190+ Best Burger Restaurant Name Ideas

There are a few things that make a great burger name. One of the most important is to make sure that you are using words that will resonate with your target audience.

You also want to make sure that your burger name is memorable and easy to pronounce. This means avoiding long names with difficult combinations of letters and numbers. It also means avoiding names with unusual spellings for the sake of uniqueness, as this can confuse customers and lead them to choose another option instead.

The best names are usually simple and make the diner want to eat the burger.

Here we’ve compiled a list of unique and catchy Burger restaurant names that will help you to bring more crowds to your restaurants to make big profits.

Burger Restaurant Names

Best Buns in Town

Bite & Roll

Flippin’ Burgers

Chow Down Burgers

The Cheeseburger

Pile Em Up! Burger

The Burger Joint

Burger Chill

Just Burgers

Hometown Burger

Burger Boy

Mom and Pop’s Burger Shop

Cheeseburger Palace

Kid-Friendly Burgers

Burger Cafe

Jalapeno Thickburger

Kiwi Burger

Big Burger

A Dash Of Pink

Cool Breeze

Big Daddy Burger

First Class Burger

Butterfly Verde Llc

Burgers and Fries

Daddy’s Burger Shop

The Passionate One

Whisper Dreams

Yo Burgers Yo

B.B.Q. Burger

Joey’s Burger Kingdom

Crush Burger Shop

Büü Burger

One Brother Beef

Big Bagel Burger

My Dinner Your Bun


Atomic Burger

Jumbo Burger

Bohemian Kreations

Earth and Sky

Suck It Burgers

Big Mouth Billy’s

Nacho Average Burger

Catch N’ Eat

Best Urban Burgers

Winne Burger’s

Big Daddies Burgers

Burgers and Beer


Bite Me! Burger

Scratch The Taco

The Great Burger Bar

Burger Shop Names

Burger Bistro

Burger Plus Restaurant

Rainbow Jade

Red Hot Chili Burger

Burger Me Up

Burger X

The Great Burger Co

Earthly Delights

The Burger Shack

The Wanderer

Get Beefy

Burger Rehab

All-American Burger

Street Burger

Hamburger Moments!

The Red Burger

Burgers Only

Deli Style Burger

Charming Touch

Bacon Cheeseburger

Seventeen Burgers

Bazinga Burger

Burger Mantra

Bunting Traveler

Bs Burger Cafe

Amsterdam Avenue

Lucky Mud Pie

Gypsy Rose

Cool Burger Restaurant Names

Caveat Emptor

Burger Hut

Garden of Eden


Beef Bunch

Busy Burgers

Burger 123

Superiority Burger

Cheesy Buns

Aquarian London

Burger Moms

Burger Boutique

Hammy’s Hamburgers

Fat Shack Bar

Diner on Wheels

Robert’s Hamburgers

Fairy Dusts Creation

The Charlie’s Burgers

The Pharmacy Burger

Rolling in Dough

Burger Court

Big Boy Burger Place


Shake Shack Burgers

Fred’s Meat & Bread

Burger Joint

A Dash of Pink

Grindhouse Burgers

Catchy Burger Restaurant Names

A Burger a Day

Bites Diner

Romano Burger

Burger Hack

Bling Burger

Ribs & Burgers Shop

Brooklyn Burger Shop

Cheesy Willy’s

Burger Party


Barnyard Burger

The Bun Is Redder

Billy Burger

Satisfying Burgers

Sparkles And Butterflies

Burger on Wheels

Woodchuck Marketing

Velvet Burger

Hoss’ Loaded Burger Shop

The Road Burgers

Bump In Burger

Smokey Burger

Northern Sun

George’s Burger Stand

Double Decker Burgers

Unique Burger Shop Names

Burger Alley

Sizzle Burger

Good to Eat Burgers

Shake Shack

Kettle Burger

The Great Burger

Burger Lounge

Honest Burgers Brixton

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Cakes & Burgers

Burgers & Brews

Blissful Baskets

Bite Me Burgers

Bob’s Burgurgers

Chomp Grub

Blaze Burgers

Choy Restaurant

Smokin’ Buns Ii

Pretty Pastels

Band of Burgers

Uncle Burger

Burger Cottage

Blazing Burgers

Dough Burger

Twigs and Honey

Dry Creek Rocks

Grilled Pleasure

Dip & Flip Battersea

Bitin Burgers

Beef Burger

Bite Me Burger

Funny Burger Restaurant Names

Stacked Fresh Me

Bistro Burger

Night And Day

Sugar Rush

Avenue Bites

Easy Diner

Gorilla Burgers

Smash Burger House

Bronx Cheeseburger

Sizzle & Spice

Cheeseburger Shop

Burger Shack

Swishing Silk

Hot & Juicy

Airport Burgers & Dogs

Berger Fresh Burgers

Backyard Bbq Burger Shop

The Meaty Madness

Awakening Beauty

Union And Bread

The Salt Line

Furious Burger Ii

The Shmoov Bar

Cute and Silly

Hanger In Groove

Earth Child Natural Products

Burgers ‘N Fries

Le Roi Du Roi

Giddy Up

Sparkles and Butterflies

Grilled Steak Burger Club

Melt Burger Company

How to Select the Perfect Burger Restaurant Name?

Choosing the right name for your Burger restaurant will help in building its brand image, which in turn will help you attract more customers. Many factors go into naming your restaurants such as location and target audience.

If you are planning to open a restaurant, then you would want to pick a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. So it must be catchy, memorable, and unique.

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