73+ Best Octopus Puns to Start Laugh-ink

Octopus is one of the most popular animals in the sea. Having a wide range of skills such as camouflage, mimicry, and hunting, they are considered one of the most intelligent animals in the ocean. And they have been around for millions of years and have been a part of human history for a long time.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Octopus puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Octopus Puns

1. If an octopus is driving, you’re the octopus-senger.

2. Don’t make an octo-fuss about it.

3. Be octopus-sionate about what you do.

4. Octopuses keep their money in an octo-purse.

5. Octopuses that go to space are octo-nauts.

6. An octopus that tells time is a clock-topus.

7. I’m octo-busy right now.

8. Why did the octopus cross the road? He wanted to get to the other tide.

9. What do you call a relaxed octopus? A calm-ari.

10. What is an octopus’s favourite game? Squidditch.

11. How do you know if an octopus is still alive? You check it’s octo-pulse.

12. I have the keys to the lock-topus.

13. Octo-pass on the left.

14. What is an octopus’s favourite band? Ink Floyd.

15. An octopus-shaped bush is an octo-bush.

16. What type of sea creature can add numbers together? An octo-plus.

17. A positive octopus is octo-mistic.

18. Where does the octopus go to get an operation done? To the sturgeon.

19. Octopus police carry an octo-pistol.

20. I have an octo-poster on my wall.

21. It takes ten-tickles to make an octopus laugh.

22. How do you make an octopus laugh? You get it ten-tickles.

23. All octopuses are born in Octo-ber.

24. What’s a squid’s favourite pudding? Octo-pie.

25. Why was the octopus such a good cook? Well, because he was actually a chef-alopod.

26. Where does an octopus sleep? On the seabed.

27. What do you call a group of squid? A squad.

28. Where does an octopus keep its money? In its octo-purse.

29. What do you call it when you cross a frog and an octopus? A croak-topus.

30. She’s an octo-just and fair judge.

31. What is an octopus’s favourite item of clothing? The sock-topus.

32. A suspicious octopus is octo-sus.

33. What do you call two or more octopuses that look exactly alike? I-tenticle.

34. A luxurious octopus is called octo-plush.

35. Strong winds in eight directions is an octo-gust.

36. Anything is octo-possible.

37. Hustle and octo-bustle.

38. You’ll need a secret octopus-word to get in.

39. An octopus that plays in a rock band is a rock-topus.

40. Octopuses love to relax on a hammock-topus.

41. That’s not a real octopus, it’s a mock-topus.

42. What do you call a flying octopus? An octocopter.

43. You tentacle my fancy.

44. What did the kind octopus tell his girlfriend? You octopi my heart.

45. Why did the octopus cross the reef? To get to the other tide.

46. They left him in the octo-dust.

47. Young octopuses ride the octo-bus to school.

48. Where did the sleepy octopus take a nap? On the seabed.

49. When an octopus gets in trouble, it’s octo-busted.

50. You octo-py my heart.

51. When are all octopus born? In Octo-ber.

52. Where does an octopus go to sing? The choral reef.

53. A funny octopus tells octo-puns.

54. How do you know if a squid has swallowed a clock? You hear a tick tock-topus sound.

55. The bank charged an octo-nomical fee.

56. What would you call an octopus who can fly? An octo-copter.

57. What do you call the space where an octopus happens to be sitting? Octo-pied.

58. How do you multiply numbers in octopus school? That’s easy… you octoply.

59. You have great octo-posture.

60. How do little fish get to school? They take the octo-bus.

61. Octopuses that look the same are i-tentacle.

62. Where do talented octopus singers go to practice? The choral reef.

63. How do fish get to school? That’s an easy one. They take the octo-bus.

64. Where do lady octopuses keep their money? In their octo-purses.

65. A group of octopuses is an octo-posse.

66. An eight-sided pie is called an octo-pie.

67. Why is the octopus such a good cook? Because he’s a chef-alopod.

68. Find your life’s octo-purpose.

69. What does an octopus tell its girlfriend? You octopi my heart.

70. Octo-flush the toilet when you’re finished.

71. Why is the octopus the most popular animal? Because it’s tenta-cool.

72. You’re the octo-best ever.

73. How do you know if an octopus is alive? You check its octo-pulse.

74. What does the octopus have on its toast? Ocean current jam.

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