85+ Manifestation Affirmations for Achieving Your Goals

Here we’ve compiled the list of the best and positive manifestation affirmations that will attract more positive energy into your life and manifest what you desire.

Manifestation Affirmations

1. I choose to talk to myself kindly.

2. My body is strong and capable.

3. Everything I touch turns into gold.

4. I thrive when it comes to achieving my goals.

5. I am expanding rapidly in my career.

6. I achieve everything I want in life.

7. I walk with confidence and grace.

8. My desires are valid.

9. I navigate social situations with ease.

10. I love myself and am open to love.

11. Surely, my desires are accomplished.

12. I am a life-long learner.

13. It is okay for me to challenge myself.

14. The more love I give, the more I receive.

15. I am worthy of financial success.

16. I am a magnet for miracles.

17. What I am seeking is seeking me.

18. I think about money positively.

19. I attract jobs that suit me.

20. I deserve to make more money.

21. I love to give and receive love.

22. I worship my body.

23. I am motivated.

24. I am optimistic and driven.

25. I am generous with my money.

26. Money is drawn to me.

27. I am letting love into my life.

28. I love myself.

29. I am achieving my dreams.

30. I have high positive energy.

31. I deserve to succeed.

32. I am led by love and joy.

33. I care for myself every day.

34. I know exactly how to generate happiness.

35. I control the trajectory of my life.

36. I am confident.

37. I support myself.

38. Good things are happening every day in my life.

39. I deserve real and authentic love.

40. I save with ease.

41. I become wealthier every day.

42. As I assume, so it will be.

43. I can rewrite my story easily.

44. I am excellent at what I do.

45. I always have the money I need.

46. I choose to work smartly.

47. It is easy for me to believe in myself.

48. I am worthy of love and care.

49. I earn as much as I want.

50. I support my journey.

51. Money flows toward me.

52. I attract money.

53. I am capable of manifesting anything I want.

54. I am an excellent money manager.

55. Money is openly flowing into my life.

56. I am a powerful manifestor.

57. My love for my spouse only gets stronger with time.

58. I believe in myself.

59. I look after my mental and physical health.

60. I easily overcome obstacles in my life.

61. I step out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals.

62. I am capable.

63. My intentions for my life are clear.

64. Change begins on the inside.

65. I am great with people.

66. I spend money only on things I love.

67. I am so grateful for my wonderful life.

68. I’m making the life I want.

69. I am confident about my ambitions.

70. I hold the key to reality.

71. Everyone important in my life loves me.

72. I easily exercise every day.

73. My soul is ready to live the life of my dreams.

74. I am successful.

75. I am a magnet for my dreams and goals.

76. I feel surrounded by love everywhere.

77. I deserve the love I receive.

78. Everything I do turns into success.

79. What I can feel is already mine.

80. I am incredibly talented at networking.

81. I surround myself with positive people.

82. If I can feel it, I can manifest it.

83. I am in control of my finances.

84. I listen to my intuition.

85. My assumptions reflect my reality.

86. I am optimistic about the future.

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