100+ Occupation Pick Up Lines

Whether it is a man or a woman from a different occupation, using pick up lines always helps to make the first move and start building a connection. Why is it? Cause these lines are funny, flirty, cheesy or even romantic, well, depending on your mood and the situation. But it helps to show your interest in someone without being too forward.

So if you are trying to start a conversation with someone who is from a different occupation, then dont worry here, you can use occupation pick up lines we’ve created for you to show them that you have an engaging personality. Enjoy.

Occupation Pick Up Lines

1. After all the dimensionality reduction, I just know that you are the only one for me.

2. I’ll show you my tan lines if you show me yours.

3. Does your dad work at the grocery store because you have nice melons.

4. You are definitely on my most wanted list.

5. Want to see my hose lay?

6. How would you like to switch the gears on my tractor?

7. There is no burden of proof for how fine you are.

8. I just want you to know, you make all my accounts receivable.

9. For you, I would scroll to the end of the SERPs.

10. Can I do SABC on you?

11. Do you have a shovel in your back pocket? Cause I’m diggin that ass.

12. Baby. You blow my fuses.

13. I know exactly where all the most important parts are.

14. Want to plant something on me?

15. My sights are locked on you.

16. I sized up the scene and let me tell you…….The bottom check was good.

17. You’re like an exposed electrical wire. Hot and dangerous.

18. Wanna go for a ride along? Then later I can show you the truck.

19. Let’s go to my place for some under-cover work.

20. You don’t need a bridge loan to close the GAAP between us.

21. You must be a one-sided balance sheet, all assets and no liabilities.

22. Are you the splash-and-dash because you’ve got my heart beating.

23. You have the cutest little deductible I’ve ever seen.

24. Care to hit my hydrant?

25. Before I start working on your car, I need to pop your hood and check your fluids.

26. I don’t have a very long hose, but i got one hell of a pumper.

27. I love you like a marketer loves reporting.

28. You know what is sexier than a lingerie nurse outfit?…having an M.D.

29. Are you up for a little tactical insertion?

30. If I were a tractor and you were a plow, I would definitely hook up with you.

31. Babe, my bed is totally open source to you tonight.

32. Wanna slide down my pole?

33. I always turn on my siren when I spot a siren.

34. Life is dangerous.. Sleep with a doctor.

35. Target aquired, weapons hot, cleared to engage.

36. That’s a mighty big “flash light” you have there officer….

37. Get rid of your smoke detector and sleep with a firefighter.

38. You wanna stop drop and roll with me?

39. How about you rock my gun?

40. Is you daddy a lumberjack, because baby you giving me wood.

41. I’ll play good cop if you’ll play bad?

42. I want to be practice CPR on you tonight – even though you are not a plastic CPR dummy.

43. Are you carrying a concealed weapon or are you just happy to see me?

44. What are you doing with your night stick later?

45. Is your daddy an Aquafina worker cuz your jugs are perfect.

46. Your hosebed or mine?

47. Care to see the hosebed?

48. I’m not a very good swimmer, do you have any lifeguard experience?

49. You liquidate my heart.

50. Girl in bar: what do you do for a living? Firefighter reply; I make the six o’clock news.

51. You must be an inbound marketer … cause you sure attracted me.

52. I hate to see you go, but I love to watch your transom.

53. Me without you is like a marketer without analytics. Lost, visionless, and confused.

54. Can i see your battle buddy?

55. Ma’am we’ve had some complaints that you’re being too sexy. I’m gonna have to arrest you.

56. I will grow you, thresh you, bale you, and set you out to feed the oxen.

57. Babe, I know how to blow life into you.

58. Is that a wrench in your pocket or are you just happy to be harvesting?

59. Girl, I am a mechanic. And I know how to jack you up and make you feel alright.

60. Are you the next Google Update? Because I hear you will be coming soon.

61. Girl, I am a mechanic and I want to work my car in your garage tonight.

62. I’ll be the John to your Deere, and we can run together forever.

63. Did u know that women firefighters are professional hose handlers.

64. If you stick with me my feelings for you will never depreciate.

65. Im down like the stock market, now ride me to the top.

66. Are you data? Because I would like to visualization you in the rawest form.

67. I’ve been applying strict scrutiny to your booty, and it’s compelling.

68. Want to play good cop bad cop?

69. Lets play war, I’ll lay down, and you blow the hell outta me.

70. Don’t worry baby I know the rear rescue approach.

71. If I can’t have you, life isn’t worth guarding.

72. If loving you is a crime, then I’m looking at a life sentence.

73. Babe, I can canonicalize every part of you all night long.

74. The fire might be out but you’re still smoking hot.

75. Would you like to see my power of attorney?

76. Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

77. Babe, are you data? The only pattern I recognize is how hot you are.

78. Babe, tell me about yourself, and I can soon build a predictive model around you.

79. Yo, excuse me can I check your temperature because you lookin’ really hot.

80. You know girl, the hotter you get, the faster I come.

81. You’re hotter than a 4 alarm fire.

82. Hey girl, your eyes are beautiful. Are they insured?

83. I have a great idea for those handcuffs.

84. Ever seen a baton this big?

85. I hope you’re a plumber because you got my pipe leaking

86. You have beautiful calves.

87. Is your daddy an artist because your a fine peice of work.

88. All those curves, and me with no brakes.

89. Girl if you do not set a crawl budget with me tonight, I will crash your server in bed.

90. I’m a sucker for a man who knows how to use his equipment.

91. Are you the shallow end? Because I want to put my kids in you.

92. Girl, where we going, you do not need no brake. We are going all the way till we come.

93. My cuffs or your cuffs tonight?

94. You are all assets and no liabilities

95. Want to see my tool?

96. Babe, I will put some spark plug into you to get you hot.

97. I could make you scream louder than the siren.

98. Don’t worry ladies that isn’t a pistol in my pocket.

99. Girl did you hack my search results? Because all the SERP redirects to you.

100. I am on fire, you wanna stop drop and roll with me?

101. If you’re my client, I’ll get you off. If you aren’t, the offer still stands.

102. Can I hit your hydrant?

103. What can I say? You got me at homicide.

104. If you need a love doctor, I have like a medicated degree.

105. My name must be John Deere cause I’m totally a Tractored to you.

106. I’m not a CPR dummy, but I’d let you practice some mouth-to-mouth.

107. Babe, your juice is much better than any link juice.

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