300+ Pizza Restaurant Name Ideas to Bring More Customers

A name is the first thing that people will see. It is the first impression of your restaurant.

Pizza restaurant names are a crucial part of the success of any pizza business. So It is important to create a name that people will remember and associate with your pizzeria.

It should be catchy, memorable, and easy to read. And most important make sure that your name is not too generic or too complicated. You want it to be something that stands out and makes people want to eat there.

Here we’ve compiled the list of most attractive pizza restaurant names that you’ll make first impressions on your customers. scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd.

Pizza Restaurant Names

Extreme Pizza

Pizza Patron

Piece Brewery

Perfecto Pizza

Slam Dunk Pizza

The Hot Corner

Pizza Breeze

Famous Ben’s Pizza

Fire and Fury

Pizza Hut Express

Pizza Delight Restaurant

Little Caesars Pizza

Go-Go-Gourmet Pizza

Italian Feast

Pizza a Go Go

World of Pizza

Pizza Bite

Pizza Max

The Fire-y Inferno

Central Oven & Shaker

The Taste Italian Grill

The Italian Job

The Pizza Place

Pizza by the Slice!

Market Street Pizza

Happy’s Pizza

Hot Shot Pizza

Hollywood Pizza,

Wise Guy’s Pizza

Pizza Pasta Please

Lazy Baker Pizza Maker

Scrumptious Slice

Pizza Villa

Holy Rollers Pizzeria

Yo Pizza!

The Slice Spot

Piece of the Pie Pizzas

Rising Sun Pizza Parlor

Super Duper Pizza!

Bite Me Pizza

Galla’s Pizza

Pick A Pizza

Pizza Town

Addicted to Pizza!

Hot Stone Pizzeria

We Knead Pizza

Flippin’ Pizza

Pizza Tower

Times Square Pizzeria

Little Five Points Pizza

Mouth Party

Eagle Pizzeria

Second Bar + Kitchen

The Greasy Slice

Pizza Day

The Pizza Press

Fired Up Kitchen

The Tipsy Pizza

Pizza 2 Night

Penny Pizza

Pizza Company Names

Hell’s Kitchen

Pizza Express

The Onion

Mini Cucine

Antipasto Pizza

Ghost Pepper

Blue Line Pizzeria

Pizza Paradise

Petite Pizza Co.

The Art of Pizza


Hopewell Sub & Pizza

The Red Hat

Pizza Studio

The Cheesy Place

Pizza Capri

Buddy’s Pizza

Golden Crust Pizza

Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta

Crustacean Pizza

The Pizza Connection

My Pi Pizza

Dough Bros Pizzeria

Pizza of Your Dreams

Pizza Fast

Pizza Monger

Deep Dish Pizzeria

Family Table Pizzeria

Flying Crust Pizza

Big Bang Pizza

Pizza Perfection

Margherita Mama’s Pizza Shop

The Pizzeria Paradiso

Sin City Slice


Seriously Good Pizza

The Pizzaplex

Dirty Water Dough

Pizza Castle

Union Park Pizza

Big Slice Pizza

The Broadway

The Pizza Company

Roman Oven Pizzeria

Hot Pies R Us

Coal Fired Pizza

Pizza Shop Names

The Iron Mule

The Pizza Stone

Toppings on Top

Yo Mozzarella

Craft Pizza

Let’s Get Saucy

The Pizza Cutter

Twin Brothers

The Red Box

The Dough Brigade

Firehouse Grill and Pizza

That Famous Pie Place

Round Table Pizza

The Sauce Boss

The Singing Chef

Happy Time Pizza

Pizza Toss Pizzeria

The Little Italy Pizzeria

Gucci’s Pizza Palace


The Doctor’s Taste

Nomad’s Pizza Pizza

Pizza Abroad

The Hungry Heart Club

Pizzeria Aroma

Pepperoni Palace

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

Wildfire Coal Fired Pizza

Skinny Bitch Pizza

Golden Pineapple

Pizza My Heart

Pizza Circus

We Stuff Pizza

Twisted Toppings

Tower of Pizza

Pizza Bites

Crusty Crusts

Peace of Pizza

The Local Pizzaiolo


Pizzas on High

Pizzeria di Roma

The Ultimate Pizza

Pizza Daddy

Loco Joe’s Pizza Express

Underground Pizza

Cheesy Goodness

Toppers Pizza

Tuscany Pizzeria

Pizza With A Twist

Delicious Pizza

Upside Pizza

Catchy Pizza Restaurant Names

Red Pepper Pizza

House of Pies

Pizza Palette

Rise Pies

Speedy’s Pizza Delivery

Big Papa’s Pizza

The Pizza Arena

The Garlic Knot

Village Pizza

4 Topping Pizzeria

Flaming Pizza

Sweet Tomatoes Pizza

The Corner Grille

Square Pizza

Serious Pie

The Best Pizza

Pizza Delicioso

Slice of Heaven

Pizza Shuttle

Fork and Dough

Blaze Pizza

Sauce Pizzeria

Ubiquitous Slice

Phoby’s Pizza

Cheese Craft Pizza Co.

