Top 300+ Craft Business Names Ideas

A craft business name is a name you put on the products or services that you offer. The name should be catchy and memorable. It should be able to convey the message of the product or service in a way that makes people want to buy it. It is important for many reasons. It can help a company stand out from its competitors, create brand recognition, and differentiate itself from other companies in the same industry that may have similar products or services.

Here we’ve gathered the list of cool and catchy craft business name ideas to consider for your business that will stand you out from other companies in the marketplace.

Craft Business Names

Splashing Designs

Supra Crafts LLC

M&J Trimming

My Craft Box

Frosted Saddle

The Craft Hall

The Crafting Corner

Just Craftin’ Around

The King’s Craft Coffee Co.

Crafter’s Hall

Societe Craftings Company

Modern Times Beer

La Mano Pottery

Spotlight Townsville


The Krafty Koala

The Craft House

Yara International

Tiny Tops

Tienda NY

Cosmic Creative

Office Depot

Saatchi Gallery

Dedicated Diy


The Art Box

Craft Emporium

Beaded Bright

Mood Designer Fabrics

Ring Craft Design


Acorn Furniture

Dainty Painty

Craft To Live

Craft 51

Blick Art Materials

Color & Craft A Salon

Claymation Creations


Girl Crafting it

The Bead Shop

Calling All Crafters

Purl Soho

Big City Crafters

Riot Art

Beads And Beyond

The Craftsman

Get Crafty

Live Arts

East Bay Handicrafts

The Craft Creamery

Hometown Crafts

Art in Motion

Barber Craft

Bottlecraft Little Italy

The Craft Coach

Delicacy Moves

Pro Audio Solutions

Arts Crafts Graphics


Craft Closet

Dream Inks & Tools

The Craft Box

Crafty Lifestyle

Craft Babes

Crafts Out Of Habit

C. Moore Arts and Crafts

Crafty Cats

The Craft Alcove


Exeter Scrapstore

EllaEtsy Art Store


Crafty Creatures


Crafty Devils

Studio Magic

Small Town Crafts

The Little Art Boutique

The Craft Doctor

Painting Lounge

Fall Craftings Company

Diy Doctor

Pesto Italian Craft Kitchen SDSU

The Craft Circus

Main Street Crafts

The Crafting Critters


Everything Goes Designed

Green Spore

Happy Woodcraft

Thorn Craftings Co.

Lace & Craft Shop

Beaded Beauty

All Aboard The Craft Train

Keep on Crafting

Green Crafts

Pieces of Art


The Flower Social


Flights of Fancy

I Got Crafts

Crafts On Main

Kraft Kitties

Start with Art

Knot Impossible

The Byzantine Technology

Paper Source

Learn To Craft

Creative Craft Business Names

Treehouse Crafts

Angel Crafter

Crafts 4 Less

Craft Beast

The Craft Girl

All Ages Crafting

Smart Studio

Baga Ethnik Living

Two Can

CrazyTrails Fine Art

Heavenly Craft

Native Drawings

Tannery NYC

The Noble Collection

Bolt Crafts – Little Italy

Craft Tree

Crafty Crafts

Craft Made Easy Co

Smooth Work

Indian Imaging

Dare To Diy

Ambitious Agency

Functional Footwear

Sea of Beads

Stone crafting Tap Room – J Street

Golden Fleece

Classic Skill

Artistic Group

Inspire Imagination

Creative Flair

The Amazing Art

Smart Art

Inspire For Hire

Italian Tattoo

Honor for Arts

Gallery 420

Crafty Diy

Oriboxi Unique Treasure Boxes

Blue Ribbon

Diy Darlings

Craft & Color Hair Salon


Yo Metz Novelty

Teen Crafts


Barnes & Noble

Crafts For All

Stone crafting World Bistro

Image Of Imagination

The Fine Aesthetic

Tape-Rite Co

The Blessed Form

The Cork and Craft

Brand Alliance

Cairns Craft Design & Remodel

Bazaar Del Mundo

Stylish Art

Your Stitch Fix

Qurious Arts

Knotty crafting Co.

