300+ Catchy Steakhouse Names Ideas

In the restaurant business, a good name is everything. It influences your customers to come in, it influences their perception of your restaurant and it also influences their opinion of the food. However, It can be a little tricky to think of a good name for your restaurant but don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of catchy and attractive Steakhouse names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Steakhouse Names Ideas

Sugar Me Steakhouse

Gus’s Steakhouse

Eat & Meet Steakhouses

Wally’s Steakhouse

Davinci’s Steakhouse

Steak And Taps

Rusty’s Backyard Pub

The Jacked up Joint

Old Stone Steakhouse

Beef It Up

Mellow Pita

Lone Star

The Beef Place

Quality Steaks

Tom Jones Steak House

Hank’s Rib Joint

Black Forest Steak House

Prelleat Steakhouse

Philly Grill House

Miami Grill House

Kings Steakhouse

Fuji Steakhouse

Tokyo Delight Steakhouse

Biff’s Barnburners

Big Smoke

Mother Webb’s Steakhouse

The Rib Room

Smoke From The Grill

Kris Chophouse

Smokey Bones

Award Wieners

Posh Prime Steaks

Redwood Steakhouse

Coaster Saloon

Texas Style Grill

The Pickled Polka

The Barbecue Post

Cut of The Meat


Beef ‘o’ Brady’s

Tropical Acres Steakhouse

Tender Steakhouse

Betta Gumbo

G & R Beefsteakhouse

Double Knot

All Fired Up

The Big 8 (steaks)

