100+ Lobster Puns That Are Shell-arious to Read

Lobsters are famous because they are versatile seafood. They can be served as an appetizer, main dish or as a lobster roll. They are also very affordable and easy to cook.

The reason why lobsters are so famous is that they can be cooked in many different ways, and they have a long shelf life. This makes them affordable for all consumers, from families to restaurants. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Lobster puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Lobster Puns

1. The lobster claimed that he was closely tide to his job.

2. The lobster didn’t have a good day. It started feeling crabby from morning.

3. Lobsters have been trained not to allow a turtle stranger into their premises.

4. The clam called the lobster shellfish as she never shared her pearl.

5. Lobsters are sailective eaters, they go for specific foods.

6. The shellfless lobster donated everything to charity.

7. All the sea creatures were celebrating the holiday sea-son.

8. Lobsters make terrible friends because they’re way too shellfish.

9. That lobster sea-n in the movie was incredible.

10. A lobster that is scared of tight spaces has claw-strophobia.

11. The crustacean playing tennis was a true lob-star.

12. Every lobster was out celebrating because tis the sea-son.

13. The teacher asked if the students were undersanding the lessons.

14. The lobster answered the phone and said, “shell-o.”

15. The favorite shot in tennis for the lobster is the lob.

16. Do not bother the lobster because he is very crabby all the time.

17. If there is a will, there will be a wave” says the wise old lobster to his grandchildren.

18. The lobster lost its fortune since it was shelling out money.

19. The fast-swimming lobsters were sailected for the race based on their performance.

20. The lobster answers the phone starting with the word shello.

21. That lobster was late all the time. She lobster job.

22. If you ever cross a lobster and a telephone, you’ll end up with snappy talk.

23. Lobsters keep their clothes in the claw-set.

24. You’re a lob-star.

25. Lobsters who are at Hogwarts love playing squidditch!

26. Lobsters keep their books on book-shell-ves.

27. The doctor told the lobster to get some more vitamin-sea.

28. Lobsters love to drink claw-fee.

29. The lobsters are at the bottom of the sea because they dropped out of school.

30. The ocean said nothing to the lobster — it just waved.

31. The good lobster friend always tides to help his friend in need.

32. Lobsters prefer their morning clawfee to be hot.

33. The lobster on a sleigh is Santa Claws.

34. A lobster’s signature shot is the lob.

35. The lobster crossed the road so that it could get to the other tide.

36. The religious lobster believes in cod.

37. A lobster asked his prom date, “Shell you dance with me?”

38. A famous lobster is a shell-ebrity.

39. The friend of a narcissistic lobster called him a shellfish.

40. Lobsters don’t like tight spaces because they’re claws-traphobic.

41. The lobster greeted the ocean in the morning and the ocean waved back at him.

42. How do lobsters elude taxes? They arrange shell companies.

43. Expecting an important call, the lobster crabbed the phone.

44. Lobsters travel by shell-icopter.

45. The lobster was so huge, it was one shell of a creature.

46. The lobster and I didn’t sea eye to eye.

47. That lobster is cray-sea.

48. That lobster has one shell of a claw.

49. The lobster bisque was soup-er good.

50. A shellfish called his Chinese lobster friend a crust-asian.

51. Don’t expect a lobster to share. They’re shellfish.

52. The sea a-piers to be dark blue today”, says the lobster.

53. Out of pier pressure, the lobster started doing drugs.

54. The lobster became broke as he was shelling off money.

55. The lobster said it’d be hard for him to retire, as he was tide to his company.

56. The school subject the lobster was failing was algae-bra.

57. The doctor told the sick lobster to get some more vitamin-sea.

58. I can’t call her because I lobster number.

59. It ap-piers to be different.

60. The lobster crossed the road to get to the other tide.

61. The sea a-piers to be dark blue today”, says the lobster.

62. You’re claw-some.

63. A greedy lobster was called a shellfish by his friends.

64. Crabs and lobsters catch their trains at Queen’s crustation.

65. A lobster was crying because his teacher called him a lost claws.

66. Lobsters love to celebrate holidays because ’tis the sea-son.

67. When going to the math class, the lobster wore an algae-bra.

68. A lobster opened a store after it was licensed to shell.

69. The lobster blushed because the sea weed.

70. Lobsters don’t like sports because they’re afraid of nets and getting caught.

71. Since the crustacean was late for work every day, she lobster job.

72. The lobster knew what his responsibilities were but didn’t know his tidal.

73. The lobster bombed the hotel because it was licensed to shell.

74. If you ever cross a lobster and a telephone, you will end up with snappy talk.

75. The lobster wanted to be a claw-yer.

76. We gave up. It was a lost claws.

77. The lobster left because it didn’t like pier pressure.

78. Shell we dance?

79. The lobster from SpongeBob Squarepants is hil-Larry-ous.

80. A lobster answers the phone with, “Shello?”

81. That lobster is unique and not Maine-stream.

82. The lobster blushed after it saw the ocean’s bottom.

83. Lobsters don’t share because they are shellfish.

84. During Christmas, the lobster tide his gifts on the Christmas tree.

85. Seas the day.

86. A lobster left home out of pier-pressure.

87. The little crab said he is happy as a clam when in school.

88. A lobster’s favorite shot in tennis is the lob.

89. While playing hide and seek, a lobster screamed, “I can’t sea you!”

90. Lobsters like their morning clawfee to be hot.

91. A lobster needed money so he went to the prawn-broker.

92. To wait for a bus, lobsters go to the bus-tacean.

93. How do lobsters call each other? They use shell phones.

94. How did the lobster get home last night? He took a crab.

95. The ocean said nothing to the lobster, it just waved.

96. The lobster had to go to physical therapy because it pulled a mussel.

97. A lobster wore a Christmas hat and the children called him Santa Claws.

98. Lobsters evade taxes through shell companies.

99. Lobsters laugh so hard because humans crack them up.

100. A lobster left home due to pier pressure.

101. The common type of temperament of lobsters is sandguine.

102. The lobster did it on porpoise.

103. The lobster wears seashells because it has outgrown its B-shells.

104. The very motivated lobster advised his friends, “Seas the day.”

105. The lobster cooked for his family and they said it was souper good.

106. Annoyed with work pressure, a lobster ranted about his frustacean.

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