300+ Italian Restaurant Name to Stand Out From Competition

The key to choosing a name is finding something that fits your goals and personality. You may want to consider what kind of food you’ll be serving, whether you’re a family-owned restaurant or chain, and even what kind of vibe you’re trying to give off. So when choosing the best name for your restaurant is an important step in the process of starting a new business. You want to choose a name that will stand out from the competition but also be memorable to customers.

The first step in choosing a name for your restaurant is to brainstorm names. This can be done with friends and family, or on your own. It’s often helpful to start by listing all of the words that come to mind when you think about food or restaurants. Once you have a list of potential names, it’s time to narrow down which ones are best suited for your restaurant.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and catchy Italian restaurant names that will create the first impression on your customers. scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Italian Restaurant Names

Cheese Celcius


La Pizza Ristorante

Peri Peri Restaurant

Tutti a Tavola

Celery Restaurant

Pizza It

Giorgios Trad

Pepper Restaurant

Little Italy

La La Magica

Cheese Dominance

Nuovo Pizza Napoletana

Italia Mania

Brown Garlic

Vito’s Chicco Pizza

Amici Mia

I Love Pizza

Italy Taste

Pizza Squad

Parmesan Restaurant

Salsa Dip

Gusto Dell’italiano

La Dolce Vita

Italian Tapas Restaurant

Oregano Nation

Nino’s Capriccio Italiano

Brio Tuscan Grill

Pomodori Pizzeria

Garlic Bread

Fresco Tango

Pasta Pesto Restaurant

Angelo Cheese

Tuscan Oven

Pasta Rolls

Ciao Bella South

House Of Cheese

The Slow Food Kitchen

Onion Delight

M for Mozzarella

Sagasta Pasta

Wendy’s Hut

Trattoria Domenico

Hot Pie Restaurant

Della Restaurant

La Bufala Osteria

La Famiglia Ristorante

Tomatoe Twist

Italian Fusion

Romeo & Juliet’s Ristorante


Between The Noodles

Felery Restaurant

Pasta Nel Cuore

The Gondola

Italian Diner

La Prime

Pizzeria Magnifico

Brown Crown

Casa Pepper Restaurant

Cool Mint

Nonna’s Corner

Neapolitan Pizza

Italian Destinazione

Chilli and Onion

Oven Mania


Paese Italiano

Bella Italia

Lucky Happy Restaurant

Pollo Veron

Pasta Primavera Pizzeria

Tuscany’s Finest

Osteria da Antonio

Solo Italiana!

Delicacy Nation

Gino’s Bella Vista


Penne The Pazzta

Parma Cafe

Forno Restaurant

Wine and Dine

Pizzatoru Restaurant

Pizza My Heart

Pasta House

Penne Magic

Cucina Italiana

Bon Hot Mango

Caffe Kareems

Papa Alfredo Italian Restaurant

Special Corn

Italian Affair

Pollo Ferocelli Restaurant

Oregano Ltd.

Italia Mia!

Pomeriggi Italiano

Luciano Pizzeria

Brio Tuscan Grille

Bella Tomato

Pizza Place

Grill of Naples

Pasta Romance

Fresco De Soup

Italian Cafe Names

Diva Eats

Cheesey Sisters

Mozzarella Delight

Poco Loco

Amore Pizzeria

Cheese Space

Mother Olive

Café Di Maggio

The Anchovies

Novo Mondo

Trattoria Marcello

Epi Italian Bistro

Star Gaze

Frosty Gems

Delightfully Italian

White Flower

Femme Couture

Pasta Republica

Tony’s Spaghetteria

La Contessa Trattoria

Trattoria Del Grande Papa

This Is Italiano

Trattoria Da Violetta


County High

Italian Subs House

Red Lady Italia

Pasta Bella

Cheese In The Trap

Queen of Pasta

Pizza Chronicles

Due Forni Pizzerias

Alfredo Churros

Spice Restaurant

Fabrizio’s Pasta House

Garlic Delight

Jill Gill and Chill

Sensei and Co.

The Old World Italy

The Organic Pasta Co.

Balsamic Vinegar

Pizza Perfection

Taormina’s Pizzeria

Italian Bistro

String Cheese

Belle Air

Osteria Italia

Nature’s Italian Bistro

La Lunetta

Tortilla Rolls

Bar Lido

Queen Bee Restaurant

Buon Appetito!

