43+ Best Boba Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

Boba is a Taiwanese drink that has been gaining popularity in the world. It is a sweet and milky tea with tapioca balls soaked in sugar syrup and mixed with milk or fruit juice.

The popularity of Boba may be due to its affordability and sweet taste that people can enjoy without worrying about calories or sugar intake. It is usually served cold, but some people like to eat it warm as well. And can be found in many flavours, including strawberry, mango, pineapple and peach.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Boba puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Boba Puns

1. Boba-i, see you later.

2. You give me boba-flies.

3. In math class, we learned about para-boba-las.

4. Bes-teas always get boba together.

5. I love chewing boba-legum.

6. Ali-boba is one of China’s biggest companies.

7. Which ‘Star Wars’ character does bubble tea like best? Boba Fett.

8. The mommy boba said to the baby boba, “You’re a cu-tea.”

9. If you want to spread positivi-tea then give someone a boba.

10. Not one, but boba them.

11. Boba Marley was a legendary Jamaican singer.

12. Let’s get this boba par-tea started.

13. Why is boba tea so clever? Because it is full of pearls of wisdom!

14. That’s unbeliev-boba-le.

15. You make me feel boba-ly.

16. What does boba tea like to watch on TV? Gossip Pearl.

17. We are a matcha made in heaven.

18. What kind of jewellery does boba like best? Pearly whites.

19. My side job is boba-sitting.

20. Boba-dy compares to you.

21. I got a designer trench coat from Boba-rry.

22. This boba is quali-tea.

23. What did the mommy boba say to the baby boba? You are such a cu-tea!

24. You are quali-tea!

25. What do you call two bobas that get along really well? Best teas.

26. What’s a bubble tea’s favourite Boba Dylan song? All Oolong The Watchtower.

27. How does boba get to school? It gets a lift in a tapio-car.

28. What is boba’s favorite kind of joke? The bubble entendre!

29. I love you so matcha.

30. What’s a boba bubble’s favorite genre of music? Pop!

31. What did one bes-tea say to the other bes-tea? You are to-tea-ly my best friend.

32. What do boba’s say when they are falling in love? You make me feel all bubbly inside.

33. Boba-le butt.

34. Anytime there’s a celebrity, you’ll see a lot of boba-razzi.

35. Boba Dylan is regarded as one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

36. Where does boba really let loose? At tapio-carnival!

37. As a kid, I loved making soap boba-lles.

38. Picture your ideal boba tea combination. That’s called a fan-tea-sy.

39. You make my heart go boba boba.

40. Two bobas are bubble the trouble.

41. What do you call it when the Queen drinks a boba? Royal tea!

42. Taro milk tea is pro-boba-ly the best flavor.

43. The boba-nic plague was one of the worst in history.

44. Boba Watson is a multiple major golf champion.

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