145 Sushi Pun That Are Perfact for Captions

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that is made from vinegar rice and raw fish. It is often served with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

In Japan, people eat sushi because it has been a part of their culture for centuries. Sushi chefs also make the dish look beautiful to attract customers. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Sushi puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Sushi Puns

1. This makes miso happy.

2. Thank you, next roll.

3. I’m ‘eelin great.

4. R-eel-ax man, take it easy.

5. Dashi through the snow.

6. This is gonna be one rice day.

7. Hamachi girl summer.

8. Let’s let the good times roll.

9. Sushi makes miso happy.

10. Hmmsomething seems pretty fishy here….

11. Why’d the sushi chef sleep on a rice bag? Because it made a nice pilau.

12. My sushi puns are so good, I’m basically an a-fish-onado.

13. Come roll with me.

14. I feel so riceless, what should I do today?

15. Drop it like it’s hashi.

16. I don’t trust sushi. It always seems a bit fishy.

17. Alright…no more Mr. Rice guy.

18. When you fish upon a star.

19. A little maki never killed nobody.

20. What did sushi roll A say to sushi roll B? It’s rice to meet you.

21. Sushi me rollin’, they hating’.

22. Rice to meet you.

23. Wontons for all, and all for wontons.

24. Dressed to k-eel.

25. Rice, rice, baby.

26. I’m a roll model.

27. Sometimes, the best thing to say is nori.

28. Fresh off the sushi boat.

29. More like wasa-bae.

30. Oh nori you didn’t.

31. Cat’s love meow-nagi.

32. Soymate for life.

33. Just roll with it.

34. Rice and ginger and miso, oh my.

35. I love sushi soy much.

36. Soy in love.

37. Can I bara that?

38. Let’s maki this moment special.

39. Sushi chefs drive Rolls-Rice cars.

40. Roe, roe, roe the sushi boat.

41. Can’t find love? Maybe you’re looking in eel the wrong places?

42. I’ll katsu up on it later.

43. It’s tuna-clock.

44. I’ve been soba for years.

45. I’m on a roll.

46. I put the spicy in tuna.

47. Fishing for compliments.

48. I’m something of an expert on sushi. You could call me an a-fish-onado.

49. We dance to a different tuna.

50. Sushi time and feeling fine.

51. She couldn’t walk sushi rolled.

52. She believed she could. Sushi did.

53. Shrimply adorable.

54. Salmon had to say it.

55. Salmon says: eat sushi.

56. I hope salmon here likes my sushi puns.

57. Turns out my girlfriend doesn’t like Japanese food. Sushi left me.

58. The sushi chef found the source of the buzzing noise. It wasabi.

59. You’re soy cool.

60. Prawn to be wild.

61. Sushi addicts anonymous.

62. I wish for fish.

63. Sushi rolls, not gender roles.

64. You like my roll? Gee thanks, just got it.

65. Go ahead, maki my day.

66. Sushi restaurant employees’ favorite roll is payroll.

67. Don’t be shellfish.

68. Rolls rice > rolls royce.

69. Soy what!?

70. I’ll shoyu.

71. The youngest ever sushi chef was only tuna half years old.

72. Cod I borrow you for a minute?

73. This is the way we roll.

74. You had me at unagi.

75. More rolls please.

76. Soy cute.

77. Sushi puns are of-fish-ially the best.

78. It’s maki me hungry.

79. This sushi is shrimply the best.

80. Of rice and men.

81. Eat a balanced diet… a sushi roll in each hand.

82. What did the sushi roll say to the rice? Let’s chopstick together.

83. Never soy never.

84. I’m soy thankful for everything.

85. Shrimply the cutest.

86. When we seafood, we love it.

87. All that and dim sum.

88. Fish and rice make everything nice.

89. No more Mr rice guy, said the tuna roll.

90. Let the good times roll.

91. You’re my soymate.

92. Plenty of rolls in the sushi.

93. So many rolls, so little time.

94. Sushi crossed the road sushi could get to the other side.

95. Soy what?

96. The last time I had sushi was a pretty long tamago.

97. Soy, you think I can’t make a good sushi pun do ya?

98. Roe, roe, roe your sushi boat.

99. Rice and shine.

100. Please control your tempura.

101. It’s my favorite sushi restaurant in the tuna-verse.

102. Let’s grab sushi. Just for the halibut.

103. Uramaki me so happy.

104. Alas it was only tempura-ry.

105. You had me at nigiri.

106. What Temari leaving for our trip?

107. To find out the name of sushi, do a roll call.

108. Learn to manage your tempura.

109. Are you happy to sashimi?

110. Leaving a lega-sea.

111. Sushi is shrimp-ly the best.

112. As cold as rice.

113. My friend, I think we dance to a different tuna.

114. I love umami.

115. Sushi. I think it’s the best food in the tuna-verse.

116. I do a rice job when I make my family sushi.

117. On sundays we sashimi.

118. Ebi part of me loves you.

119. What’s up musu-bae?

120. Salmon here must like my sushi puns.

121. A smart sushi is also called an honor roll.

122. Soy what? I’m still a roll-star.

123. Do you want a piece of me?

124. A balanced diet is a sushi roll in each hand.

125. Wonton more love.

126. When the sushi saw the bee, it said, “wasabi?”.

127. It’s making miso hungry.

128. Rollin with the homies.

129. Sashimi rolling, they hating.

130. You can’t trust sushi. It’s a little fishy.

131. Wassab, bae?

132. Let’s grab sushi, just for the halibut.

133. Dim sum-body say sushi?

134. No bad tempuras, please.

135. Do you know the best pan to use to make sushi? Japan.

136. We rice by lifting others.

137. You’re my ebi-thing.

138. What’s the best food to eat before trial? A sue-shi roll.

139. No more mister rice guy.

140. My love is crabtivating.

141. You can come and sashimi anytime.

142. Ebi-body clap your hands.

143. Whatever you do, don’t miso sushi night.

144. You’re my soy-mate.

145. Love in eel the right places.

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