100 Space Pick Up Lines

Somewhere you want to make a lasting impression on someone you like, right? But if you dont know how to break the ice and start a conversation, dont worry. We have it here for you. We have created these best space pick up lines that are humorous, clever, and memorable enough to impress your crush and be funny to say in an awkward situation.

Now is a perfect time to show your wit and charm and impress that person with your smooth moves. Enjoy.

Space Pick Up Lines

1. “You must be a star, because your beauty lights up the night.”

2. “My love for you is endless, like the universe itself.”

3. “With you, every moment is like exploring the vastness of the universe.”

4. “If life were a constellation map, you’d be the brightest point on my chart.”

5. “Excuse me, when I look into your eyes, I see a whole galaxy of possibilities.”

6. “Do you know that meeting you feels like discovering a new star in space?”

7. “Is your name Saturn? Because every time I look at you, there’s a ring of beauty surrounding you.”

8. “If I were a constellation, you’d be the brightest star in my night sky.”

9. “If stars were wishes, you must be a shooting star.”

10. “My love for you is like a supernova, explosive and brilliant.”

11. “Is your heart a black hole? Because it’s pulling me in with irresistible force.”

12. “I think you are the missing piece in the cosmic puzzle of my heart.”

13. “Do you believe in interstellar romance? Because I’m ready for an epic love journey with you.”

14. “Do you believe in love that’s as boundless as the universe? Because I do, especially with you.”

15. “Are you a space shuttle? Because my heart is ready for take off.”

16. “Is your heart a black hole? Because I’m falling into it, and there’s no escape.”

17. “I must be an astronaut because I’m feeling lost in your eyes.”

18. “Just like a meteor shower, your presence leaves a trail of awe in my life.”

19. “If life were a telescope, you’d be the most breathtaking sight.”

20. “Is your heart a pulsar? Because it’s sending signals that I can’t ignore.”

21. “Are you a comet? Because you’ve streaked across my sky.”

22. “Maybe our love is written in the stars, just waiting to be discovered.”

23. “Do you believe in extraterrestrial love? Because I think we’re a perfect match.”

24. “I may be an astronaut, but you’re the gravity that keeps me grounded.”

25. “Could you be the asteroid that crashes into my heart, leaving a lasting impact?”

26. “If life were a galaxy, you’d be the shining star that lights up my darkest moments.”

27. “With you, every moment is a cosmic adventure.”

28. “I may be a starship captain, but you’re the commander of my heart.”

29. “People say the universe is infinite, but my love for you surpasses even the cosmos.”

30. “Are you a galaxy? Because your charm is ever expanding.”

31. “My heart orbits around yours, like planets around a sun.”

32. “I must be an astronaut because my heart is in orbit around you.”

33. “Are you a space probe? Because you’ve just explored the depths of my heart.”

34. “Could you be the comet that streaks through my dreams every night?”

35. “Are you from Mercury? Because you’ve just mer-captured my heart.”

36. “If I were a satellite, I’d be orbiting your world every second.”

37. “If there was life on Mars, it would be half as captivating as you.”

38. “My love for you is like the universe, infinite and boundless.”

39. “Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in the stardust of your eyes.”

40. “Are we on the moon? Because my heart feels weightless when I’m around you.”

41. “If life were a rocket, you’d be the fuel that propels me forward.”

42. “I’ll be your astronaut if you’ll be my zero-gravity companion.”

43. “Is your heart a nebula? Because it’s a beautiful cloud of emotions that I want to explore.”

44. “Your love must be like a black hole – nothing can escape it!”

45. “May be our love is like a lunar eclipse—rare and breathtaking.”

46. “I’d fight a whole army of Daleks for you, my cosmic princess.”

47. “In this galaxy of people, you’re my favorite celestial body.”

48. “Maybe our love story is written in the cosmic dust of the universe.”

49. “Just like space, being with you feels boundless and full of endless exploration.”

50. “I wish I could give you the moon and the stars, but for now, how about a date under them?”

51. “You’re like a supernova, brightening up my darkest moments with your presence.”

52. “You’re like a cosmic black hole, I simply can’t escape your pull.”

53. “I may be a satellite, but you’re the signal that keeps me connected.”

54. “People say love is infinite, just like the universe.”

55. “Do you live on Mars? Because your beauty is truly Martian.”

56. “Your smile must be a supernova because it outshines all the stars.”

57. “Your smile outshines all the stars in the universe combined.”

58. “Are you an astronaut? Because your beauty is truly out-of-this-world.”

59. “Are you a space-time anomaly? Because meeting you feels like a glitch in my reality.”

60. “If I were a spaceship, I’d choose you as my destination for an everlasting journey.”

61. “If life were a spacewalk, I’d want you as my zero gravity companion.”

62. “I may be an astronaut, but you’re the real star that caught my eye.”

63. “With you, every hug feels like a gravitational embrace.”

64. “Do you control the Hubble Telescope? Because when I see you, I see stars.”

65. “If I were a comet, I’d orbit your heart for eternity.”

66. “Is your heart a constellation? Because I find myself lost among its stars.”

67. “Do you believe in the power of celestial connections? Because I feel it with you.”

68. “In this galaxy of emotions, you’re the only star that shines brightly.”

69. “Are you from Venus? Because you’ve just venused my heart.”

70. “You are the brightest star in my night sky.”

71. “Just like going to the stars, being with you is an out-of-this-world experience.”

72. “Is your heart a nebula? Because it’s a beautiful cloud of emotions.”

73. “In this galaxy of feelings, you’re the brightest star in my constellation.”

74. “Could you be the gravity that pulls me into your orbit?”

75. “Do you believe in parallel universes? Because in every one of them, I love you.”

76. “Are you a shooting star? Because I’ve made a wish and it’s you.”

77. “You must be a black hole because you’ve pulled me in with your irresistible gravity.”

78. “I may be lost in space, but finding you makes the journey worthwhile.”

79. “I may be just a speck in the universe, but with you, I feel like the center of it all.”

80. “You must be Saturn because I could admire your ring all night.”

81. “Are you a supernova? Because you just exploded into my life with brilliance.”

82. “Are we like binary stars, destined to orbit each other in perfect harmony?”

83. “Is your dad an alien? Because you are clearly out of this world.”

84. “Do you believe in love across the cosmos? Because I’m falling for you from light-years away.”

85. “Are you a shooting star? Because I’ve been wishing for someone like you.”

86. “Are you a wormhole? Because you’ve taken me to a place I never knew existed.”

87. “If I were a quasar, you’d be the radiant energy lighting up my universe.”

88. “Are you a supernova? Because you light up my universe.”

89. “Are you a black hole? Because you are pulling me in with your irresistible gravity!”

90. “My heart is like a satellite dish, receiving the signals of your love.”

91. “You must be from Mars, because my heart beats only for you.”

92. “I must be a comet because I’m totally falling for you.”

93. “You must be a quasar because your energy is radiating love and warmth.”

94. “If the sky were as beautiful as your eyes, the universe would be jealous of our connection.”

95. “In this galaxy of love, you’re the undiscovered planet I’ve been seeking.”

96. “If gravity didn’t exist, I’d still fall for you.”

97. “With you, my love is like the expanding universe—endless and ever-growing.”

98. “Do you believe in time dilation? Because every moment with you feels timeless.”

99. “Could you be the alien in my dreams? Because you’re out of this world.”

100. “You are the Milky Way in my universe – vast, mysterious, and full of wonders.”

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