83 Spy Pick Up Lines

Generations have loved the James Bond series, and there is no surprise why everyone loves a bit of James Bond. Why not? This movie has everything, like its thrilling action sequences and larger than life characters, as well as if you want to impress your date or want to laugh, this movie can also help you. Dont know how? These cheesy and hot pick up lines on Spy inspired by James Bond will charm any woman you have eyes on.

These lines will help you to make an impression on taht girl that she will swoon over. So now you dont need to try hard to make any woman weak in the knees. Enjoy.

Spy Pick Up Lines

1. “If I were a spy, you’d be the mission briefing I’d never forget.”

2. “Do you believe in invisible ink? Because I’ve written my love for you in every line.”

3. “Do you know how to keep a secret? Because I’m about to tell you mine: I’m in love with you.”

4. “Thinking about you is like being on a stakeout, I can’t take my eyes off you.”

5. “Do you know what’s undercover? Our love story waiting to unfold.”

6. “Excuse me, but are you a spy drone? Because you’ve got me flying high with excitement.”

7. “May be you’re not a spy, but you’re definitely on a mission to steal my heart.”

8. “If I were a spy, you’d be the top-secret file I’d risk it all to retrieve.”

9. “If I were a secret agent, would you be the mission I never want to abort?”

10. “Would you be interested in going undercover with me…as my date?”

11. “Is your heart encrypted? Because I’m having a hard time deciphering your feelings.”

12. “If life were a spy mission, you’d be my most valuable asset.”

13. “My mind is like a spy movie, and you’re the leading lady stealing the scene.”

14. “Is your name Bond? Because you’re making me feel shaken and stirred.”

15. “Someone told me you’re a spy with a license to thrill. Can I be your next target?”

16. “My heart is a safe house, and you’re the only one I’d let in.”

17. “Are you a decoy? Because you’ve got me chasing after something I can’t catch.”

18. “Are you a secret dossier? Because I’m dying to get to know every detail about you.”

19. “My mind is like a spy network, and you’re the key agent in my operation.”

20. “Are you a disguise? Because you’ve got me seeing things in a whole new light.”

21. “I’ll be your encrypted message, waiting for you to decode my feelings.”

22. “You are the secret weapon in my arsenal of love.”

23. “Are you a spy drone? Because you’re always keeping an eye on my heart.”

24. “Excuse me, but are you a spy camera? Because I can’t help but smile whenever you’re around.”

25. “Are we in a spy thriller? ‘Cause you’re the twist I never saw coming.”

26. “With you, every encounter feels like a thrilling chase scene.”

27. “My mind is a vault of secrets, but I’d spill them all for a chance with you.”

28. “Someone told me you’re a smooth operator. Can you smooth-talk your way into my heart?”

29. “Would you be interested in joining me on a top-secret mission…to romance?”

30. “I think you are the covert operation I’ve been planning all along.”

31. “Do you believe in covert operations? Because I think we’re about to embark on the greatest one yet.”

32. “Do you know how to decode the signals of love? Because I’m sending them your way.”

33. “Thinking about you is like trying to crack the toughest encryption, you’re always on my mind.”

34. “Are you a surveillance camera? Because you’re always capturing my attention.”

35. “Would you be interested in going on a covert operation with me…to dinner?”

36. “My heart is a classified file, and you’re the only one I’d trust with it.”

37. “Someone told me you’re a spy with a license to steal. Can I be your stolen treasure?”

38. “When I look at you, I feel like I’ve just uncovered a hidden treasure.”

39. “I may be a master of disguise, but I can’t hide my feelings for you.”

40. “Do you know what’s encrypted? My feelings for you.”

41. “Did you just set off an alarm? Because you’ve got my heart racing.”

42. “Do you know what’s undercover? Our love story waiting to be uncovered.”

43. “May be you’re not a spy, but you’re definitely keeping me on my toes.”

44. “If I were a spy, you’d be my mission impossible.”

45. “I think you are the secret code I’ve been trying to crack.”

46. “Is your heart as stealthy as your moves? Because both are leaving me breathless.”

47. “I may be a double agent, but when it comes to you, my loyalty is unwavering.”

48. “Can I be the undercover agent who infiltrates your life and steals your heart?”

49. “I may be a spy, but you’re the one who’s got me feeling exposed.”

50. “I may be undercover, but I’m not hiding my attraction to you.”

51. “When I see you, I feel like I’m on a mission impossible to resist you.”

52. “My heart is a classified document, and you’re the only one with clearance.”

53. “Do you know what’s classified? The love I have for you.”

54. “Are you a spy satellite? Because you’re always watching over me.”

55. “Is your name encrypted? Because I can’t decipher your feelings for me.”

56. “With you, every moment feels like a covert operation.”

57. “Are you a secret agent? Because you’ve infiltrated my thoughts.”

58. “I think you are the missing piece to my spy puzzle.”

59. “You are the top-secret mission I never knew I needed until now.”

60. “Do you believe in stealth missions? Because I think we’re about to embark on one together.”

61. “Someone told me you’re a codebreaker. Can you decode the message hidden in my heart?”

62. “Can I be the stealthy agent who sneaks into your heart?”

63. “If I were a spy, would you be the secret identity I’d risk it all for?”

64. “Are you a codebreaker? Because you’ve cracked the cipher to my heart.”

65. “Is your heart as agile as your reflexes? Because both are quick to respond to my presence.”

66. “Could you be the codebreaker to my encrypted heart?”

67. “My work may be covert, but my feelings for you are overt.”

68. “Do you believe in espionage? Because I think we’re both spying on each other.”

69. “Are we in a spy novel? ‘Cause you’re the plot twist I never saw coming.”

70. “May be you’re not James Bond, but you’re definitely making me feel shaken and stirred.”

71. “Did you just hack into my heart? Because you’ve gained unauthorized access.”

72. “I wish I could decode the mystery of your heart.”

73. “I am the secret agent of love, and you’re my top-secret assignment.”

74. “May be you’re not a secret agent, but you’re definitely undercover in my dreams.”

75. “You’re like a hidden camera who capture every moment of my affection.”

76. “Could you be the encrypted message I’ve been trying to decode?”

77. “Could you be the secret weapon to my heart’s defenses?”

78. “You are the mastermind behind the espionage of my affections.”

79. “When I see you, it’s like I’ve just intercepted the most valuable intel.”

80. “I may be a spy, but you’re the one who’s got me under surveillance.”

81. “If I were a spy, I’d trade all my secrets just to know yours.”

82. “Do you know what’s covert? Our love affair waiting to be discovered.”

83. “Are we in a spy network? ‘Cause I’m ready to be your partner in crime.”

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