230+ Catchy Makeup Artist Business Names Ideas

When it comes to starting a new business, choosing a name is one of the most important decisions you will make. It is also one of the most difficult. The name should be memorable and reflect your brand.

A lot of people think that it’s best to start with their name, but this isn’t always possible. If you have an unusual or difficult-to-pronounce last name, you may want to consider using your first or middle name instead. You can also use a combination of your first and last names if you prefer.

Some people choose to keep their maiden names for professional purposes while others adopt their husband’s last names after marriage. Still, others choose surnames that sound similar or are related to their surname but different enough.

Here we’ve compiled the list of best Makeup artist business name ideas that you’ll like. scroll down and select the best one to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Makeup Artist Business Names

Molecular Mascara

Cosmetic Spot

Cosmetics Goddess

Dried Peel Pro

Obsessed beauty

Beauty Community

Modern Lady make up

Alphen Beauty

Face History

From My Hands

Opulant Beauty

The Excessive

Makeover Masters

Beauty Bounty

Sporiva Makeup Co.

Natural Beauty

ProStyle Makeup Co.

The Transformation

Dream Shades

Lip Lush Decor


Me Fabulous

Island Eyeliner

Cultural Colloidal Gel

Indie Prep Girl

Beauty Queens

Supreme Sparkle

Whims and Craze


Allure Beauty

Behold Beauty

Makeup Press

Only Aesthetic


Eyeliner Princess


Beauty Adore

Generous Glam

The Crave

Desired Cosmetics

TeeAmo Makeup Co.

Hidden in Love

The Scrotal Cutis

Blend in Radiance

Beautification Station

Lipstick Peel

Be Lipstick

Sporture Makeup Co.

Pearlville Salon

Glamourholic Mom

Faithful Beauty

Aenogon Makeup Co.

The Beauty Teacher


Beauty Gravity

Hidden Beauty

Expensive Decorative


Curious Lily

Go Eyeliner

Midas Touch Spa

Ravishing Reviews

Bold Women

True Abrade

The Structural

Glitter Glaze

Precise Mascara

Face Shop

Burst Beauty

Excess Stub

Stretta Makeup Co.

Hectic Cosmetic

Tight Stub Spot

Brass Touch Spa

Gleaming Beauty

Suburban Style Challenge

Cherry blossom

Amazing Women Salon

Make Up Place

How-To Beauty

Angle Curves

Splendid Touches

Professional Makeup

Blushing Beauty

The Enough Beauty

Beauty Palace

Beautiful You

Dot Fusion

The Offending

Lush Lipstick


Beautiful stories

The Facial

Consonant Skincare

Sparkle Specialists

Make Up Forever

Professional Names for Makeup Artists

Glamour Beauty Bar

True Face Beauty

Helpful Highlights

Clean Beauty

Deluxe Beauty

Manageable Beauty

So Chic

Stunning Chic

Beaucoup Beauty

RightZox Makeup Co.

Makeup Kiss

Lather Rinse Clean

Arsenical Makeup

SpySock Makeup Co.


Glamour Makeup Mirrors

Found Lipstick

Mastering Makeup

Little bee Wegga

Bestly Cosmetics

Excellent Cosmetics

Certain Cursory

Wonderland Beauty

Great Touches

True Bond beauty


Crushy Cosmetics

Becoming Beautiful

Vibrance leubon

Beauty Touch

Go Beauty

Magic Smears

Makeup Heaven

Crystal Beauties

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Makeup Maven

Cosmetic rush

Enough Makeup


The Beauty Rules

Stunners Hub

Ross Cosmetics

volunteer match

Proven Beauty

Bountiful Beauty

Styles And Glamour

Catchy Names for Makeup Artists

Perfect Eyeliner

Choice Eyeliner

Beauty Blog

Goddess Glam


Makeup Matrix

Pampering Makeup

Makeup Superstore

MUA Funky floss

Rare Momently

Bridal Gloss

Obsession With Makeup


Visible Shine

The Affected Bark

Product Paradise

Makeup Wear


Cosmetics Port

Careful Contour

Moxie Knit

Shinny Collective

Gilded Guidance

Makeup Academy

Delight cosmetics

Bear cub Makeup

Modest Modern Beauty



Activletix Makeup Co.

Big Time Beauty

Creative Contour

Cute Makeup Artist Names

Beauty Inglot NYC

Touch of Rouge Beauty

Cosmetics Ware

The Charismatic

Elixir Of Youth Spa

Unicorn Beauty

Must Have Eyeliner

Lippy Time

Plan Makeup


Sparkle Makeup

Cosmetics Tygervalley

Bridal Shine

Superficial Pro

Sparkle Brush

Bohemian Muses


DynaDude Makeup Co.

Review Preview

Face Junky

Stelllat Shoxx

The Organizational

Confidence Makeup

Genial Glimpse


Success Shine Makeup

The Wrinkled Cutis

The Physiological Face



Magma Front

Doll Face Beauty

Painted Face Makeup

Genuine Makeup

Chendell Makeup Co.

Makeup Artist Names for Instagram


Glamorous minus Guilt

Skincare Boutique

The Glamourous

Spiritual Makeup

Pretty Little Things

Finished Aesthetical Co

Beauty Balance

The Understated Beauty

Leathery Shinny Collective

Cobe Color Cosmetics

Eventful Cosmetic

Scrape Pro

Crafty Soul

TrueSpirit Makeup Co.

MUA Casablanka

White belle Artist

Top Beauty

Create Confidence

Curious Look of Jasmine

Princess Face

Bonita Beauty

Daylight Beauty

Cosmetics Fortunes

Insteno Makeup Co.

WTS international

Sensitive Struggle

SuperFirst Makeup Co.

KIssy Nights


Stealthy Lipstick

Vividh make up

Darling looks


Make Up For Ever


Tips For Naming Your Makeup Artist Business

Naming your makeup artist business is a crucial step in the process of starting your makeup artistry career. The way you name your company will set the tone for your brand and determine how people perceive you.

There are many makeup artists out there, so you must find an angle that sets you apart from the competition. You might have a niche or specialties like doing theatrical makeup or wedding makeup. Or maybe you have an unusual technique that makes people take notice like using watercolors for eye shadow or using sugar as blush.

To help make this process easier, here are some tips and tricks to help you come up with a name that suits your business.

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