90+ Taco Puns That Will Make You Laugh So Hard

Taco food became popular because of its taste. It is a Mexican dish usually composed of a corn or wheat tortilla wrapped around meat or vegetables and other ingredients.

It has been popular for centuries in Mexico. However, it has only been recently that tacos became popular around the globe. It is affordable, and you can find it everywhere. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Taco puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Taco Puns

1. This taco is Mexcellent.

2. I’m nacho your typical girlfriend.

3. We can taco-ver the phone.

4. You’re just fantas-taco.

5. Live like every day is Taco Tuesday.

6. Seven whole days without tacos makes one weak.

7. I’m thirsty, can we get some ta-cola?

8. It’s taco time to do what you always wanted.

9. What’s a taco’s favorite TV show? Better Call Salsa.

10. You had me at tacos.

11. Let’s give them something to taco about.

12. I don’t really wanna taco bout it.

13. Let’s taco bout snacks, baby.

14. All you need to know about me is that I’m a tac-hoe.

15. Have a spec-taco-ular day.

16. If you don’t like tacos, I’m nacho type.

17. Hey baby, taco walk on the wild side.

18. Why can’t you trust tacos? They tend to spill the beans.

19. Have you heard the one about the lying taco? He really spilled the beans.

20. I am like a taco, I have fillings too.

21. It’s the taco the town.

22. Long time no taco.

23. How do taco chefs live their lives? By seasoning the moment.

24. Don’t taco-ver me.

25. Isn’t life spectacolar?

26. Taco dirty to me.

27. Taco it or leave it.

28. Your taco vibe attracts your taco tribe.

29. That is a spec-taco-lar display of sportsmanship.

30. I packed you an extra taco—just in queso you need it.

31. Taco hike man.

32. The birthday person gets to hit the pina-taco.

33. Can’t you taco hint.

34. Will work for tacos.

35. Tacos don’t ask questions, tacos understand.

36. Tacos are a hug in a tortilla.

37. Spec-taco-ular.

38. I want to taco walk outside.

39. It’s beginning to look a lot like tacos.

40. Taco chefs live their lives by season the moment.

41. It’s spec-taco-lar.

42. It was a hostile taco-ver.

43. They just looked at them and swam away.

44. Are you into fitness? Yeah, I’m fit’n’ess whole taco into my mouth.

45. We overcame the obs-taco-les.

46. Taco chance on me.

47. What does a taco say on St. Patrick’s Day? “Taco’ the mornin’ to you.

48. The taco is sad because it’s falling apart.

49. You need taco-operate.

50. Tacos have fillings, too.

51. Every now and then I fall apart.

52. Let’s taco-bout it.

53. Ex-taco-dinary.

54. I work out so I can eat tacos.

55. I will taco-rate the apartment my way.

56. I’m the most taco-tive girl here baby.

57. Have a fantas-taco day.

58. Taco big or taco home.

59. He doesn’t want to taco about it no longer.

60. A taco’s favorite musical genre? Wrap music, of course.

61. Where are the best tacos served? In the Gulp of Mexico.

62. Don’t worry, taco your time.

63. Just taco chance.

64. Did that taco chef act rudely toward me? Yeah, he was jalapeño business.

65. In relationship with tacos.

66. I hate tacos, said no Juan ever.

67. My favorite princess is Taco Belle.

68. At the zoo, I saw a taco-dile.

69. Burrito on me baby.

70. It takes two to taco.

71. Keep the flowers, buy me tacos.

72. Why didn’t the taco chef show up for work today? He had a bad queso the flu.

73. Rocking these burrito-ful bikinis.

74. Taco a walk and think positive.

75. Let’s not burrito around the bush.

76. Tac-O-M-G.

77. I don’t want to taco ’bout it.

78. Do not worry, taco your time.

79. Waiter Waiter! Will my taco be long? No, it will be round.

80. Last night I made fish tacos.

81. I drive a Toyota Taco-ma.

82. Friends don’t let friends go taco-less.

83. Taco your time to think about life.

84. Man this taco is tight. That what cheese said.

85. All I want to do is eat tacos with you.

86. That’s shell-arious.

87. My sister’s favorite drink is a pina taco-lada.

88. We’re taco-ing over.

89. Don’t eat too many tacos—you’ll put yourself into a tacoma.

90. Sometimes, you need to taco break.

91. Why did the taco chef stop cooking? He ran out of thyme.

92. Why did the baker open a tortilla factory? For the extra dough.

93. Taco about a fiesta.

94. Taco your time.

95. Taco walk on the wild side.

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