55+ Russian Puns That Are Hilarious to Read

If you want to lighten the mood of a serious conversation or add some humour to make someone smile, puns are always a creative way to make any conversation more interesting. Therefore to add an extra dose of love and laughter, we’ve compiled a list of Russian puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Russian Puns

1. The experience was soul-c-Russian.

2. Now you’re p-Russian my buttons.

3. A Russian tree is called Dmitri.

4. I’m visiting my Kazan in Russia.

5. If that’s how it’s going to be, Soviet.

6. Take your time. There’s no p-Russia.

7. Quit Stalin and tell me.

8. And I ran, Ivan so far away.

9. Do you prefer chocolate or Danilov?

10. There was a Russia-rection of old beliefs.

11. I’m getting coffee from Tsarbucks.

12. The band rose to a c-Russia-ndo.

13. You’re Sochi nice person.

14. I’m b-Russian my hair.

15. Lemonade on a hot day is ref-Russian.

16. Rasputin on airs.

17. What Tyumen?

18. The doctor diagnosed them of dep-Russian.

19. Lions and Taigas and bears, oh my.

20. The doctor prescribed Ural medication.

21. They acted with agg-Russian.

22. He has a sad exp-Russian.

23. If a Russian wants curly hair, they go to Perm.

24. Russians eat rice Putin for dessert.

25. Yuri-ly incredible.

26. We have Samara taste in music.

27. Nothing but nyet.

28. Hey, stop Stalin and just go already.

29. You need a license to Seliger.

30. Let’s not Russian-to any conclusions.

31. I’m Russian to finish the job.

32. I’m not Russian. I’m taking my time.

33. Vladimir Putin is the p-Russia-dent of Russia.

34. A Russian procrastinator keeps Putin it off.

35. I’ll love you for the Russia my life.

36. Russia Putin a lot of work for the Olympics.

37. How do you like my Perm?

38. I’m c-Russian on you.

39. I’m having a bad herring day.

40. Take it Kizhi.

41. Ural in for a good time.

42. Ural great people.

43. A gassy Russian is Vladimir Tootin.

44. And they lived happily Tver after.

45. Is the lake Nero far?

46. In Russia, they grad on a curve.

47. Thanks for Putin up with me.

48. B-Omsk away.

49. A Russian that’s programming is com-Putin.

50. I like to ride my Baikal over the place.

51. Russian dolls are so full of themselves.

52. Would you like Peipsi or Coke?

53. Like a shooting starka.

54. Russian milk comes from Mos-cows.

55. I’m Vlad to see you.

56. You’ve made a great first imp-Russian.

57. The couple lived happily Tver after.

58. I got a new car. It’s a Volga-wagen.

59. Ivan to know the truth.

60. Baikal you later.

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