83 Pug Puns From the Internet You Need to Read

Pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. And it is not hard to see why. They have adorable faces and playful personalities and are very affectionate.

The dog was originally bred in China as a lapdog for emperors. And its popularity spread rapidly among European royalty, and Queen Victoria owned at least one Pug and may have had as many as six. They are known for their love of food and can often be found begging for treats from their owners at meal times.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Pug puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Pug Puns

1. Pug zapper.

2. It’s so loud. I need ear pugs.

3. Oh my pug-ness.

4. Pugs in a blanket.

5. Group pug!

6. Holy pug-amole.

7. Bah hum-pug!

8. Pug off!

9. Stink pug.

10. I find that re-pug-nant.

11. Pug it in to see if it works.

12. Happy pug-day to you!

13. Oops, I stepped in a pug-gle.

14. Pug machine.

15. The Love Pug.

16. Pug-tastic.

17. Group pug.

18. Have you no pug-nity?

19. There’s a lady pug.

20. It’s pug-ly.

21. Gimme a big pug.

22. Just pug and play.

23. Un-pug the cable.

24. Get a pug-tato for our fries.

25. Ay pug-ramba!

26. Hush pug-gies.

27. It’s on my pug-et list.

28. Pug soup.

29. I’ll have some chicken pug-gets and fries please.

30. I pug-ging love you.

31. Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed pugs bite.

32. Pug out!

33. Pug life.

34. Hairy Pug-ger and the Sorcerer’s Bone.

35. I brought my coffee pug.

36. ,Stop pug-gin me.

37. Pugs and kisses.

38. Don’t try to pug the blame on me!

39. I will not be taken for a pug.

40. Pug-aroni pizza.

41. As cute as a pug’s ear.

42. I’m living that pug life.

43. Pug-et about it.

44. It’s a brand new hockey pug.

45. A bear pug.

46. Help, I’m pug-gling.

47. That look took them down a pug or two.

48. Give me a pug-gle!

49. When my pug is cold, I call it a pug-sicle.

50. Pug-gy love.

51. Lady-pug.

52. When pugs fly.

53. I’m learning how to pug-gle.

54. Pug-mented reality.

55. A Pug’s Life.

56. We’re going to the pug-kin patch.

57. Travel pug.

58. As snug as a pug.

59. Could you pug that in?

60. Power pug.

61. For pugs sake.

62. Help in times of pug-gle.

63. Pug and cover.

64. Like a square pug in a round hole.

65. Telephone pug.

66. Hip-hip pug-ay!

67. Stop pug-gin my leg.

68. Oh no! There are bed pugs.

69. Sorry, I pug-ged the toilet.

70. I started a new training pug-ram.

71. S-pug-etti bolognese with some garlic bread, please.

72. The toilet is pug-ged.

73. Pug socket.

74. A warm pug of tea.

75. Pug of war.

76. They’re more pug-ressive.

77. I made a pug-ket list.

78. Pug-get about it.

79. Pull the pug.

80. Pug, not again.

81. A lovely braided pug.

82. As pug as a bug in a rug.

83. Simply pug-squisite.

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