49 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers

Thanksgiving highlights the importance of expressing appreciation for blessings and fostering a sense of harmony. It’s the time when all the families and loved ones gather to share a special meal that ends by creating lasting memories. Therefore to celebrate the spirit of gratitude and togetherness, here we’ve compiled a list of best Thanksgiving trivia questions that will test your knowledge and engage in friendly competition while uncovering the fascinating facts about the origins of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

1. According to Americans, what is the best part of Thanksgiving?

Answer: The leftovers

2. Which Native American friend to the settlers acted as an interpreter?

Answer: Squanto

3. Who was the first President to receive a ceremonial Thanksgiving Turkey?

Answer: Harry S. Truman

4. How long was the first Thanksgiving celebration?

Answer: Three days

5. Do Americans prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie?

Answer: Apple pie

6. Who was the first President to pardon a turkey?

Answer: John F. Kennedy

7. When was the first Thanksgiving NFL game?

Answer: 1920

8. When were canned cranberries first introduced?

Answer: 1912

9. When was the first Thanksgiving football game?

Answer: 1876

10. Which professional football team has played on almost every Thanksgiving since 1934?

Answer: The Detroit Lions

11. Which meat serves as the most popular alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving?

Answer: Ham

12. How many Americans prefer Thanksgiving leftovers to Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: About 80 percent

13. Which President was gifted a live raccoon as a Thanksgiving present?

Answer: Calvin Coolidge

14. What was the cost of the most expensive recorded Thanksgiving dinner in the world?

Answer: $150,000 at New York City’s Old Homestead Steakhouse

15. Which President refused to celebrate Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

16. What Native American tribe celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims?

Answer: The Wampanoag

17. Where did the first-ever Turkey Trot take place?

Answer: Buffalo, New York

18. What are “Tofurky Roasts”?

Answer: Meat-free Thanksgivings

19. Which state consumes the highest quantity of turkey on Thanksgiving?

Answer: California

20. How many turkeys are typically prepared for Thanksgiving across America annually?

Answer: About 46 million

21. Which town canceled Thanksgiving due to its inability to bake pumpkin pies?

Answer: Colchester, Connecticut

22. How many grams of fat does the typical American eat on Thanksgiving?

Answer: 229 grams

23. Which President issued the first national day of Thanksgiving?

Answer: George Washington

24. When was the first Turkey Trot?

Answer: 1896

25. Which President declared two Thanksgivings in one year?

Answer: James Madison

26. How many runners participated in America’s first turkey trot?

Answer: Six

27. During which Revolutionary War battle did troops have a day of Thanksgiving?

Answer: The Battle of Saratoga

28. What seafood was served at the first Thanksgiving feast?

Answer: Lobster, oysters, fish and possibly eel

29. What percent of Americans skip turkey on Thanksgiving?

Answer: About 12 percent

30. On average, how many people attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade each year?

Answer: About 3.5 million

31. What did the balloons replace when they were introduced in the 1928 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Answer: Live zoo animals

32. Who was the first Manga character featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Answer: Goku

33. Which President established the tradition of turkey pardoning as an annual event?

Answer: George H.W. Bush

34. What food was not part of the menu during the first Thanksgiving celebration with the colonists and Native Americans?

Answer: Turkey

35. During which year was green bean casserole introduced to Thanksgiving dinners?

Answer: 1955

36. What percentage of Americans actually eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Answer: 88%

37. Which real Thanksgiving food gained popularity due to its portrayal in How I Met Your Mother?

Answer: turturkeykey

38. How many women were present at the very first Thanksgiving celebration?

Answer: Five

39. Which city’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ends with Santa Claus getting a key to the city?

Answer: Detroit

40. Who was the first video game character to make an appearance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Answer: Sonic the Hedgehog

41. In which year did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade first feature balloons?

Answer: 1928

42. Do other countries celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday?

Answer: Yes! Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving — but on a different day.

43. What turkeys actually gobble?

Answer: Male turkeys

44. How many people participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade each year?

Answer: About 8,000

45. On average, how many calories does a person consume during Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: 4,500

46. Which President established Thanksgiving as a permanent national holiday?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

47. What is Americans’ statistically preferred Thanksgiving side dish?

Answer: Stuffing

48. Which city hosts the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Answer: Philadelphia

49. Which area in Australia is the only one to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Answer: Norfolk Island

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