry on top.

10. This cherry pops like wildfire in your mouth.

11. I’ve got a cherry for you, Georgie.

12. Do you like cherries?” [No.] “Ok, can I have yours?

13. Do you mind if I finish the cherry from your drink?

14. You are cherry sweet.

15. I wouldn’t mind eating your cherry.

16. You are cherrific.

17. Let’s go get Ice Cream, I’ll trade you my nuts and whipped cream for your cherry

18. Are you a cherry? Because I want to pop you tonight.

19. Cherry pie fixes everything. Especially with my cream.

20. You’re sweet as a strawberry. Let me jump in those pants and pop your cherry.

21. Baby, you wanna share a banana split? Split your legs and let me pop your cherry.

22. When it comes to building our own sundae, I say we hold the cherry, and each other.

23. I can tie cherry stems into dreads with my tongue.

24. Want to play fruity? In this game I will pop up your cherry with my banana.

25. Do you like cherries? Can I have yours?

26. Everyone line up for a turn up the cherry-picker.

27. Call me cherry? Because I am about to make your life better being on top.

28. If my life was a cake. Then you’d the cherry on top.

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