50+ Best Popcorn Puns That Are Funny to Be Corny

Popcorn is a great snack food. And there are many reasons why we love this. One of the main reasons is that it is delicious and light, which makes it a perfect snack to eat while watching a movie with your friends. Also, the best part about popcorn is that it tastes great with any flavourings you add to it.

But finding the best Popcorn Pun that can add humour and creativity to your group is not easy. Thus, here we’ve discovered some of the best Popcorn puns that have the perfect balance of wit and cleverness you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Best Popcorn Puns

1. A famous celebrity popcorn is called a popstar.

2. Bad popcorn jokes are corny.

3. Thanks for the pop-portunity.

4. I hate it when someone knocks over my popcorn. Accident or not, I still s-corn them for that.

5. The prosecutors pressed charges on the popcorn for a-salt and buttery.

6. Popcorn is the corn-erstone of any movie night.

7. You’re a-maize-ing.

8. They were corn-ducting a field day for the corn students in school today.

9. Baby corn, mama corn, and popcorn.

10. Any species of animals that sustain themselves by eating corn are the corn-ivorous kind.

11. With oranges and corn, you can make pulp-corn.

12. I am so happy I won the popcorn eating corn-test.

13. The popcorn was called the police after being a-salted.

14. Popcorn listens well because it was all ears.

15. I absolutely hate normal popcorn. I should try some butter ones.

16. A popcorn’s favorite holiday is In-the-pan-dance Day.

17. We’re butter together.

18. Pop-rika is the best spice for popcorn.

19. Beware of the cornfield. It is a very complicated maize to navigate through.

20. I’m corn-flicted. Salted popcorn or kettle corn?

21. I found out my pop was a corn-man.

22. To make popcorn chicken in KFC, they use chicken Kernels.

23. You cannot run away without facing the corn-sequences of stealing my popcorn.

24. Corn-gratulations! You made popcorn for the first time.

25. A dog’s favorite type of popcorn is a pupcorn.

26. Paw-pcorn.

27. What’s poppin’?

28. I was a kernel in the popcorn army.

29. Don’t bring corn on a plane. Its ears will pop.

30. I’m trying not to be corny.

31. You’ve corn-structed the best popcorn shop.

32. Dogs love pup-corn.

33. It is weird why a tart filled with popcorn isn’t called pop tart instead.

34. The land of popcorn should be called a corn-try instead.

35. We had so much popcorn at the movies. We had a grain time!

36. Are you corn-fused?

37. I corn-tinue to eat more popcorn than I need.

38. You can pop in anytime.

39. I’m popping by to say you’re corny.

40. We all know that Kernel Sanders was the man behind the invention of popcorn chicken.

41. There is no other better match than popcorn and movies. They are butter together.

42. Popcorn loves to listen to pop music.

43. I love it when you call me big popcorn.

44. It’s so hot. I’m going to pop.

45. The corn-man was a criminal so I called the cobs on him.

46. Hey, look! I got free butterfingers with my bag of popcorn.

47. After eating a bag of popcorn, I got free Butterfingers.

48. Popcorns can see just like everybody else through their corn-ea.

49. The corn-flict between the two kernels finally came to a corn-clusion.

50. For popcorn, pirates charge a buck-an-ear.

51. Why corn-t he pop the question?

52. Only the cream of the crop can become kernels.

53. I love butter popcorn because of the butter flavouring.

54. Bring seasoning to the airport. They only sell plane popcorn.

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