150+ Cool and Creative Library Names Ideas

Libraries are a fascinating places for book lovers. They are often filled with bookshelves, desks, and comfortable chairs. They are also a great place to find inspiration and ideas.

A library name is the name of an organization that provides lending or reference services to the public for its own use, typically including books, magazines, journals, and other media. A library’s name should be reflective of what it does – lending or reference services – in order to be easily recognizable by the public.

Some libraries may have more than one location (such as branches) or offer services in multiple formats (such as online). In these cases, it is not necessary to include all possible locations or formats in the library’s name; just make sure that the primary service is included in the title.

A library name is a name that is given to the physical space where books are stored. This space can be a room in a house, an entire building, or even an entire floor of a building. A library may also be called a “bookshelf”.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool and creative names for a library that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd.

Library Names Ideas

Acumen library

Tiny meet

Red view library

Sacred Knowledge


America Knowledge

SoloMaster Library

Maximus Knowledge

Bella library

Rapid libe library

Northbay Library

Sunday spare

TooRead library

More minute


Book velvet

Titans Knowledge

Choice library

Red river

Book drive library

Point library

Book Byte library

Mainline Knowledge

Salient library

NextGreat Library

Readerly library

Techno library

Fast forward

Book motion

Amadeus library

Osprey library

Empress Knowledge


Good wave library

Libofly library

Catchy Library Names

Revolution library

Reading matter

Elevva Library

EliteLeads Library

Book rise library

Cosmix Library

Cosmix library

Crescent Library

SkyVista Library

Grand library

Epic cave

We can library

Evolva library

NorthEagle Library

BrettMan Library

Oakbrook Library

Ethics Library

Rapid box library


WhiteOak Library

Cognitive library

MatterMind Library

OpenWilley Library

Virgon Library

Blossom library

Formosa Knowledge

Good Library Names

Wild Knowledge

The Module

Jackpot library

Planet edge

Horizons Knowledge

Boom Knowledge


Deluxe library

Little Ray library

MettleMInds Library

VIP library

The pebble library


Yo ! Libe

Read & feel


Synergy library

Clear Knowledge


HopeStone Library

Observa library

Magnus library

Thinking Cube

Rule Knowledge

Read Dots library

Ultymate Library

Regis library

Alpha library

Book curls library

Great read

Secret Standard

MindShaper Library

Way Que library

Haxa keep

Walden library

Libsense library

Rocket library

BluBrox Library

Mystic up library


Personal Library Names

Read office

Compell Library

TruQuest Library

Libobet library


Arid Quest library


Urban Divert

Alpha bell

Encore Library

Book Destiny

BrightBegin Library

Woodberg Library

Twengo library


Grabb library

Bestolib library

MotiveCurves Library

George yale Library


BusinessBrett Library


Rapid link

Book trails

The Rejoy

Unique Library Names Ideas


Maple leaf

Midland Library

Book porade



Collona library

GreatMove library

Dream reader

WoW library

EliteEast Library

Joy craft library

The Ambition Library

Readobrite library

Vivid hub


Crysten Library

Pro reader

BlueStone Library

The Hook



HappyCreative Library


Elegant Library

Happy time

ReadRelay library

Beyond book

White Ray library

Business Trail

Pentalark Library

Up zing library



Hexaden Library

What is a Library Name?

A library name is the name of the library that a user wants to access.

The first step in creating a library name is to pick a Library Name. This can be any word or phrase that identifies the library and what it contains. The Library Name will be used by users to access their libraries and it should be unique among all of the other libraries on the system.

How to Choose the Perfect Library Name?

There are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect library name. It has to be short, memorable, and easy to pronounce. It should also have an interesting meaning or sound like an acronym.

The best way to choose a library name is by brainstorming with your team and narrowing down your options.

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