The Backspace

Brick Oven

The Pizzeria

Boston Bean Pizza

Roman Delight

Shakespeare’s Pizza

Blue Baker

Pizza Days

Pizza Metro

Jazz Pizzo’s

Home Slice Pizza

The Pie Spot

Pizza X

5th Avenue Pizza

The American Wheel

Unique Pizza Business Names

Pizza and Go

Piggy Parts Pizzeria

MOD Pizza Restaurant

Right Coast Pizza

Hot Spot Pizza Shop

Pizza King

Eat Good Pizza

Pizza Factory

Pie in the Sky

Pizza Pizzazz

Moonlight Pizza

MOD Pizza

Cheesy Joe’s

Salt And Pepperoni

Hot Spot

Pizza on the Run

Live Pizzas

Pepperoni Paradise

Nice Slice Pizza Shop

Lighthouse Pizza

Smart Flour Foods

The Pizza Wheelhouse

Pizza On Point

A Slice Above

Serendipity Pizza


Whatsup pizzas


Roman Candle

Almost Heaven Pizza Place

Scented Dough

Oven and Shaker

Crush Pizza

Pizza Stop

Timber Pizza Company

Pizza Power

Basil’s Pizza Parlor

The Flying Tomato

Slices ‘n’ Things

Bella Ciao Pizzeria

The Copper Crust

Totally Local Pizza

Trendy Pizza Names

Gotham Pizza

Liberty Pizza

Village Pizza & Grill

University Grill & Pizza

Pan Pizza Express

The Slices of Life

Freshie’s Pizzeria

Hard Times II

Land of Pizza

Pizzeria del Infierno

Thick Slice Pizza

Your Place or Mine Pizza

Pushcart Cafe & Pizzaria

Big Slice Supreme

Full Moon Pizza

Rocky Rococo Pizza

The Italian Recipe

Hog Heaven Pizza

Dear Diary Pizza


Here’s Italy

Solid Gold Pizza

Home Slice

Pizza Mario!

Dream Pizzeria

Godfather’s Pizza

Ship of the Seas Pizza

Supreme Pizza

Little Italy Pizza

Baby Bear’s Pizza Shop

The Deep Dish

Plentiful Pizza Parlor

Area Four

Bronze Age Pizza

Pizza Mart


Pizza Box

Stakeout Pizza

Pizza Nicknames

The Pizza Station

‘Roni’s Slices

The Pizza Zone

Just Hot Enough’s

Shiny Pizza

Pete’s Pizzeria

Flyer’s Pizza

Smile N’ Sauce

Best Pizza

Olympic House of Pizza

Moon Walk Pizza

Pizzeria Susi Two

Good Eats Pizza & Subs

Holy Pizza

Flat Food Fiasco

Comet Pizza

A Pizza Medley

All Star Pizza Bar

Little Caesars

Family Night Pizza

Pizza Party

Square Slice

The Spicy Tomato

A Slice Of Hell

Gas Station Pizza

Fat Boy’s Pizza


Spin the Wheel Pizzeria

Pizza Planet

EATaliano Kitchen

Wild Willy’s Pizza Shop

Eat-A-Pies Rex

Two Dollar Pizza Place

Corner Pizza

Hollywood hopper pizza

Watermark Pizza

What Makes a Good Pizza Restaurant Name?

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, so it makes sense that there are many pizza restaurants. However, not all of these restaurants have good names. A good pizza restaurant name should be short, easy to spell, and have a catchy sound.

A lot of restaurants have names that are also memorable. For example, if you are looking for a good pizza restaurant name, you might want to consider one with the word “pizza” in it.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Pizza Restaurant Name

Choosing the perfect pizza restaurant name is a tough task. You want to come up with a name that will make people remember your restaurant and come back for more. It may seem like a simple thing but it takes creativity, understanding of the business, and knowing what customers want.

There are a lot of things to consider when naming a restaurant. One important factor is that you need to make sure that your name will be unique and memorable. But at the same time, it also has to be easy for people to spell and pronounce.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your pizza restaurant name then here are some tips:

  • Make sure that your name is short and catchy.
  • Choose words that have something to do with food or cooking.
  • Think about what you want your restaurant’s theme to be.

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