45+ Best Panda Puns That Are Un-bear-ably Cute

Panda animals are loved all over the world, in China, it is a national treasure. It’s a bear but doesn’t behave like one. It eats bamboo and has a very small diet because of this. Also, they are considered one of the most popular animals in the world.

There is a lot of research about why pandas are so loved by people. They have black and white colour, making them look like they are wearing a tuxedo. Also, they look exquisite and cute at the same time. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Panda puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Panda Puns

1. A panda that loves jokes is a punda.

2. I’ve got to pand it to you, you did a great job today!

3. Pandas get to the hospital in bamboo-lances.

4. The difference between a panda and a polar bear is about 1,000 miles.

5. Pandas are so lazy, they only do the bear minimum.

6. That was panda-stic work!

7. You’re ex-panda-ble.

8. Don’t leave a panda alone because it has a-panda-nment issues.

9. That was a pan, duh!

10. He’s still de-panda-nt on his parents.

11. On Halloween, pandas scare each other by shouting bam-BOO!

12. If a panda gets sick, they should take some pandadol!

13. The panda lost his dinner. He was totally bamboozled.

14. Have a panda-stic day!

15. Pandas are endangered because bamboo shoots.

16. She has a bad caffeine de-panda-nce.

17. The salesman was panda-ing (pandering) to the crowd’s desires.

18. A panda bear’s favorite breakfast is panda-cakes.

19. I’ve got to pand it to you.

20. I’m trying to be inde-panda-nt.

21. Pandas scare each other by saying, “bam-boo!”

22. The restaurant has panda-ramic views.

23. I love pun-da bears.

24. The panda’s jokes were not good. In fact, they were pretty unbearable.

25. The panda went to the doctor because its a-panda-x was hurting.

26. Wow, that was stu-panda-s.

27. Be careful of your weekly ex-panda-ture.

28. I like to wear a panda-na.

29. It was panda-monium.

30. I hope you have a stu-panda-ous holiday season.

31. That’s a cute panda-nt.

32. That panda has a special nickname for his girlfriend. He calls her his bam-boo!

33. Have you ever seen a panda wearing sus-panda-s? (suspenders)

34. Pandas don’t wear belts because they wear sus-panda-rs.

35. I got you a panda-nt for your birthday.

36. When a large group of pandas are sick, it’s a panda-mic.

37. Are you still de-panda-nt on your parents?

38. To fry an egg, you’re supposed to use a pan-duh.

39. Aside from bamboo, pandas love to eat panda-cakes.

40. If you don’t need it anymore, it’s ex-panda-ble.

41. This is a worldwide panda-mic.

42. Absolute madness, complete panda-monium!!

43. I’m inde-panda-nt.

44. Two pandas got into a fight. They’ve both got bambooboos!

45. There was a panda with a slight stutter. It’s a story that bears repeating.

46. All bears have four ap-panda-ges.

47. That panda walks on his own a lot. She’s very inde-panda-nt!

48. Thanks for being de-panda-ble.

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