Kettle Tea

Taste of Rome

Prime Bistro

The Italian Oven

Pocket Pizza

The Italian Stallion

Jenny’s Trattoria

Bella Napoli

Insta Italy

Royal Delight

The Jalapeno Affair

Cool Sync

Catchy Italian Restaurant Names

Crew Magic

Astro Dream

Old Pizza

Cantine Italiane

La Famiglia

Amor Mio

Eat a Casa.

Pasta Fresca

Old Riverra

O Sole Restaurant

Afternoon Delight

Frank’s Restaurant

Itsy Bitsy Pizza Bar

Slice of Italy


Pasta Royale

Ottobre Lounge

Guaio Bar & Ristorante

Fettuccine Al Fresco

Basilio’s Restaurant

Milano Grille



Aurelio’s Tuscan Grill


Giovanni’s Table

Nino Bellucci

Sumptuous Bistro

I Love Italy

Lasagna Hut

Sicily Central


Made in Italy

Stazione Spur

Easy Pasta

Palermo Pizza House

Piatto Bistro

Fettuccine Delight

Dream Team talian Bistro

Miss Cheesy

Italia Oggy

La Cucina

Italian Mamma’s

River Forever

La Rollick

Steak Affair

Yellow Stone Bistro

Pure Fresco.

Cool Italian Restaurant Names

Sogno Divino

La Taverna Italiana

Osteria del Pescatore

Wave Terrace

La Fiesta

Hexa Decoy

Ristorante Venezia

Aglio Olio


Buca Di Bacco

La Liqour

Pizza Passport

Giordani’s Castle



Cleo Italian Restaurant

Master Bistro

Maggi’s Bistro

Ristorante Fratelli


Odey’s Kitchen

Bella Luna

Cheers Pizza

Paolo’s Pizza House

Esca e Dolcezza

Parmigiano Reggiano

Salvatore’s Pizza Parlor

Pecorino Romano

La Pazza Gatta

Rejoice Italia

Il Sapore di Vita

In The Mood for Pasta

Bold Eatery

Pie and Honey

Gamberi Del Sud

Air fry

Amore Mio Mediterranean Grill

Fornaio Rustico Chianti


Gorgonzola Dolce


Pappardelle Italian Restaurant

Donna Mia

Lemon Cake

Royal Atmos

Grana Padano

Trattoria Ilaria

Unique Italian Restaurant Names

Le Cirque

Amici Pizza Pane

Grande Pazzta

Granada Cafe

Fire Finger

La Bella Donna

Cucina Classica

Old Nemo Restaurant

Emme’s Italiano

Ottimi Spaghetti

La Crust

Del Pastries

Pomodoro Red Restaurant

La Conviviale

Trattoria Italiano

Cabernet Kitchen

Elite Smash

Dulce Maria Bistro

Taverna di Gusto

Gigi’s Italian Pizzeria

Fusion Favourite

Della Pizzeria

The Quest Italian Bistro

The Pizza Factory Inc.

Blue Poppy

Sicily Bread

Tong’s Kitchen

Caffe Cabana Restaurant

Caffetteria Italiana

Ciao! Caboose

Caffe Gusto

Buca Di Beppo


The Hive Trattoria

Mario’s Pasta

Ragazzi Italiano

Una Pizzeria Trattoria

Pizzeria Roma

Urban Macaroni

Fonte Mario

Good Cheese

Ginger Ale

Wings Saga

Dean’s Lasagna

Bueno Ristorante

Antico Osteria

Casetta Unite

Joyous Bistro

Lady Macarelli

How to Decide on the Perfect Italian Restaurant Names Ideas?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to deciding on the name of a restaurant.

Restaurant names are one of the most important aspects of a business. And when it comes to Italian restaurants, there are many different things to consider when naming them.

Firstly, the name needs to be easy to pronounce and spell. Secondly, it should not have any negative connotations in the language that you are trying to sell your food. Thirdly, the name should be catchy and memorable for customers.

Some people believe that the name of a restaurant should sound like the food they serve. But this is not always the case for Italian restaurants because there is such a diverse range of dishes in Italy. A good name for an Italian restaurant will make people want to come back and try the food again.

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