43 Funny Squid Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

If you want to lighten the mood of a serious conversation or add some humour to make someone smile then puns are always a creative way to make any conversation more interesting. Therefore to add an extra dose of love and laughter, we’ve compiled a list of Squid puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Squid Puns

1. Squid are always ink-ouraging.

2. Let’s squid-tch places.

3. You need to squid it together.

4. The squid’s running for pre-squid-ent.

5. We squid hang out sometime.

6. Squids only drive four-door cars, squid-ans.

7. My guess was ink-orrect.

8. You’re ink-redible.

9. It was an ac-squid-dent.

10. The government offers a sub-squid-y.

11. It’s becoming more in-squid-ious.

12. A squid on a horse says, “Squid-dyup.”

13. I made a squid (bid) in the auction.

14. It was a coin-squid-ence.

15. The British squid gave me 10 s-quid.

16. I squid if I could.

17. I ink-ountered a squid in the ocean.

18. It has re-squid-ual effects.

19. I’m a re-squid-ent of the building.

20. I squid you farewell.

21. She squid (bid) farewell.

22. A squid’s favorite singer is Squid Rock.

23. I’ll change jobs for more ink-ome.

24. Are you squid-ding me?

25. Squid-neys are vital organs.

26. Squid go into battles well-armed.

27. An inactive squid lives a squid-entary lifestyle.

28. My cat was adorable as a squid-ten.

29. Squids wake up at the kraken of dawn.

30. I’m just squidding.

31. The business is li-squid-ating its inventory.

32. Don’t be a squid-ter.

33. Con-squid-er it done.

34. The squid looks ink-teresting.

35. The favor was a squid pro quo.

36. I love kraken jokes.

37. You should squid while you’re ahead.

38. She’s still a little squid (kid).

39. I squid (did) not eat the cake.

40. You look ex-squid-site.

41. We’re renovating the squid-tchen.

42. There was an in-squid-ent.

43. There’s a layer of squid-iment at the bottom.

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