The Craft Nook

Imagination Station

New Age Crafting

Catchy Craft Business Names

Bayco Corporation

Urban Crafts store

Creative Minds

Act On Crafts

Cornerstone Craft

Artisan Valley

Craft & Clover

Handy Crafts

Hair Craft Co.


Gallery View

Craft Creations


DIY Suppliez


A J craft and interiors

The Crafty Kids

The Sewing House

Cornerstone Crafts

Needlecraft Cottage

Giggles & Glue

Crafting Your Way


Craft & Commerce

Hidden Craft SD


Creative Memories

The Bling Dealer

Inside Impressions

Fine Craft Studio

The Craft Beer Attorney

The Hobby House

Corner Store Crafts

Stitcher’s Paradise

Protective Shield’s Design

Funky Hobbies

Next Level Crafting

Crafty DIY

Inspirations Crafts

Craft Corner

Ultimate craft

Applied Art

Professor Plums

The Ink Pad

Peaceful Passions

Beaded Lifestyle

Craft Magical

Artistic Flair

Gallery Shop

Sun-Mar Textiles

Magic Novelty Co. Inc.


The Art Superstore

The Ribbon Shop

Gold Medal Crafting


Mountain Ash Crafts

Dollar Tree

Riverside Crafts

Crafty Crocodiles

Cute Craft Business Names

Glue For You

Craft Barn

Arthur Works

The Fabricators

FineCraft Collective

The Craft Gurus

Inspired Creations

Mind-Blowing Crafts

Creative Displays

Worldly Crafts

Lion Brand Yarn Studio

Tibet Emporium

Beauty Crafts

Art Paradise

The Crafty Hive

Cornerstone Craft and Hobby Store

Exclusive Designs

Zeddle Arts

Uprise Art

Down Island Traders

The Craft Crew

Shine Trim

Raft Home

New York Central Art Supply

The Craft Collective



The Paper Bunny

DIY Doctor

Bench Craft Company

Graymist Studio & Shop

Zuma Design

Craft Supply Co.

Portrait Perfection

Hobby Lobby

Susy Q’s Crochet

The Craft Superstore

The Seashell Company

Gift Tent Karama

Precious Pearl Crafts

Neighborhood Crafts

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Craft Classroom

Hand Skill

Machine Craft Inc

Rainbow Feathers

Coastal Craft Collective

Ancient Gallery

Shady Deal store

United Crafts

Get Glued

The Paper + Craft Pantry

Craft Mongers

Art Tree

Glue Stick Crafts

The Craft People

Craft Artisan Design, Inc.

Getting Crafty

Red Bus Shop

Crafts For Kids

JOANN Fabric and Crafts

The Craft Room

UCSD Craft Center

Fancy Pens

Color Me Craft

The Craft Kids

Yellow Moon

Crafty Kids

The Craft Corner

Smart Moves

Macramee Crafts

The Craft Experts

Simply Crafts

Living Art

Making Masterpieces

US Craft Company

Form-Craft Business Systems

Finding Inspiration For Naming Your Craft Business

Craft businesses are a great way to make money, but they also require a lot of creativity. One of the hardest parts about starting a craft business is coming up with the perfect name. It’s important to find something that is catchy and memorable but also conveys the feel of your business.

However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you find inspiration for your business name. You just need to use your imagination and creativity to come up with the perfect name for your company.

The first thing that you should do is brainstorm all the words that come into your head when thinking about what you do or what type of products or services you offer. After this, start combining these words until you find something catchy and memorable – maybe even something that has a connection with your personal life or experience.

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Craft Business?

Choosing the perfect name for your craft business is an important step in starting up. A name can be the first thing someone remembers about your business, so you want to make sure it’s memorable and stands out.

There are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with a name for your craft business:
-What is the meaning behind the name?
-Is it easy to say?
-Is it memorable?
-Does it have any negative connotations or associations?

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