Centre Cut Steakhouse

Mister Beefo’s

Grilling with Fire

The French Gourmet

Dean’s Italian Steakhouse

The Rock’s Finest

Trout Butcher Shop

It’s Our Steak

Big Pete’s Steakhouse

Peak’s Grill & Bar

The Rolling Burn

Outback Steakhouse

Oak Steak House

Broiler Steak House

Monte’s Lounge

Nordy’s BBQ & Grill

Blues ‘n Vin’s

The Chophouse

Pacific Dining

Caesar’s Steak House

Vegas Prime Steaks

Le Stahl

BBQ Tonight

Delmonico’s Steakhouse

The Lean Coop

Smoke’s Steakhouse

Paradise Steaks

The Burger Bistro

Black Angus Steakhouse

Yachtsman Steakhouse

Von Steakhouse

Grill Seeker

Cut Of The Meat

Blackbird Cafe

Top’s Steak House

Modesto Ranch House

The Rib House

O’giving Tree Steakhouse

Catchy Steakhouse Names

Brio Tuscan Grille

Debonair Steakhouse

Steaks of Montreal

Tasty’s Steakhouse

Prime Time Steakhouse

Lodge Wood Fired Grill

Chop Steakhouse & Bar

Prime Cut Steakhouse

TCS Sausage

Meat Palace

Planet Of The Steaks

Luxx Steakhouse

Tasty With Friends

Affordable Steak House

Tower of Beef

Sawmill Prime Rib And Steakhouse

Genesis Steak House

Cowtown Steakhouse

Big Al’s Steakhouse

Flaming Hot Steaks

Rôtisserie St-Hubert

The Prime Rib House

All the Best Steak House

Smoke N’ Rib Co

Nosh and Shake

El Koryo Steakhouse

The Best Steak House Ever

Rancho Grande Steakhouse

Wicked Good Steak

Superior Cuts

Black & Blue Steak House

Flame Gourmet Steaks

Flamingo Churrasco

The Culinary Centerpiece

Wholesome Flank

Big Ass Beef

LongHorn Steakhouse

Tasting Tasty

Harry’s Steak House

Tiger Steakhouse

Deli Butcher

Chewy’s Steakhouse

Bone Daddy

Best Steaks Around

Cattleman’s Roadhouse

Riviera Grille

Just Fresh

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Steakhouse Airlie Beach

Blue Steakhouse

Cage Bar Steakhouse

Golden Steer Steakhouse

The Dude Abides

The Cattlemen’s Ranch

Flamenco Steakhouse

Curry Sundowner Steakhouse

True Flank

Shrimp Udon

Renegade Rustlers

Brown Bear’s Bbq Shack

The Back Room Steakhouse

Stonegrill Steakhouse

Royal Queensland Steakhouse

Picanha Steak Restaurant

Grilled Steakhouse

Black Hide Steakhouse

Fancy Steakhouse Names

Parma St-Amant

Italian Steak House

Basic Kneads Pizza

South St. Steakhouse

Spoke To The Bone

The Bison Butcher

Philadelphia Steak & Hoagie

Kobe Steakhouse & Lounge

Bite Brazilian Eatery

The Village Kebap

Grind House Steaks

The Prime Sirloin

Flying Beef Baron

BBQ Brothers

Steak Steak

Ribs and Rumps

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Pat’s Steak House

The Steak Shack

Reuben’s Deli and Steakhouse

Cowtown Sizzle Steakhouse

Stoked On Stork

Pâtisserie St-Luc

Garrison Public House

Wood Brothers

The Golden Stool

CC’s Bar & Grill

Smokin’ Bull Steakhouse

Billy Bob’s Chop House

Mad City Steakhouse

The Keg Steakhouse

Lucille’s Barbeque

Wine Lovers’ Steakhouse

Grill It Til It’s Done

King of Chops

Steak Eaters Delight

Open Range Steakhouse

Handcrafted Food

City Steakhouse

Carve Prime Ribs

Dragon Eats

A Touch of Steak

Prime Serious Steak

Water Grill

Bottega Steakhouse

Saltgrass Steak House

Round ‘em up Chuck Wagon

FlatOut Steakhouse

Lord of The Meat

The Prime Rib

Anything Strip Steakhouse

Steak of Taste

Magnificent Milanos

The Beef Bull

Texas Smokehouse

Majordomo Meat & Fish

Cool Steakhouse Names

The Cowhide Steakhouse

Red Barrels Meats

The Road Bistro

Smoke’s A Grille

The Beef Express

Good Eats Steakhouse

Grill Steak Seafood

Waterfront Grill

Soleils et Cie

Triple George Grill

Cookin ‘n’ Groovin’


Steak and Bread

Cannon Steakhouse

Tony’s Lord Restaurant

Smokey Dan’s

Steak’d & Brew’d

Beef Boutique

Chew on This

The Wooden Nickel Steakhouse

D-Lo’s Steakhouse

H&H Brazilian Steakhouse

Baltaire Restaurant

Fibber McGee’s

Ribs And Rumps

The Platinum Pile

Steaks on 5th

Beef ‘N Bottle Steakhouse

The Rib Eye Grill

BlueBlood Steakhouse

Steak & Bourbon

Rio Rancho Meats And Grill

Steak’d Steak House

Gaslamp Fish House

Chart House

Preferable Q

Baby Back Ribs

Jake’s Steakhouse

Texas Longhorn Steakhouse

Meat Blanket Grill

The Chuck Wagon

Tasty On The Grill

Le Pêche à Vous

La Fin du Roi

Chops N’ More

The Red Rooster Steakhouse

Lil’ Bite Me Raw

Red Rock Grill & Pub

Outback Jacks Northbridge

Delmonico’s Beef

Best Steak A Go

The King of Oven

The Grey Pony Steakhouse

Bonfire Grills

Belly Up! Grill & Bar

Flame Grilled Steaks

Red Ochre Grill Restaurant

CUT Steakhouse

Paris Butter

The Beef Steakhouse

Edge Steakhouse

Canner’s Delight

The Chateaubriand


Creative Steakhouse Names

House Of Steaks

The Blue Moon

1st Choice Steak House

Chima Steakhouse

Cork & Cleaver

The Roast Steakhouse

Northern Inn & Steak House

Smoke and Heat

Al’s Steakhouse

The Cowpoke Steakhouse

Pittsburgh’s Finest

Meat To Order

The Curve Steakhouse

Cutthroat Kitchen

Mersenne Steakhouse


Carolina Prime Steakhouse

The Taste of Sirloin

A La Carte Steakhouse

Red Rock Roast

The Diplomat Steakhouse

Steak The Plate

Hakka Tasty

Aussie Steak ‘N’ Burger

Butcher’s Cut Meats to Go

Tasty Beefsteak

A To Z Steak

Landry’s Seafood House

Saddlemaker Steakhouse

Neko Steaks

Food Truck Steakhouse

Envy the Steakhouse

The Capital Grille

Cleaver & Co. Sylvia Park

The Rib Cage

Rodeo Drive Steakhouse

Olivero’s House Of Ribs

Penny’s Fine Steaks

Texas Steakhouse Restaurant

Black Rock Bar & Grill

Flame Yaki Grill & Sushi

Bazza’s Steakhouse

Master Steakhouse

Firenze Ristorante Italiano

The Rib Eye Palace

Chianti Grill

The Oak Table

Rock Fire Grill & Bar

Old Vegas Steakhouse

Michael’s Gourmet Room

Beef Barns

Wildfire Grill House

D’angelo Steak House

Pleasant Steakhouse

Saddle Up Steakhouse

Tips for Coming Up with a Great Steak House Name

A steak house name is a name for a restaurant that specializes in steak. And it should be short, memorable, and have an eye-catching element to it.
Here are some tips on coming up with a great steak house name:

  • Try to come up with something original, don’t just copy the names of other restaurants.
  • Make sure that your name is not too long or too short.
  • Consider including words like “steak” or “grill” in your restaurant’s name.

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