61+ Best Sleep Puns That Will Make You Laugh So Hard

We all know that sleep is essential for our health. It helps us to stay healthy, productive and happy. But not many of us know how sleep affects our lives.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to various health problems, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Sleeping well is also important for our moods and emotions since it regulates the release of hormones like serotonin, melatonin and cortisol, which are responsible for regulating moods and emotions.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Sleep puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Sleep Puns

1. Scuba divers put on a snore-kel before going to sleep.

2. What’s another word for a sleeping bag? A nap-sack.

3. What do scuba divers always wear in bed? A snore-kel.

4. How do you put a baby astronaut to sleep? You rocket.

5. What do you call a snoozing dinosaur? A dino-snore.

6. I wear socks that have caffeine to prevent my feet from falling asleep.

7. A mother cow tells her calf, “it’s pasture bedtime.”.

8. Why did the little girl take her bike to bed? Because she didn’t want to walk in her sleep.

9. What did the Mummy broom say to the baby broom? It’s time to go to sweep.

10. A sleeping dinosaur is a dino-snore.

11. Where do burgers sleep? On a bed of lettuce.

12. I recently attached an alarm clock to my shoes. This way, my foot will never fall asleep.

13. The sleepiest food is pizzzza.

14. I took a nap in the weight room, but I had a fitful sleep.

15. Which bit of art equipment makes you tired? A craYAWN.

16. Where do fish sleep? On the river bed.

17. What do you call a bill taking a nap? A bull dozer.

18. I sleep on a lamp because I’m a light sleeper.

19. He was a slumber-jack.

20. To put a baby astronaut to sleep, you rocket.

21. What’s the sleepiest food? PiZZZZZZa.

22. Tall people sleep longer in bed.

23. A sleepy coloring tool is a Cra-yawn.

24. Sleep next to a ruler to see how long you sleep.

25. I need beau-tea sleep.

26. The pig kept putting everyone to sleep. He really was quite a boar.

27. Wheels are the sleepiest part of a car because they’re always tired.

28. How did you sheep?.

29. There was a kidnapping at school. He woke up after 30 minutes.

30. Good night, deer.

31. Dreaming in colors is merely a pigment of your imagination.

32. What do you call a sleeping bull? A bull dozer.

33. Dreaming in color is a pigment of your imagination.

34. Do you know what food makes me sleepy? Pizzzzza.

35. I’m getting better at sleeping because I practice it every night.

36. Don’t eat cookies before bed. You’ll have a crummy sleep.

37. Which animal sleeps with its shoes on? A horse.

38. Did you know that there’s an animal that never sleeps without shoes on. A horse.

39. I started working at a sleep study clinic. It’s my dream job.

40. I’m so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed.

41. I don’t think I could handle being a coffee taster. I just don’t know how they sleep at night.

42. My doctor said I should stop eating cookies in bed because it was giving me crummy sleep.

43. What do you call a really sleepy egg? Egg-zosted.

44. A sleepy egg is eggs-hausted.

45. What do you call a sleeping woodcutter? A slumber-jack.

46. What did Bruce Wayne’s Mum hang over his bed? A bat mobile.

47. Vegetables sleep on a bed of lettuce.

48. I went to sleep with contacts and never had clearer dreams.

49. Put sugar under your pillow to have sweet dreams.

50. A corduroy pillow will make headlines.

51. I’m sleep-pea.

52. Dragons sleep during the day to fight knights.

53. A sleeping bull is a bulldozer.

54. At the grocery store, they put my items in a bag with Z’s. It was a sleeping bag.

55. Did you know that tall people sleep longer in bed?.

56. What do you call a snoozing dinosaurs sleepy friend? A stega-snore-us.

57. Keyboards never sleep because they have two shifts.

58. Fish sleep in a river bed.

59. What does a Mummy cow read to a baby cow before bed? Dairy tales.

60. Why did the little boy take a ruler to bed with him? To see how long he slept.

61. A tired broom wants to go to sweep.

62. I fell asleep on a jigsaw puzzle and woke up with a puzzled look.

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