50+ Hilarious Noodle Puns That Will Spice Up Your Day

Noodle is a staple food in many cultures of East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia and popular street food in many Asian countries.

People worldwide love to eat Noodles because they are tasty and affordable. They are versatile and can be served in many different ways, such as in soup, stir-fried, or deep-fried. Also, It takes only minutes to cook noodles which makes them a convenient meal for people who are busy with their daily lives. It is eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you’re ready for a good laugh, here we’ve discovered some of the best and most hilarious Noodle puns you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Noodle Puns

1. Noodles are my Mein hobby.

2. Love a good of slurp-endipity.

3. Just u-slurpin’ the throne.

4. A hopeless ramen-tic.

5. My computer was hungry so I fed it some RAMen.

6. Everyone please ramen calm.

7. I will be there in a few ra-minutes.

8. I love stories about the ancient Ramen empire.

9. In Jesus’ name, r-amen.

10. Dear God, thank you for these noodles. Ramen.

11. Cannibals don’t go for ramen but rather for rawmen.

12. Rame ‘n roll.

13. Life is noodiful.

14. Since the noodle drank a lot, he was totally sauced.

15. In the mood for noods.

16. The most famous Pharoah in Ramen Land is King Toothin’Ramen.

17. She ordered noodle for my birthday dinner. She makes miso happy.

18. How do you tell if noodles are old? If they’re pasta expiration date.

19. The beggar looked really hungry so I gave him a penne.

20. The optimistic noodle said, “I Cannelloni laugh at my mistakes.”

21. I can’t help but be absolutely crazy pho noodle soup.

22. I ramen-bered the last time we had dinner together.

23. Never a noodull moment.

24. You and I are Ramen to be from the instant we met.

25. He made a car made out of noodle. He calls it lambourguini.

26. QWhat fonts do noodles use while typing? Times New Ramen.

27. Noodles are the best things in life. You know what I Mein?

28. Chinese noodles weigh a lot – wonton!

29. It’s a nood dawn, it’s a nood day…

30. Havin’ a bowl.

31. How long does it take to cook noodles? Just a few ra-minutes.

Ramen Puns

32. This dish was Noodifully done.

33. What caused the fall of the ramen empire? They were never soba!

34. What a truly nood-iful moment.

35. Slurp’s up.

36. Why don’t cannibals ever cook noodles? They prefer raw men.

37. Why don’t cannibals like ramen? They prefer cooked men.

38. What a bowl-tiful moment.

39. What’s the opposite of noodles? Dressed L’s.

40. Ramen in love with you.

41. What do you call a noodle that has amazing bow skills? Ramen Hood.

42. What do you call a noodle that doesn’t drink? Soba

43. What’s a cannibals favorite kind of noodle? Rawmen.

44. What do you call a noodle you pay for sex? A pastatute

45. What do you call recently made noodles New-dels!

46. What font do they use for the letter noodles in Alphabet Soup?

47. Why did the noodle get a driving ticket? It drove pasta stop sign

48. Slurprise.

49. You know why the call them “noodles”? Because they’re not wearing any clothes.

50. Send noods.

51. We ramen to be together.

52. What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.

53. Why were the noodle strands running around? They were looking for the impasta

54. You don’t know how much ramen to me.

55. Where did the ramen go for a vacation? Stock-holm.

56. Why did everyone wish ramen happy returns? It was his brothday.

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