63+ Bear Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

There are many animals in the world, but none have captured our hearts, like bears. They are one of the most popular animals on earth. And have a huge impact on human society and culture for centuries.

Bears were respected by Native Americans as a symbol of power and strength. In Japan, bears symbolize courage and bravery. And in Russia, bears were considered to be the strongest animal and protectors of forests from evil spirits. So you will find them in many different cultures and religions around the world. As they carry a special place in our imagination and culture.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Bear puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Bear Puns

1. A-bear-antly, that’s how it’s done.

2. Why don’t bears eat fast food? Because it’s hard for them to catch.

3. I’m looking for a wheel-bear-row.

4. A bear without teeth is a gummy bear.

5. What’s a teddy bear’s favorite type of pie? Blue-bear-y.

6. One hundred bear-cent.

7. What do grizzlies use in the shower? Bear conditioner.

8. Which scary movie did the bear refuse to watch? The Bear Witch Project.

9. Why do panda bears like going to flea markets? They get the best beargains.

10. The bearer of bad news.

11. Who is a polar bear’s favorite musician? Seal.

12. This is high-koala-ty.

13. What is a polar bear’s favorite cereal? Ice Crispies.

14. What do you get if you cross a skunk with a bear? Winnie the PU!.

15. Which animal can hibernate while standing on its head? Yoga Bear.

16. What does the husband panda bear tell his wife every night? “I love you beary much!”.

17. What do you call a bear without any teeth? A gummy bear.

18. What do you get when you cross a teddy bear with a skunk? Winnie the P.U.!.

19. You meet all of the koala-fications.

20. What is a koala’s favorite exercise? Bearobics.

21. Bear with me.

22. How do you apologize to a koala? Bear your heart and soul to them.

23. You’re the bear-y best.

24. It was panda-monium.

25. Time for bear-obic exercise.

26. Why is it cheap to feed polar bears? Because they live on ice only.

27. I love you bear-y much.

28. What’s the best way to say sorry to a teddy bear? To bear your heart and soul.

29. When a polar bear moved to Florida, it became a solar bear.

30. Why did the koala get fired from his job? Because he would only do the bear minimum.

31. What does pooh eat at parties? Blue bear-y pie.

32. What is a bear’s favorite soda? Coca Koala.

33. What is a polar bear’s favorite snack? Brrrrrittos.

34. What is a polar bear’s favorite food? Iceberg lettuce and snow peas.

35. I bear-lieve you.

36. What is a bear’s favorite dessert? Blue beary pie.

37. A wet bear is also called a drizzly bear.

38. What types of drawings are panda bears really good at drawing? Self paw-traits.

39. How did the grizzly walk in the snow? Bear footed.

40. I’m making a bear-rito for dinner.

41. What did everyone tell the mommy panda about her newborn cub? Your baby is beary, beary cute.

42. What does Pooh Bear call his girl friend? Hunny.

43. What do you get if you cross a teddy bear with a pig? A teddy boar.

44. I think we should add more because it looks a bit bear.

45. These are the bear necessities.

46. I bear-ly noticed.

47. I don’t want to em-bear-rass you.

48. I’m pre-bear-ing for the exam.

49. Why do pandas love watching classic movies? Because they are in black and white.

50. How did the koala bears travel to Hawaii? In a bear-o-plane.

51. What does Winnie the Pooh call his girlfriend? Hunny.

52. The bear-ista made a delicious latte.

53. I’ll add straw-bear-ry jam to my toast.

54. It was a tough run. I bear-ly made it.

55. I built this with my bear hands.

56. What do you call a polar bear in Florida? A solar bear.

57. Have you ever had a dream about a bear eating you? I call them bite-mares.

58. There’s a bear-rier.

59. What’s a bear’s go-to drink? Coca-koala.

60. How does a bear stop a movie? They hit the paws button.

61. Why did the bear quit his job at the daycare center? It was panda-monium.

62. What would bears be without bees? Ears.

63. What kind of car does Yogi bear drive? A Furrari.

64. On a hot day, we need bear conditioning.

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