50 Pilot Pick Up Lines

If you are looking to spark laughter with wit, humor, and clever wordplay, than below, we’ve compiled the best pilot pick up lines that will make the person laugh, blush, and maybe even fall head over heels. So dont wait and scroll down to take your pick up game to a whole new level.

Pilot Pick Up Lines

1. Baby, you have hijacked my heart.

2. Can I take you on a direct flight to my heart?

3. Seeing you caused a disturbance in my heart.

4. I was lost until my radar highlighted your bearing.

5. Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in the flight path to your heart.

6. Is your dad a pilot because my heart beating off?

7. Are you a compass? Because I am lost in your eyes.

8. What qualifications do I need to be your frequent flyer member?

9. You probably plunged from paradise and afterward to my heart.

10. Hey baby, do you have a preflight? I’d love to buy you chocolate.

11. I’ve been staying here cross-looking at you

12. Damn, you simply look plain provocative.

13. Are you a cloud? Because you thunderstruck my heart.

14. Are you a hijacker? My heart just took a nosedive into love.

15. Are you a jet engine? Because you’re really lifting me up.

16. May I have leeway to ask you out on the town?

17. Is your heart a compass? Because I’m lost in your direction.

18. Was your dad a pilot? Because my heart is taking off.

19. Would you like to pilot my pillar of fall?

20. Would I be able to apply to be your regular customer part?

21. I experienced turbulence in my heart when I saw you.

22. Do you believe in autopilot? Because my heart steers towards you no matter what.

23. Excuse me, but I think you’ve mistaken my heart for an airport because my heart is about to take off.

24. Want to land yourself a pilot? Here I am.

25. I was lost until my radar pointed to your direction.

26. Is your smile an air show? Because I can’t look away.

27. Permission to land next to your seat?

28. I never expected to find angels at this altitude.

29. Excuse me sweety, you’re hotter than a jet engine set to full power.

30. I may know how to navigate a plane, but your beauty is uncharted territory.

31. Pardon me, but you’ve set my autopilot towards love.

32. Been sitting here the whole afternoon cross-checking you out.

33. Will you join me for dinner in the mile high club?

34. Do you believe in love at first flight?

35. You must have descended from heaven and then to my heart.

36. Are you an airplane? Because my heart is taking flight.

37. Do you want to be a pilot? I’ll teach you how to push all the right buttons.

38. I didn’t realize heavenly messengers can be found at this height.

39. Do I have clearance to ask you out on a date?

40. Has anyone told you that your eyes are the color of 100LL?

41. Do I have leeway to ask you out on the town?

42. Can I apply to be your frequent flyer member?

43. Is there a no fly zone? Because I am ready to crash into your heart.

44. Can you feel that tailwind? Or did you just blow me away

45. Are you a runway? Because I could land in your heart.

46. Like an airplane, my love for you only lifts upward.

47. Pardon me, I think you’ve seized my heart.

48. My heart’s flight path? Directly to you, no layovers.

49. I bet I need a sophisticated navigation system to navigate myself to your heart.

50. Have you been cleared for landing? Because my heart is your runway.

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