Top 121 Encouraging Affirmations To Motivate Others

Here we’ve compiled a list of best and positive encouraging affirmations for others that will create a positive environment in which everyone feels supported and encouraged.

Encouraging Affirmations

1. You have power.

2. You are confident.

3. You choose to treat your body with respect.

4. You deserve respect.

5. This is well within your abilities.

6. Your attitude makes us all successful.

7. You are intelligent.

8. You come through for your team.

9. I have faith in you.

10. I like your determination.

11. I know you will figure out a way to succeed.

12. You radiate beauty.

13. You’re more than capable.

14. You make us all better.

15. You have the best ideas.

16. You live in abundance.

17. You can handle any challenge.

18. You inspire confidence.

19. You choose to be happy.

20. You don’t let setbacks stop you.

21. You’re going to go far.

22. You are spontaneous.

23. You have great ideas.

24. Your team believes in your abilities.

25. You’re trustworthy, and people know it.

26. You are kind.

27. You are gifted.

28. People know they can rely on you.

29. I know you can accomplish anything.

30. You have a gift for success.

31. You are brave.

32. You have purpose.

33. No one else can do what you do.

34. You are hard working.

35. You’re fun to work with.

36. I’m proud of you.

37. You’re good with people.

38. People know that you respect them.

39. You are interesting.

40. You are beautiful.

41. You have a knack for clearing things up.

42. You are hopeful.

43. You have a lot to be proud of.

44. Everyone respects your efforts.

45. You should be proud of yourself.

46. You have just the right skill set.

47. You matter.

48. You are able to change.

49. You’re capable of inspiring people.

50. You deserve happiness.

51. You are patient.

52. You have all the support you need.

53. I learn a lot from you.

54. You make us all look good.

55. You welcome opportunity.

56. Your positive attitude is a real boost to others.

57. You inspire your team.

58. You are becoming who you supposed to be.

59. People learn from your example.

60. You’ve accomplished so much.

61. You always come through.

62. You are so grateful.

63. You are always learning.

64. You are enough.

65. People naturally rely on you.

66. You are trustworthy.

67. It’s great to see you thrive.

68. You think outside the box.

69. You have so much enthusiasm.

70. You are open to others.

71. This is your chance to shine.

72. It’s exciting to see you succeed.

73. People are energized around you.

74. Your integrity is clear to everyone.

75. You bring out the best in others.

76. We know you have got this.

77. It’s great to see your confidence.

78. We will manage this together.

79. You can accomplish anything.

80. You are a great communicator.

81. You are an inspiration.

82. You have a lot of valuable information.

83. You don’t let anything discourage you.

84. This will be easy for you.

85. You choose to be positive.

86. You welcome ideas from other people.

87. You have come a long way.

88. You are generous.

89. You are successful.

90. You can choose to be your authentic self.

91. You’re doing just great.

92. You are in charge of my feelings.

93. We need more people like you.

94. You’re always well prepared.

95. You are unique.

96. Your confidence is contagious.

97. I have faith in your skills.

98. I have confidence in you.

99. There’s nothing you can’t do.

100. I believe in you.

101. We all appreciate you so much.

102. You are up to this challenge.

103. I love watching you take on challenges.

104. I admire your perseverance.

105. You are in control of my life.

106. You are free to be happy.

107. You never give up.

108. You are capable.

109. People trust you.

110. I appreciate your resilience.

111. You’re a real asset.

112. You have everything you need to succeed.

113. You fully accept yourself.

114. You are proud of myself.

115. You are strong.

116. You bring a lot to the table.

117. You know you can do this.

118. You’re a gifted leader.

119. Your success is inevitable.

120. We’re lucky to have you on our team.

121. You are free to be you.

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