70 Post Office Pick Up Lines

Meeting someone in a post office you find attractive can be exciting, but if you want to impress them with your charm and wit, then it’s a hard job to find the right words. But not now. If you’re going to break the ice and start a conversation while waiting in line, then these post office pick up lines will show your humour and creativity. 

Not only will these lines make your conversation exciting way but they also leave a lasting impression on them. So go ahead and easily flirt your way into their heart. Enjoy.

Post Office Pick Up Lines

1. “Are you a postcard? Because you’ve got the picture-perfect smile.”

2. “Are you a postage stamp? Because you’ve got the power to send my heart across the world.”

3. “You’re like a post office – you’ve got a lot of love to deliver.”

4. “Is your heart the sorting facility for my feelings?”

5. “Do you believe in love that’s as enduring as a postmark on a letter?”

6. “Is your love letter on a rush delivery? Because I can’t wait to hold it.”

7. “You are the priority mail in the post office of my affections.”

8. “Is your name Express Mail? Because you’re always on time, and I can’t wait to see you.”

9. “I may be sending mail, but with you, every moment is a special delivery.”

10. “Is your name Postmaster General? Because you’ve got my heart in your hands.”

11. “With you, every day feels like tracking a package of joy and love.”

12. “Just like the post office connects people, your presence links our hearts together.”

13. “Are you a postal worker? Because you’ve got that special delivery smile.”

14. “I think you are the express delivery service my heart has been waiting for.”

15. “Could you be the express mail that speeds up the journey to our hearts?”

16. “Are you a postage stamp? Because you’ve got all the right dimensions.”

17. “Is your name First-Class Mail? Because you’re a cut above the rest.”

18. “I wish I could be the special delivery that brightens your day when you least expect it.”

19. “With you, every smile is as bright as a postmark on a love letter.”

20. “My post may be about mail, but meeting you is the real package deal.”

21. “Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes.”

22. “Can I be your postman? I promise to always deliver happiness to your heart.”

23. “You must be a package, because I want to handle you with care.”

24. “Is your heart a post office? Because I want to keep coming back to it.”

25. “May be our love is like a postcard, telling a story of two hearts.”

26. “I must be a postman because I can’t stop delivering compliments to you.”

27. “Is your name USPS? Because you’re the most reliable thing in my life.”

28. “If life were a postage stamp, you would be the perfect imprint.”

29. “Can I be your postmark? Because I want to leave a lasting impression on your heart.”

30. “Are you a stamp? Because you’ve marked yourself on my heart.”

31. “Do you know the secret to fast mail delivery? It’s a connection as swift as ours.”

32. “My heart is like a mailbox, and you are the letter I’ve been waiting for.”

33. “I must be the mailman because I’m here to deliver my heart to you.”

34. “Do you believe in love at first delivery?”

35. “Mail your worries away because meeting you is like receiving a letter of joy.”

36. “I may be sorting mail, but with you, every moment is special delivery.”

37. “My love for you is like a postage stamp; it’s small, but it’ll stick around forever.”

38. “I may be in the office, but with you, every moment is an adventure.”

39. “Do you have a pen? Because I want to write our love story.”

40. “Are you a postage meter? Because you’ve got me stamping with joy.”

41. “People say the post office is for sending messages, but meeting you feels like receiving a love letter.”

42. “Could you be the priority mail that brings urgency to my heart?”

43. “Are you a mailbox? Because you make my heart race with every delivery.”

44. “Could you be the return receipt to my heart, confirming your love?”

45. “Can I be the mailman to your heart?”

46. “Do you have a return address? Because I want to keep coming back to you.”

47. “Would you mind if I stamped your heart with mine? Because I’d love to be a part of your journey.”

48. “If I were a mailman, you’d be my favorite delivery.”

49. “If life were a postcard, you would be the picturesque moment.”

50. “If I were a postman, you would be the highlight of my route.”

51. “Do you have a PO box? Because I’d love to drop my affection in there.”

52. “Are you a mailbox? Because my heart is ready to be filled with your love.”

53. “You’re like a postage stamp – small, but you add value to everything.”

54. “In this place of letters and stamps, you’re the address my heart has been searching for.”

55. “Are you the postman? Because you just delivered a package of sunshine to my day.”

56. “I must be a postman because I’m always delivering my heart to you.”

57. “Is your name Parcel? Because you are like unwrapping a gift of happiness.”

58. “If I were a letter, you’d be the address that my heart always reaches.”

59. “Is your name on my post? Because you’ve got my attention.”

60. “Are you the postal code to my heart’s address?”

61. “With you, every day feels like a priority mail express to happiness.”

62. “Can I be your mailbox key? Because I want to unlock your heart.”

63. “If life were a package, you at the post office would be the best surprise inside.”

64. “Can I be your special delivery today?”

65. “Is your name Certified Mail? Because you’ve got that extra touch of authenticity.”

66. “Is your love letter sealed with a kiss?”

67. “If I were a postman, I’d always choose your heart as my destination.”

68. “Is your heart the final stop on my delivery route?”

69. “Are you the postage stamp that adds value to my heart?”

70. “If I were a letter, you’d be the stamp that completes my journey.”

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