170+ Positive Spiritual Affirmations for Daily Motivation

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best and most positive Spiritual affirmations that will make you more aware of your spiritual connection with the universe and be conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Spiritual Affirmations

1. I am connected to the Universe.

2. I choose peace over hatred.

3. I always let love lead the way.

4. I inhale peace, and exhale tension.

5. My spirit is moved by the power of God.

6. I can be a guide for others who are spiritually lost.

7. I face all challenges knowing God is on my side.

8. I know that the holy spirit flows through me.

9. I am a beautiful soul.

10. My spirit is guiding me in the right direction.

11. I radiate positivity and joy in my surroundings.

12. I can always rely on God’s help.

13. The universe will provide anything I need.

14. I believe in the healing power of the spirit.

15. I feel the power of divine love.

16. I am guided by the spiritual nourishment of the Universe.

17. I know that I am spirit-given flesh.

18. I know that all of my triumphs are a gift from God.

19. I am a channel for inspiration.

20. I am a spirit having a human experience.

21. My spirit is at peace.

22. I step back and let the Universe lead the way.

23. All of my hardships are opportunities to become closer to God.

24. My spirit is filled with love and compassion.

25. Love flows through me.

26. The Divine power of the Universe is always supporting me.

27. I accept and approve of myself.

28. With the presence of God by my side, all things are possible.

29. I deeply connect to God.

30. I know that God has given me the power to help myself.

31. My spirit and soul shine with beauty and awe.

32. My spirit thrives on the joy I bring to others.

33. I acknowledge all the gifts that God has given me.

34. I can tap into source energy at any time.

35. I radiate perfect health.

36. I am on the path to enlightenment.

37. I live every day of my life as my highest self.

38. I open my heart to the guidance of God.

39. My root chakra is strong and stable.

40. My spirit is strong enough to face the unknown.

41. Everything is possible with the help of the universe.

42. I emanate positivity and positivity is reflected back to me.

43. I believe that we’re all guided by divine providence.

44. My soul is truly beautiful.

45. My energies are in harmony with the Universe.

46. I am in tune with the flow of the universe.

47. God is always guiding me.

48. I am a divine creation seeking enlightenment.

49. I live my life according to the guidance of God.

50. My crown chakra is balanced and open.

51. I can transcend all fear and doubt.

52. My spirit and courage are unwavering.

53. I am a divine being.

54. I can move on from the mistakes of the past.

55. I allow rest, security, and love to wash over me.

56. My positive mindset is my inner power.

57. I am happy to share my blessings with others.

58. My heart is tranquil.

59. I trust the divine plan of the Universe.

60. I am an extension of the Universe.

61. I am filled with love and light.

62. I trust in the perfection of the Universe.

63. My spirit flourishes with peace and tranquility.

64. I acknowledge God in every creation.

65. Every day, I feel more connected to my spirit.

66. I feel the power of the divine spirit within me.

67. I am rooted in the energy of Mother Earth.

68. I believe that I can achieve inner peace.

69. I emanate love and gratitude.

70. I am made of the light of the Universe.

71. I’m ready to lift the veil of the spiritual realm.

72. My intuition is my superpower.

73. The Universe always protects and guides me.

74. I know that I exist for a divine purpose.

75. My spiritual practice helps me align with my my higher self.

76. I am in tune with my inner guide.

77. I am worthy of healing and joy.

78. I am pure.

79. My body and spirit are in balance.

80. My spirit’s light can outshine any darkness in the world.

81. God has blessed me with an incredible life.

82. The universe supports me in every aspect.

83. My life is a blessing.

84. God’s love guides me through the darkest paths.

85. I am open to experiencing spiritual enlightenment.

86. I am guided by my spirit and surrender to my journey.

87. I focus on the present moment.

88. I know I’m being guided toward the highest good.

89. I am love. I am light. I am connected to all.

90. I am a vessel for spreading God’s love.

91. I am guided by fate but not beholden to it.

92. I let go of fear and I’m ready to realign.

93. I am a part of the universe, and the universe is a part of me.

94. I shine my spirit and light on those around me.

95. I release the past and let go of the future.

96. I trust the direction my higher self leads me in.

97. I allow miracles and magic to unfold in my life today.

98. I am deeply and unconditionally loved by the Universe.

99. I trust my intuition.

100. I openly accept spiritual guidance from a higher power.

101. I spread positivity wherever I go and through whatever I do.

102. I radiate inner peace.

103. I am made of stars. The light I seek is always within.

104. I believe that God guides me in everything I do.

105. I am One with the energy of Mother Earth and all living things.

106. I am holy.

107. I have the power to brighten up the lives of everyone in my life.

108. I surrender to the highest good for all.

109. I am an eternal and infinite being.

110. I can achieve my deepest desires.

111. I am grateful for the amazing blessings in my life.

112. I am thankful for the abundance of the Universe.

113. I am one with the Universe.

114. I believe that God works through me to help others.

115. I’m a magnet for miracles.

116. I know I deserve all the happiness that I receive.

117. I believe that my spirit is in harmony with the universe.

118. The light of the holy spirit guides me through the darkness.

119. My spirituality is in harmony with the Universe.

120. I am focused on realizing my divine purpose.

121. God is inside me, so he’s always with me.

122. My intuition is usually right, and I’m happy to follow it.

123. I choose to nourish my body with healthy, whole foods.

124. I am filled with energy and vitality.

125. I release doubt and welcome faith.

126. My true power lies in the present moment.

127. I allow God to guide everything I do.

128. I am a vessel of the divine spirit.

129. I share my wisdom with the world.

130. I invest in the wellbeing of myself, mind, body, and soul.

131. I always listen to my inner guide.

132. I am aligned with the Universe.

133. I trust in the wisdom of my spirit guides.

134. I feel safe in the arms of God.

135. I am ready to connect with my higher self.

136. My soul is illuminated with health and vitality.

137. My spirit is enlightened.

138. I am embraced by the positive energy of the Universe.

139. The universe is innately joyful.

140. My faith brings me peace and joy.

141. I am attuned to the wisdom of universal consciousness.

142. I am kind to all living things.

143. I am in tune with my spiritual body.

144. I choose to be the light in all situations.

145. I fear nothing as long as the universe is by my side.

146. I am aligned with my higher purpose.

147. I release all blocks to my spiritual connection.

148. I am sacred.

149. I’m willing to learn through love.

150. Fear is only an illusion blocking me from the right path.

151. Everything in life happens for a reason.

152. I forgive all received wrongs with compassion.

153. I am putting up the right questions in the universe.

154. My true self is as One with the whole Universe.

155. I have a fierce inner spirit.

156. I appreciate my connection to all living things.

157. I am connected to the wisdom of the Universe.

158. I don’t have to become anything. I already am.

159. I believe that love can heal my soul.

160. My body knows how to restore itself to balance and harmony.

161. I am grateful for perfect physical and mental health.

162. I allow the Universe to work through me.

163. Spirit is always guiding me.

164. Today I choose to embrace calm and positivity.

165. My body is flooded with forgiveness and peace.

166. I am more intentional and less reactive.

167. I play an important part in the larger picture.

168. The power of the Universe lights up my soul.

169. I am spiritually aligned and in Divine order with the Universe.

170. I am blessed in every way.

171. I choose to forgive, in the name of God.

172. The Universe shines its pure light upon me.

173. I have 100% trust in God’s divine plan.

174. As I connect to my higher self, I grow and evolve.

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