150+ I AM Affirmations for Your Daily Inspiration

Here we’ve compiled the list of best and positive I Am Affirmations cause we all need reminders of our worthiness and value in life. So scroll down and repeat this daily on a regular basis to remind yourself that you have the power to create your own reality.

I AM Affirmations

1. I am free to grow at my own pace.

2. I am a force to be reckoned with.

3. I am grateful for my immune system’s ability to heal.

4. I am aware that my success has no limits.

5. I am influential in my field of work or study.

6. I am stronger than I appear.

7. I am letting my body heal.

8. I am loved.

9. I am worthy of receiving love.

10. I am fully capable of success.

11. I am succeeding in life.

12. I am accepting who I am.

13. I am peaceful.

14. I am building my future.

15. I am resilient.

16. I am open to letting love enter my life.

17. I am worthy.

18. I am living my life with awareness and gratitude.

19. I am perfect, just the way I am.

20. I am an excellent money manager.

21. I am brave.

22. I am striving to be a better person every day.

23. I am beautiful, inside and out.

24. I am at peace with my imperfections.

25. I am unique and special.

26. I am going to treat everyone the way I want to be treated.

27. I am vibrant in both spirit and mind.

28. I am vigorous, energetic, and full of vitality.

29. I am more than enough.

30. I am kind to myself and others.

31. I am attuned to the abundance of success.

32. I am worthy of love and appreciation.

33. I am practicing self-love each day.

34. I am beautiful both inside and out.

35. I am the pilot of my own life.

36. I am strong.

37. I am a go-getter.

38. I am doing my best.

39. I am not going to compare myself to others.

40. I am attracting the perfect career.

41. I am aware of my strengths.

42. I am the architect of my fate.

43. I am ever-evolving and constantly learning.

44. I am in complete control of my thoughts.

45. I am a good friend.

46. I am smart.

47. I am giving myself the love I deserve to have.

48. I am grateful for all the money I have now.

49. I am a healthy and happy person.

50. I am at peace with having a lot of money.

51. I am reliable.

52. I am committed to taking my needs seriously.

53. I am a reflection of my highest self.

54. I am choosing to not let anger control me.

55. I am listening to my gut.

56. I am complete on my own.

57. I am proud of the person I am becoming.

58. I am compassionate.

59. I am appreciated.

60. I am breathing in relaxation.

61. I am grateful for my family.

62. ​​I am a friend to my body.

63. I am looking forward to today.

64. I am ready for all that is to come.

65. I am not defined by my worst decisions.

66. I am worthy of the wealth I desire.

67. I am a leader and will use my influence to inspire positivity.

68. I am feeling healthy and strong today.

69. I am making a difference in this world.

70. I am a positive influence.

71. I am determined to attract happiness into my life.

72. I am able to handle large sums of money.

73. I am proud of my life choices.

74. I am worthy of good health.

75. I am proud of myself.

76. I am healthy and happy.

77. I am important.

78. I am immensely creative.

79. I am worthy of success.

80. I am grateful for the money I have.

81. I am grateful for my body.

82. I am full of great ideas and thoughts.

83. I am always in the right place at the right time.

84. I am open to all new experiences.

85. I am worthy of a wealthy life.

86. I am a powerful manifester.

87. I am wonderful just as I am.

88. I am always happy, hale, and hearty.

89. I am putting my health first.

90. I am my greatest well-wisher.

91. I am so happy to be alive.

92. I am finding gratitude and joy every day.

93. I am grateful for the air in my lungs.

94. I am constantly expanding my belief in what is possible.

95. I am a unique and special child of this universe.

96. I am ready to start the day.

97. I am surrounded by so much love.

98. I am grateful for what I do have in my life.

99. I am playful, fun, and creative.

100. I am patient.

101. I am grateful for the abundance in my life.

102. I am capable of achieving my goals with determination.

103. I am capable.

104. I am aligned to my higher purpose.

105. I am grateful to be alive.

106. I am the master of my wealth.

107. I am believing in myself.

108. I am a good role model to younger generations.

109. I am in control of my actions.

110. I am tending to my needs.

111. I am happy to be alive.

112. I am smart and do great at school.

113. I am safe, protected, and love.

114. I am going to put some good into the world today.

115. I am capable of unconditional love.

116. I am successful.

117. I am blessed.

118. I am grateful for each opportunity that comes my way.

119. I am a fast learner.

120. I am content with the relationships I have in my life.

121. I am my own best friend.

122. I am worthy of financial success.

123. I am my best source of motivation.

124. I am daring to be different and unapologetically myself.

125. I am a blessing.

126. I am self-assured.

127. I am a money magnet.

128. I am happy.

129. I am attuned to the flow of the universe.

130. I am at peace with my past.

131. I am financially free.

132. I am practicing compassion each day.

133. I am an amazing person.

134. I am capable of achieving greatness.

135. I am generous with my money.

136. I am grateful for this moment.

137. I am a caring person.

138. I am rich.

139. I am full of vitality.

140. I am abundant, rich, wealthy, deserving, and worthy.

141. I am excited to go to school.

142. I am ready to explore all my passions.

143. I am surrounded by healing energy.

144. I am loyal.

145. I am grateful for my sense of gratitude.

146. I am prepared for all that is to come.

147. I am responsible for the energy I put out into the world.

148. I am capable of attracting abundance daily.

149. I am a humble individual.

150. I am wealthy.

151. I am striving to be the best version of myself.

152. I am open to receiving more money.

153. I am determined.

154. I am grateful.

155. I am a great giver and an excellent receiver.

156. I am not going to judge myself.

157. I am taking each day as it comes.

158. I am treating my body as a temple.

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