100+ Best Eye Puns That Are Perfect to Share

The eye plays the most important role in our body. It is the only part of our body that can see. Without it, we would be blind and not able to see anything at all.

It has two main parts: the front of the eye and the back eye. The front of your eye is called the cornea, and it helps you to focus on what you are looking at. The back of your eye is called the retina, and it converts light into electrical signals that travel through the nervous system to your brain, which interprets them as images.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Eye puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Eye Puns

1. Eye eye, captain.

2. Bad puns are how eye roll.

3. It’s eye-deal.

4. When is a lens not a lens? When it is aphakic.

5. I love wearing glasses. They make spectacular accessories.

6. A personal eye-dentity is important .

7. Optometry is an eyedealistic career for people with a good eye for things.

8. Eye puns aren’t puns. They’re optical allusions.

9. Keep an eye on your sister please.

10. That’s just how eye roll.

11. I wanna go on an eye-land vacation.

12. Eye puns are to eye (die) for.

13. Eye candy.

14. Smart people usually have high Eye-Q.

15. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective.

16. Let’s drink apple c-eye-der.

17. The optometrist was brought to court since he was the only eye-witness.

18. The eye doctor always takes the elevator. He hates the stares.

19. Sometimes life is eye-ronic.

20. Slanted font is called eye-talic.

21. Now eye See Why You Said That.

22. I want to see the eye-ffel Tower.

23. What’s your favorite type of p-eye (pie)?

24. It’s not quite white, it’s eye-vory.

25. Eyes jokes are so cornea.

26. Eye’ve been here before.

27. Eye see what you did there.

28. Puns are getting cornea by the day.

29. When is it not a lens? When it is a-fake-ic.

30. We could never see eye to eye.

31. You dress nicely and have great st-eye-le.

32. Eye-solation can get pretty lonely.

33. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

34. I have the latest eye-phone.

35. I custom-eye-zed my shoes.

36. Testing my eye-Q.

37. The sunset was a great s-eye-ght.

38. The Eye-ffel Tower is a famous building in France.

39. There’s a lot of pupil.

40. You’re all eye need.

41. I got my eyes on U.

42. Don’t cr-eye.

43. Eye’d rather die than be subject to you.

44. No one wanted to break the eyes.

45. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can’t see.

46. Everyone has two eyes, but no one has the same view.

47. The teacher has to wear sunglasses just because his students are so bright.

48. Eye does bread always fall butter side down.

49. Eye can’t help it.

50. Cone you give it your all?

51. She loves eating r-eye (rye) bread.

52. Why did the cross-eyed teacher quit her job? She couldn’t control her pupils.

53. Most people like to dream about their eye-deal partner.

54. What an eye-opening experience.

55. Eye’m feeling good.

56. Any eye-deas?

57. What do you call a deer with no eyes?” – “No-eye-deer.

58. Eye love you.

59. Eyes spy is one of my favorite games.

60. Its so cold that there are eye-sicles hanging from my eyelids.

61. Eye’s Eye’s, baby.

62. Bad puns are how eye roll, said the optometrist to his annoyed patient.

63. Eye wonder what I look like in your eyes.

64. What did the eyeball say when it tasted cheesecake? That’s to eye for.

65. That’s eye-ronic.

66. What do you call an alien with one missing eye? Alen.

67. The eye doctor easily passed his eye exam because of his high Eye-Q.

68. Iris my case.

69. Eye believe you.

70. Eye believe in you.

71. Eye’m loving it! the eye doctor squealed when he had his first McDonald’s.

72. I don’t normally surf the Internet but when I do eye browsers.

73. Eyes feel very lonely when they are eyes-olated.

74. Me, myself, and eye,.

75. Eye got my eye on you.

76. The pirate married his eye doctor because it was an eye-deal relationship.

77. Eye don’t care about that.

78. I cone do better than that.

79. Eyes-box – A place to keep eyes cool.

80. You’re w-eye-se as an owl.

81. Sometimes, life is just eye-ronic.

82. Usain Bolt is one of my eye-dols.

83. An optometrist’s child is without a doubt the apple of their eyes.

84. Eye am who eye am.

85. I’m hungry. Do you want to grab a b-eye-te?

86. I really want some eyes cream.

87. Do you know the alien that misses one eye? It is called Alen.

88. Be careful, eye lash.

89. My eyes are the ocean in which my dreams are reflected.

90. Eye’m loving this meal.

91. Eye would like to give it a try.

92. “Eye eye, sir!”, said the pirate to his captain.

93. B-eye now.

94. In my eyes You are quite spectacular.

95. I love drinking eyes lemon tea.

96. I always wear glasses in my math class they help me in the division.

97. An optometrist’s favorite gadget to use is an eye-watch.

98. Eye see you.

99. Here cones the end.

100. You’re an Apple of my eye.

101. Eye am what eye am.

102. I don’t understand why eye puns are always overlooked.

103. Eye think we make a great pair.

104. I need time to myself in eye-solation.

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