30+ James Bond and Spy Pick Up Lines

Generations have loved the James Bond series, and there is no surprise why everyone loves a bit of James Bond. Why not? This movie has everything, like its thrilling action sequences and larger than life characters, as well as if you want to impress your date or want to laugh, this movie can also help you. Dont know how? These cheesy and hot pick up lines inspired by James Bond will charm any woman you have eyes on.

These lines will help you to make an impression on taht girl that she will swoon over. So now you dont need to try hard to make any woman weak in the knees. Enjoy.

James Bond and Spy Pick Up Lines

1. Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my chat log reviews all day.

2. You’re free Friday. Would you like to have dinner?

3. I’m incredibly rich. Here’s a new iPhone 5 with my number in it. Call me sometime.

4. Hey, you must have fallen from heaven because there is no tracking data to indicate how you arrived at this location.

5. You’re a woman of many parts, Pussy.

6. We understand you so much better than the guy you’re with now.

7. Now put your clothes back on, and I’ll buy you an ice cream.

8. I will be keeping an eye on your smile, and off your perfectly formed arse.

9. You don’t think I enjoyed what we did this evening, do you? What I did tonight was for Queen and country.

10. You look way prettier in person than through your webcam.

11. Do you believe in love at first sight, or did I misunderstand your search history?

12. Then how about a nightcap on the company? My company.

13. How do you kill 5 hours in Rio, if you don’t samba?

14. Are you doing anything on Saturday? Wait, I just checked–you’re not.

15. When one is in Egypt, one should delve deeply into its treasures.

16. Could you help me find my stationary?

17. You didn’t think I’d miss this performance, did you?

18. If I was James Bond’s martini, how would you want me? Shaken or stirred?

19. I must complete the mission, but first, sex.

20. I know exactly where you have been all my life.

21. Whatever I am…Whatever is left of me, I’m yours.

22. That’s quite a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing. I approve.

23. Are you the CIA? Because I don’t think the president gave you permission to torture me with those good looks.

24. Good day darling, how would you liek to bond?

25. Babe, your Verizon line ain’t the only thing I’m tryna tap.

26. Just relax while we unzip your files.

27. Would you…be interested in a night cap.

28. I will ALWAYS have my eyes on you, darling…. My love for you is unconstitutional.

29. Well, I’m afraid you’ve caught me with more than my hands up.

30. I couldn’t help but hear your phone conversation with your sister yesterday & I think I can be that kind of man for you.

31. Fancy a shag? My other car is an Aston Martin. I have a huge apendege.

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