Top 63+ Faith Affirmations to Trust on a Belief

Here we’ve compiled the list of best and positive affirmations on Faith that will help you to focus on the good things in life and create a better future for yourself.

Faith Affirmations

1. My faith endures through all tests and trials.

2. I may fail, but I am not a failure.

3. I close the door on the past and have faith in the future.

4. I believe in myself and my ability to achieve great results.

5. Everything is just as it’s meant to be.

6. My faith propels me to meet my goals.

7. God’s hands are ever-present.

8. Having faith comes naturally to me.

9. I pray for and take action towards my goals and destiny.

10. My every action is blessed by the universe.

11. I listen to the divine guidance I am given.

12. I let go of the past and have faith in the future.

13. My faith will not let me experience defeat.

14. In my faith, I find salvation.

15. Through my faith, I can achieve the impossible.

16. My faith in God makes me whole.

17. Through my faith, I can move mountains.

18. The faith I have in myself allows me to be successful.

19. I welcome faith.

20. I shall be glorified with my faith.

21. My faith sets me free from doubt.

22. Divine wisdom is always at my disposal.

23. My spirit is filled with love and faith.

24. I trust the divine guidance.

25. My body is a mere vessel for my faith.

26. I have faith in what my future holds.

27. I believe nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

28. God helps me to do what I believe is not possible.

29. Faith is the foundation of my life.

30. I am grateful for the divine guidance.

31. God has a plan for me.

32. Above all, I have faith in myself.

33. I radiate calm, peace, and serenity.

34. I do everything with an attitude of excellence.

35. God is always by my side.

36. I am grounded in my faith in God.

37. I have faith in my confidence and confidence in my faith.

38. I have faith and I take action.

39. My actions are based on my faith.

40. I choose faith over fear and doubt.

41. I build my life on the foundation of faith, hope, and love.

42. I feel whole and healed.

43. I believe what I have is what I’m meant to have.

44. No matter what happens, my faith is unshakeable.

45. I welcome divine interventions.

46. I have faith that I can achieve great things.

47. I exhale worry and inhale trust.

48. I have faith the universe will take care of me.

49. I release doubt and welcome faith.

50. My faith lifts me above my fears.

51. Faith is awakened in me now.

52. My faith crushes my fears.

53. I have unshakable faith in my divine path.

54. Faith is my natural state of mind.

55. My faith increases with each breath.

56. I feel peaceful knowing I’m where I am supposed to be.

57. Everything is possible with God by my side.

58. I am blessed with the power to create change.

59. I trust that everything happens for a reason.

60. Everything I want comes to me effortlessly.

61. I trust the plan the universe has set for me.

62. God will never lead me astray.

63. I firmly believe I am a person of faith.

64. I have faith in my skills and abilities.

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