300+ Cool Painting Company Names Ideas

Names are powerful. They can make or break a company, an idea, or even a product. When it comes to choosing the best name for your painting business, there are several factors to consider.

When it comes to choosing a name for your painting business, there are several factors that you need to consider before making the decision. First of all, you should determine what your business is going to be about and what type of customers you want to target. You should also think about whether you want people who know nothing about art but have money in their pockets or those who have been in the industry for decades and have an abundance of knowledge on the subject. Once you know what kind of customer you’re looking for, it’s time to decide on your company name.

Here we’ve gathered the list of cool and catchy painting company name ideas to consider for your business that will stand you out from other companies in the marketplace.

Painting Company Names

Can of Color

King’s Paint

Colour Scheme

Crazy Dream

Floor To Ceiling

Varsity Painters

Color My Dream

Bold Borders

Color Corral


Primitive Popularity

Even Coverage

Full Coverage

Stroke Precision


Latest Masterpiece

Bourbon Bliss


Call Us Painters

House Painter

Creative Colors

Crème Coats

Primitive Plaque

Venetians Creation Painting

Handed Canvas

Roller Kings

Lopez Painting

Pulse ‘N Paints

The Old

Crown Colors

Santa colours

Hue Got It


Fresh Paint Spot

The Paint Parents

The Contemporary


Paint Without the Pain

Colorful Coats

Can Of Color

The Large

Bare Sheet

Fresh Faced


Omega Paint

Brush It On


Urban Play


Done Right Painting

Choose My Tones

Zeal Painting

Careful Coats

Heavy Paint

Crowded Camp

The Brush Hour

Shift Painting

Pure Painters

We Paint Your World

El Cuadro

Prime Paints

Paint It Right

Abstract Artwork

Paint Perfection

Three Waves

Choose My New Tones

Splash of Color

Exact Edges

Alpha Green

The Ancient

Persian Plaque

Color My Life

Goodie Bags


Canvas Painting

The Romantic

The Egyptian

Swiss Hands

Raider Painting

A Better Painting


April Fresh

Rocking Rollers

Holy Rollers

Clean Coats

Innovative painting

The Brush Brothers

Real Painters Now

The Art Boys

The Paints Place

DJS Painting

Synthetic Cubism

Abstract Artistic

El Pintura

Body Shop Paint


Fresh Coats

Painting Business Names

Color Made Easy

Saint of Paint

Serious Strokes

Panda Painting

Cortona Painting

High Rollers

Clean Finish

Give Me Colour

Brush Hour

Sharp Lines Painting

Illumine Paints

Bravo Painting

Art Dealer

A Lady & A Brush

Splash Paints

Body Shop

The Coloursome

Pearl Painters

True Colors

Leading Edge

Town painters

The Master’s Touch

Delta Painting

Paint Quality

Justin Finch


Incredible Team

Astroblast Inc.

Satisfying Strokes

Cotton Buds

Far and Wide Painting


In a Rush to Brush

Color Castle

Fine Point

Quality Work

The Right Hue

Metro Mate

Color Atmos

Fresh Coat

The Grid

Stroke Pros

Spark Ideas

Jim the Painter

Superior Brands

Urban Quest

Catchy Painting Business Names


Pretty painter

Inspire Ideas

Masterpiece Painters

Paints Heart

Subtle Strokes

Crown Ace Hardware

Polished in Pigment

Tasteful Tones

Forage Paint

Classic Shades

Finest Decorators

Santa Maria

Painting Precision

Color Collection

Pearl Earring

Michigan Canvas

The big picture colours

Original Artist Collective

Corona Paintings

Strokes of Genius

Finish Master

Elite Decorating

Painting Partners

Nut Paints

Colour crew

Color Me Mine

Color Me Bold Painting

Coordinating Colors

Deco & More

Suite Paints

Stroke of Genius

Tango Painting


The Brush Buds

Painted Dreams

20th Century

The Paint Kings

Practical Paints

Artwork Place

Colours for Life

In Full Color

Paint Springs

Corner to Corner

Vector Painting

Hard Time

Pro Paints

Pearl Paintings

Marimar Painting Services

Unique Painting Company Names

Paint the Town

Prominent Paint

Flooring Systems



Primary Colours

Smart Paint


Twist Paints


House Painters Now

Pure colour sketching


Frans Hals

Precision Painters

Color Creators

Painting with Pride

Color Crew

Pacific Coast Painting

Sandro Botticelli

Royal Rouge

Colorful Visions

The Greek Artistry


Classy Colors

Northwest Painting



Precise Position

Nippon Paint

Artistic Accomplishments

Wall Hangings

Paint Buckets

Brush Up My Home

Creative Painting Company Names

Painting and Vino

Paint Experts

Tasting Painting

Colour Cribs

Colour scheme


Mona Lisa

Precision West Painting

A Bedtime Story

Consumer Satisfaction

Stanford Painting Inc.


Etch And Art


Oil on Canvas

Perennial Top


The Indian Sketching

Painting pros

Pablo Picasso

Tips from Kate

Brush Arts

Painted Spaces

Portrait Group

Arnolfini Portrait

Painter Nest



Blue Period

Art Museum

The Pearl

Zulu Painting

House Painting Group

Mural Artwork

Kansai Paint



Famous Artist

Apple Arts



Fantastic Finishes LLC

Interior Design

A Classic Painting

Airbrush Painting

Rose Period

Natural painters

Paint Resin

Ancient Aesthetic

Paint Store Names

Pitcher Painting Inc

Waiting Painting

Canvas Pro

Floor to Ceiling Painting

Wallace David

Fredie’s Paint & Body Shop

Consolidated Paint

Persian Picture

Color Emporium

Pathfinder coating

Pop Painting and Drywall

The recent color paints

Phoenix House Painting

Happy Dog Painting

Paint N Vineyard

Painting Elegance

Paint Box Studio

Artwork broker

Color existence

Hagen Painting LLC

Fine Mat

True colours

First Choice Coating

Paint ‘N Hang

Empire Painting

Endure Painting

Modamas Fine Painting

Baroque Artist Spot

Work of painters

Colour Cove

The Italian Job Painting

Painting Fine

Blue Fox

Abstract Sketching

Whole House Painting

Go Sunny Painting


Actual edges portray


Waxed Up Paints

Eureka Valley Arts

Sunset Painters

Roofwise Paints

Cloth Co

Inspire ideas

Tolerating Painting

Cruz Painting



Lester’s Painting

Paints Place

Greg’s Painting Service

Crown Decorating Centre


Colourful corners


Spark ideas

Paint Pals

Dreamland Painting

Martinez Custom Painting

Painted Lily

Tarp Trading Co

Seems of colors

Pallet skilled

Crowded Sail Trading Co

Colorful Concepts

House Painting Today

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