75+ Plumber Pick Up Lines

Everyone loves a good pick-up line, but when it comes to plumbers, it can be hard to come up with something that will really impress. But no worries,  here are plenty of great plumber pick-up lines we’ve compiled that will help you to make a great impression on someone.

So go ahead and impress with your smooth moves.

Plumber Pick Up Lines

1. Are you a plumber too? Because you’ve unplugged my heart.

2. Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the handiest 10 I see!

3. Are you a electrician? Because while you got here in I felt a gilt of energy.

4. Are you a difficult case? Because I’d love to work overtime on you.

5. Are you happy to see me or are those pipes in your pants.

6. Girl, I could faucet your water line any day.

7. Are you dripping moist? Because I will plug your itch this night.

8. I am a plumber, and I want to tap into your existing water line.

9. Much like an unclogged drain, my love for you flows freely.

10. You’re flooding my coronary heart with emotions.

11. That plunger brings out the color in your eyes.

12. I don’t need to check your pipes to know you’ve got a beautiful flow.

13. Forgive me, but you’ve stopped up my ability to think about anyone but you.

14. Do you have a busted pipe? Because I’m feeling a lot of pressure to impress you.

15. No need for a plumber, you’ve already got my heart running.

16. I see our futures in some quick connect fittings.

17. If you were a pipe, I’d choose you as my main line.

18. Can I tinker with your pipes?

19. I may not look it, but I got the pipe to connect the water main into your life.

20. I even have a grimy job. I’m a plumber.

21. Did it hurt? When you fell and broke my plumbing?

22. I have a dirty job. I’m a plumber.

23. I hope you’re a plumber because you got my pipe leaking

24. Are you a plumber? Cause you’re making me moist.

25. Girl, your fixtures need my caulking.

26. Toi-let me be your valentine?

27. I do all my plumbing, I know how to pump and flush some pipes.

28. Life without you would be like a blocked pipe, no flow, just standstill.

29. Girl you moist? I will restore your drips this night.

30. Are you a plumber? Because I need you to come fix this leak.

31. Plumber? I hardly even know her.

32. Let’s become a potty of two tonight.

33. I am a carpenter, I need to nail you.

34. Girl, you turn me into a spray hose.

35. Call me a plumber. Because I never fail at laying some pipe.

36. Girl, this pipe does not restore itself. It’s time in an effort to deliver it a hand job.

37. I ought to be a snowflake, due to the fact I’ve fallen for you.

38. Are you a plunger? Because I’ve been stuck, and you’ve come to my rescue.

39. I am a plumber, because babe you are gonna get piped.

40. I promise I will clear up your doubts about love just as I unblock choked pipes.

41. You’re flooding my heart with emotions.

42. Is your father a plumber? Because when you come in the room, it seems so clogged.

43. Can I say something drainfully honest? I can’t flow without you.

44. You have just the joint I need.

45. Are you crying? Babe, I am a plumber, and I will restore your tears out of your stunning eye fixtures.

46. Girl, I would tap your water line any day.

47. I want I have been cross-eyed so I can see you twice.

48. You restore my faith in love, just like a plumber restores normalcy.

49. Girl, this pipe doesn’t fix itself. It’s time for you to give it a hand job.

50. Is that your boyfriend? Because that’d throw a real wrench in my plans.

51. Could you be a pipe leak? Because I can’t seem to ignore you.

52. Are your lines clogged? Because my heartstrings are tangled up in you.

53. Do you have a leaking pipe? Because I feel a spark whenever we touch.

54. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by with my toolkit again?

55. Are you crying? Babe, I am a plumber, and I will fix your tears from your beautiful eye fixtures.

56. Can I earth you? You appear to be at a excessive potential.

57. Are you a plumber? Because I want you to return back restore this leak.

58. Girl you wet? I will fix your drips tonight.

59. Are we in a tightened joint? Because I can’t seem to get away from you.

60. Even the most twisted pipe couldn’t stop me from getting to you.

61. Are you a carpenter? Because you’re giving me wood.

62. That is quite an elbow joint.

63. I wanna flush your pipes, baby.

64. Forget about your ex, it’s time for some serious repiping.

65. If there’s anything I know how to do the right way… it’s lay pipe. I’m happy to prove it.

66. If my pipes don’t fit, we could always add more lubricant.

67. I’m a plumber, and I can clean your pipes all day.

68. May I check your heart like I do pipes? I bet I’d find it filled with love.

69. Babe, I see our point of connection.

70. Are you a plumbing system? Because my heart is flooding with feelings for you.

71. Do you feel a spark as electrifying as a wrench touching a live wire?

72. I don’t normally plunge into a relationship, but tonight I’ll make an exception.

73. Your crap is my family’s bread & butter.

74. Your love caught me off guard just like an unplanned pipe burst.

75. Your laughter is like liquid gold flowing through the pipes of my heart.

76. Forget about the plumber, you have unclogged the path to my heart.

77. Are you a plumber? Because I am getting moist for you.

78. No brass fitting shines brighter than your beautiful smile.

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