100 Wolf Puns to Make You Howl With Laughter

Wolf is one of the world’s most famous animals, and there are many reasons behind its popularity. They have been a symbol of power and strength for centuries. They are also known to be cunning and intelligent animals, which makes them attractive to people who want to be seen as clever or knowledgeable.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Wolf puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Wolf Puns

1. what happens when you cross an owl and a wolf? H-owl.

2. Wear-wolf and tear.

3. All prominent werewolf movies are produced in Howlywood.

4. What do you call a wolf who works as a lumberjack? A timber wolf.

5. A wolf that knows it’s a wolf is a aware-wolf.

6. How do wolves eat their food? They wolf it down.

7. There’s nothing in it. It’s howl-low.

8. A lost wolf is a where-wolf.

9. You can borrow it fur the day.

10. Can’t see the forest fur the trees.

11. Werewolf, who-wolf?

12. What a howling experience.

13. Howl you doin?

14. It’s the t-wolf day of the month.

15. Wolf, maybe next time.

16. A wolf’s favorite day of the week is Moonday.

17. Chasing your own tail will not make ends meet.

18. How do wolves eat? They wolf it down.

19. Wolf pups love fairy tails.

20. How can a werewolf see through a wall? He uses the window.

21. I’ll take howl-f.

22. Hey man…howl ya doing.

23. How do you make a wolf laugh? Give him a funny bone.

24. Fur the time being.

25. I love metafurs and sayings.

26. An expert in software-wolf.

27. Howl I know?

28. Which side of a werewolf has the most fur? The outside.

29. What a werewolf movie, talk about howling.

30. Different strokes fur different folks.

31. Worse fur wear.

32. I just can’t make head or tail of it.

33. What did the werewolf get for stealing a calendar? 12 months.

34. A wolf’s favorite author is Virginia Wolf, of course!

35. Howl did this happen?

36. We’re howling our boat.

37. Wash and wear-wolf.

38. Wolf it isn’t the howl-ftime show.

39. Where is the best place to keep a werewolf? In a were-house.

40. Wolf you don’t, I will.

41. A wolf that uses bad language is known as a swearwolf.

42. I pre-fur that one.

43. A wolf that curses is a swear-wolf.

44. What do you call a lost wolf? A where-wolf.

45. You’re asking fur trouble.

46. Werewolves keep their spare things in a were-house.

47. Ready to wear-wolf.

48. That was a howling good time.

49. Where does a werewolf go if he loses his tail? To a re-tail store.

50. I have a bone to pick with you.

51. I’ve no idea what to wear-wolf?

52. Don’t wolf down your food.

53. What is a wolf’s favorite leafy green? Aroo-gula.

54. What did the ocean say to the werewolf? Nothing, it just waved.

55. Happy howl-oween.

56. What is a wolf’s favorite tree? A lu-pine.

57. He had a bone to pick with me.

58. Why did the wolf cross the road? Because he was chasing the chicken!

59. What’s a wolf’s favourite salad green? Awooooo-gula.

60. What did the Big Bad Wolf do after his workout? He huffed and he puffed.

61. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is a wool-f.

62. Don’t wolf down your food.

63. Fur what it’s worth.

64. Go through the howl-way.

65. What did the werewolf say to the flea? Stop bugging me.

66. Happy Howl-oween.

67. What do you call a wolf that’s aware of its surroundings? Awarewolf

68. I’m going to Howlywood.

69. Why don’t wolves make good dancers? Because they have two left feet.

70. Wolves love their fast food.

71. Tomorrow’s furcast is rain.

72. What do little werewolves like to read at bedtime? Furry Tales.

73. Fur what it’s worth.

74. It was on the howl-side.

75. If not now, when-wolf?

76. What do you call a cold wolf? A chili dog.

77. That was a howling adventure.

78. You’re a wolf of knowledge.

79. That was furnomenal play by the Wolves.

80. He had a howling good time barking at the moon.

81. What do you call a wolf that uses bad language? A swearwolf

82. Wolf-or the time being.

83. A wolf ate a leprechaun and it was magically delicious.

84. A wolfswagon rabbit is by far the best car you can gift a wolf.

85. We’re going howl the way.

86. Cause fur concern.

87. Wolf it down then take a big gulp of water after.

88. What’s the singular form of ‘werewolves’? I am a wolf

89. Live to tell the tail.

90. The car came to a howl-t.

91. We had a howling good time.

92. What do werewolves read to their children before bed? Hairy tails.

93. Happy howl-idays.

94. Aoooooooooowwwwwwwwwww that hurt.

95. What do you call a wolf with a fever? A hot dog.

96. Howl you doing?

97. A wolf that makes movies.

98. A howl in one.

99. A penny fur your thoughts?

100. You’re howl-arious.

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