Top 90+ Most Powerful Affirmations for Letting Go

Here we’ve compiled the list of best and positive affirmations or letting go that will help you to let go of negative thoughts and emotions such as fear, worry, anger, and guilt to create positive energy for your inner peace and contentment.

Affirmations for Letting Go

1. I feel empowered in my choice to let go.

2. I am free from the burdens of my past.

3. I will not worry about things I cannot control.

4. I am grateful for my past relationships and am ready to move on.

5. I release you with love.

6. Every day, rewrite them.

7. I am letting go of everything that stresses me.

8. I release the shadows of my past.

9. I’m ready to welcome new people into my life.

10. Joy is my natural state of existence.

11. I will stop worrying and find a solution.

12. I let go of past relationships that no longer serve me.

13. I am open to meeting new people.

14. Tomorrow is what matters.

15. I accept that others may not share my path or desires.

16. Each time I breathe, I relax and let go.

17. If it’s not in the present, if it doesn’t feature in the future, it doesn’t exist for me.

18. I forgive you, but I let you go because I deserve better in life.

19. Memories don’t hurt me; they make me wiser.

20. I release relationships that have crossed the expiration date.

21. I focus on what I can control and let go of what I cannot.

22. I’m not scared and not stressed about letting go of this relationship.

23. I am leaving the past in the PAST.

24. I gently release my need for control.

25. I heal with every breath I take.

26. I am better off without them.

27. I let go of hurt; I deserve to be happy.

28. I am not afraid to move on.

29. I inhale peace and exhale worry.

30. I am healing at my own pace, and I will be at peace.

31. I trust in the fate I am destined for.

32. With every inhale and exhale, I release all my stress.

33. Nothing will scare me anymore.

34. I let go of all resentment towards others.

35. I am choosing to let go of my fears.

36. The next chapter will be the best chapter.

37. I trust the universe.

38. I let go of resentment towards myself.

39. When I let go of past pain, I heal my future self.

40. Without hesitation, I leap forward.

41. Embrace your newfound power and freedom.

42. I cherish our memories, but it’s time to let go and move on.

43. I am unchained.

44. My past does not define my future. I have that choice.

45. My future is an amazing gift.

46. I am ready to make room in my life for someone new.

47. I’m not looking back again, only forward.

48. I’m reborn every day.

49. I get to choose my present and future.

50. I free myself from fear of the unknown.

51. Letting go of a dream.

52. I am getting better.

53. Painful experiences are lessons; The teach me how to cherish good times.

54. It’s a blessing to let go of unaligned relationships.

55. I am ready to move forward from this chapter.

56. My spirit is free and joyful.

57. I allow myself to take time for me.

58. I can detach from negative memories.

59. Right now, I am taking the first step of my new life.

60. Energy vampires are not welcome in my life.

61. My mind is free from distractions and my vision is clear.

62. I release the past for a fulfilling wholesome future.

63. I am ready to put the past behind me and look forward.

64. It’s ok to walk away.

65. It comes naturally to me to let go of people.

66. I forgive my past.

67. I choose to live in the present.

68. It’s okay if all I do today is just breathe.

69. I accept the disappointments of my past and heal my future.

70. I embrace the new chapter of my life.

71. I choose courage over fear and peace over perfection.

72. I have everything I need.

73. I welcome the change with open arms.

74. Thank you for the good memories.

75. I have the courage and strength to do what is best for me.

76. ‘I’ and only ‘I’ am indispensable in my life; the rest can go.

77. My strength is greater than any struggle.

78. Letting go of pain.

79. I deserve love; I deserve happiness; I deserve to heal.

80. I feel as light as a feather.

81. I don’t need toxic people in my life.

82. I’ve learnt from the past; now I know how to choose better.

83. I am already there.

84. I am strong enough to let go of past traumas.

85. Letting go of control.

86. I honor others’ truths and paths.

87. I am totally free.

88. I trust my intuition.

89. I open the door with a heart full of positive energy.

90. I am brave. I am confident.

91. No one has the power to hurt me; I stand on my own guard.

92. Letting go of fear, anger, or another feeling that doesn’t serve you.

93. Letting go of past relationships.

94. New things don’t scare me anymore.

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