83 Powerful Affirmations to Clear That Job Interview

Here we’ve compiled the list of best and positive affirmations for a job interview that will help you stay focused and positive during the interview to build your confidence.

Affirmations for Job Interview

1. I am feeling more relaxed and confident.

2. I am the ideal candidate for this position.

3. It will be a bumpy, but worthwhile journey.

4. I refuse to settle for less than I deserve.

5. Fear of rejection only fuels my motivation to succeed.

6. Everything will be just fine, as it always is.

7. I am perfect for this position; I am their ideal candidate.

8. I am an excellent candidate for the job.

9. No one is responsible for my reality but me.

10. I am creating my career’s path.

11. I can give a job interview with total confidence.

12. I will find success, as long as I keep working toward it.

13. I can easily impress any interviewer.

14. My experiences have prepared me for success.

15. I am confident and believe in myself.

16. I apply myself to new projects with confidence and enthusiasm.

17. My resume is impressive.

18. I will continue to have opportunities for success.

19. I will be chosen for the job.

20. I make good choices that have a positive impact on my career.

21. I have everything I need to succeed.

22. Anxiety solves no problems – actions do.

23. I love job interviews.

24. I am calm and confident; job interviews are easy.

25. Job interviews are easy.

26. I am in the driver’s seat of my career.

27. Great communication comes naturally to me.

28. This job interview will help me get ahead in life.

29. I am smart, confident, and prepared.

30. My efforts will pay off and lead me to a good place.

31. My natural talents allow me to find the silver lining in every situation.

32. I am happy and carefree. Rewards are coming my way.

33. My thoughts and feelings are optimistic and stress-free.

34. Networking and connecting with new people come easy to me.

35. I am ready for a new chapter in my work life to begin.

36. I impress interviewers; I stand out above the rest.

37. I have a lot to contribute.

38. I look forward to devoting my time and energy to a new job.

39. My goals may be scary, but they are attainable.

40. Unfamiliar circumstances push me to surpass expectations.

41. I have excellent communication skills.

42. I’ve got everything under control.

43. I impress interviewers, I stand out above the rest.

44. The universe is looking out for me.

45. My drive and positive mindset will help me tackle this interview.

46. I am a high achiever, but I treat myself with kindness and care.

47. I devote my time and energy to things that matter to me.

48. Universe will protect me no matter what happens. It will guide me on my journey.

49. I enjoy being interviewed and form meaningful connections easily.

50. I am grateful for a successful job interview.

51. It feels good to be told I got the job.

52. I am perfectly prepared.

53. My answers will be thoughtful, meaningful, and interesting.

54. I have all the tools I need to reach my goals.

55. Being prepared make me feel at ease.

56. I have done everything in my power and am at peace with myself.

57. I choose to have a positive mindset about what’s to come.

58. I always give a great first impression.

59. My career will continue to evolve and change.

60. I thrive under intense interview pressure.

61. I will be confident and positive throughout my interview.

62. I am a great worker.

63. Job interviews can be easy.

64. The interviewers want to see me do well.

65. I am free in each moment to be myself.

66. I am intelligent and well-spoken.

67. My hard work always pays off, and this interview will go well.

68. Fears and anxiety have no place in my daily routine.

69. I am passionate and driven enough to achieve them.

70. This interview is just a step on my path.

71. I take the time to be prepared and it shows.

72. No matter what happens, I will achieve my goals.

73. I find it easy to be interviewed for a job.

74. They will enjoy my perspective, because I have new and important ideas to contribute.

75. This interview is a wonderful opportunity, but not the only opportunity I’ll have ever.

76. It’s only a job interview, I’ll be fine.

77. I love job interviews, they are fun.

78. I am perfectly qualified for the position.

79. I will give my best possible interview.

80. I deserve to work on projects that challenge and excite me.

81. I love job interviews, and my energy is contagious.

82. I always smile and speak clearly.

83. My talents and abilities are impressive.

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